New Schrade SCHPR1, Heavy Parang Machete Review

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Cenk Angur says:

I’m gonna get one. Not today. Not tomorrow. But I’m gonna get one.

John Arshad says:

nice parang
im still using my duku chandung
try other blade, but duku chandung is still my favorite

Frank Webster says:

The steel is 3cr13.

Kane gibson says:

hey, is there any chance of you doing a morris billhook? they are the traditional english machete equivalent, or the terava skrama from varusteleka, they seem to be quite popular on the bushcraft scene at the min but they are also cool bigger blades, thanks!

True Blade says:

Great review, looks like Schrade is trying to compete with Condor’s Bushcraft Parang, it would be interesting to see those two in a head to head comparison. When do you think it will be out?

gunnuts82 says:

I’ve been waiting for this review 🙂

Bob Wampler says:

OH NO! Not another great parang! Must resist temptation…….. must resist… Crap, it’s on my list. Yeah, I’m a parang addict.

Ji F. says:

How thick is the blade? Thanks!

Brian McWhorter says:

Which do you prefer: this or the Marbles parang?

Tactical X-Rays says:

again: what abut the mah’chete?

Steven Szabo says:

I know you mentioned that you wanted to sharpen the first few inches of the blade, but that is the traditional location to choke up on the blade for finer work like the feather sticks you made.

TAC-HILL says:

i love parang styled blades! seems like a winner!

Blazin'Blades says:

I love parangs!
The Mini Duku from Condor is my absolute favorite.
Hopefully the price of this one will make sense in adding it to the collection.

nikgeos says:

I hope it isn’t some kind of stainless steel cause I’m gonna freak out !!!! ….

Mt. Baldwin says:

I wonder if schrade will continue their tradition of naming machetes wrong and call this parang the schbarong or the schgolok like they did the schbolo?

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

top notch

MrGeerbear says:

WAJK- How does that compare to a kukhuri for chopping?

Unapologetic White Male says:

Ah dammit, now I gotta buy it!

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Is, It’s 3Cr13, and it comes in two sizes a 18″ and a 21″ . ,, .

real metis says:

it would be great if it was 1095 but its probably 3cr

Sean Herlihy says:

Are you from the Philippines oh and awesome video

Matthew McLaurin says:


willy p00 says:

Did it rust? Guessing their 3Cr13MoV, but could be their 1070. They do a good job with both.

JGstunts22 says:

what was the blade thickness

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

I think Condor makes the best Parang

Tommy Le says:

– Sharpen 1 to 1.5 inch more towards the handle, I see too many wasted spaces for safety sake.
– Thinner the spine by removing the steel from the spine to middle of the blade, but keep the overall thickness, to reduce weight.
– 1095 would be great for blade steel.
– Make the Kydex version for the sheath.

It would cost around 30$ more, but worth it. I think the intended MSRP for this Parang would be around 45 – 50 $ so Schrade may choose the just ok quality material. Affordable is their motto.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

This is the new Schrade SCHPR1, which will be released soon in the new year. They didn’t tell me what the steel was, so I tested it cautiously at first, but after smashing it through many pieces of wood I developed morefaith in it and can say it hits hard and is a lot more thick and durable than the previous light parang machete from Schrade.

Roy Fernbach says:

Thanks for the review and video. I think I might want to get it!

little woody says:

Hope it’s 1070.

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