NEW! Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete – Best Large Kukri Machete

Schrade Large Full Tang Kukri Machete Fixed Blade, Black Powder Coated 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade, Safe-T-Grip Handle with Lanyard Hole, Nylon Shoulder/Belt Sheath with Removable Storage Pouch — NEW from:

Bursting with well conceived design elements, the SCHKM1 is becoming a Kukri Machete of choice among serious outdoor enthusiasts. With an overall length of nearly twenty inches, the machete’s blade shape and balance characteristics deliver powerful cutting and chopping blows. The black powder coated 13.3″ blade comes straight out of the box with paper shaving sharpness. Forged from hard, strong 3Cr13 stainless steel the blade is well suited for impact cutting, holding an edge and easy to resharpen, its thick spine and contour taking deep bites with every stroke.

The machete’s full tang extends through a Safe-T-Grip handle, the palm swelling ergonomic design textured for excellent hand-gripping traction under all-weather conditions. The handle widens and flares at the butt, supporting proper hand placement when delivering sweeping power strokes. A lanyard hole provides a tethering option for added security.

The SCHKM1’s well thought out design continues throughout its nylon form fitting sheath whose twin snaps tightly secure the machete while affording quick access. Carry options abound letting you choose from either belt… leg… or shoulder. The adjustable padded shoulder strap detaches via swivel connectors. Adjustable leg straps are equipped with quick-release snaps. A detachable pouch on the sheath’s face comes holding a ferro rod and striker together with a diamond field sharpener.

An excellent machete for tactical and survival applications… crafted from premium materials… and built for a lifetime… This is the SCHKM1 Large Kukri Machete.


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gayle hilton says:

did not see who the winner was ??? 

THEbemusedROOSTER Frank says:

the thing is, the blade tore the paper, not shaved lol

Sheila Velasquez says:

I would like the SCHKM! Kukri machete

BirdDog1227 says:

Congrats!!!! +nerd girl in a tardis is a WINNER FROM +Schrade Knives An Awesome Full Tang Kukri Machete! SCHKM1 Rocks!!!!

Mark Graves says:


monnie fox says:

now THAT…is a blade.  love it

Zechariah Allison says:

this looks well built and i would like very much.

John Kalb says:

Love it!!!

Ventura Knife Guy says:

When I first saw these two blades I couldn’t help myself — “Oh NO!”

 While those slots in the blades LOOK cool, they degrade the blade’s chopping performance. You see, the major reason for placing so much of the blade’s mass out near the point is to increase the striking force and inertia. Cutting those slots/holes ‘way out there lessens the mass, thereby lessening the striking power.

momdear75ify says:

Enjoyed the video

Anthony Me says:


steve stone says:

this is a great knife for cutting anything.  thanks.

Learning To Survive says:


Mr1RockMan says:

Tried to send my info to the email in the winning email I received, but it comes back as an invalid email.

ron chamblee says:


Jasen Griffith says:

This may be the knife for me.

Sandra B. says:

blade PORN!

P.J.C. 2.0 says:

I really like this Blades look they should have use it in Resident Evil 3 as Alice’s 2 large kukri blades but it wasn’t made yet when that movie came out .

Cathy Caudill says:

I could really use this chopping small trees and getting vines out of the way …….a lot of uses

Xyco's Jungle Camp says:

I have the locally made Filipino version and I’m quite happy with it. But it’s a great looking blade, for sure.

richard clark says:

i wwant

Heather Rudy says:

Great to cut down corn and other crops.

Frank Callaway says:

Sign me up again! Maybe one day I’ll win. Lol

Given Time says:

Is it jus me or does the guy say kukri the same way stewie says cool whip.

Franklin Prichard says:

deep penetration with every stroke

renemanjr123 says:

BADASS Machete

Bob Dog Langmaid says:

Now THAT… is a nice machete!!!

James Weyant says:

This looks like a good took to AD to my collection

Justin Storm says:


ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr says:

lol paper shaving sharpness… and the paper looks like it was ripping

Jeff Sherrod says:

love this machete. make a great Christmas gift to myself..LOl

Eddie Dick says:

i have loved Schrade knives since my dad gave me one for christmas when i was a kid.

Rosemary Dawson says:

Wow awesome beast of a blade, I want it! I’m in! The video was well done, respect the beast!

Patrick sonnier says:

I wonder how this would hold up to my camping trips

Debra Epps Kennedy says:

Shared again….I really need this….dang mesquites!

vanessa mason says:

This is one Beautiful piece of equipment! This is the Blade Rambo Should have had! I would use it for everything.

Kelly W. Light says:

love these knives. would love one for my husband for his birthday!

A-SALT says:

nice blade but kinda disappointed the sheath doesn’t have a belt loop for some very odd reason since it has leg loops!

Eric Arnold says:


Richard Corkum says:

A Great Bushcraft Tool @ a Good Price!

Scott Browning says:

Schrade when are you going to make some knives out of 440C Stainless Steel & mirror finish.

Kenny McCown says:

Close your eyes and listen from 0:58 to 1:04

George Sulea says:

Very cool:)

Jon Beard says:

I’d see if I could wear this bad boy out when I go camping .

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