NEW! Survival Machete with Ferro Rod & Sharpener – Best Machete Parang Under $50?

Check Out the NEW Schrade Survival Bolo / Machete / Parang knife – SCHBOLO. As David takes it up on the mountain and tests it out. Along the way he compares it to the Bear Grylls Ultimate Parang and talks about who this bolo / machete is for… and who should look for a different blade.

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Schrade Survival Bolo / Machete Knife – SCHBOLO:

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Parang:

Bear Grylls Ultimate Compact Parang:

Condor Bushcraft Parang:

Condor Speed Machete:

Gerber Gator Machete:


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~ David


やまだたろう says:



Um.. I would have to say that is a “barong” machete not a bolo.. But hay what do I know I’m not the ultimatesurvivaltips guy… lolz…

RadioactiveGaming says:

got mine for $50 and I guess they did some changes because my fire starter came with a striker and overall it’s a great cutting and clearing tool, nothing more, nothing less

Caleb Whittington says:

You seem like a cool guy and all, but I never understood your clothing options.

Shawn Lynch says:

is it just me or did he just use the sharp eage to strike the flint

usmcshoey1 says:

After watching your review I ordered one, Came yesterday looks good and feels perfect in my hand. Can’t wait to try it out. Great review thanks . SEMPER FI

michael chyorny says:

hey dave, i would love to get your take on the kabar 8 inch fighting knife,



Ben Sheen says:

love that machete, got a great edge on it with my worksharp.

tnjrcfl1 says:

Ps, New Gen had attached metal fire start tool attached to ferro rod… TnJr

Emory Bragg says:

Could you review your bg parang?

Orion says:

yeah I was disappointed in the Schbolo, not a knife I would ever recommend. If you want a truly kick ass bolo type knife save up and by the TOPS Power Eagle 12.

mixflip says:

nice blade….they should have consulted a Filipino when they went to name it though lol.

Crazy knife says:

What machete would you recommend for urban and normal survival that could be use as a effect self defense option?

Stoney Lonsome says:

That’s not a Bolo machete, that’s a Barong machete.

Nat Luca says:

dude, you like bear grills way too much….

Scout Survival says:

I might buy it

Teddy Bear 5150 says:

I picked up a BOLO at my local sporting goods shop. I must say, the blade feel really good in my hand. I used it to cut back the brush around my camp site and cut wood on my last camping trip. I was even able to feather some small sticks to start a camp fire. I would suggest you put a layered on the BOLO as a extra safety step. You never know when you may lose your grip on the handle. Tieing the knife to your pack is a good idea. I is out of the way and it is in reach if you need it.

jshpttrsn57 says:

I know its not a schrade machete, but please do a review on the camillus carnavore.

Misfit3815 says:

“Zombie apocalypse kids”…..ok???

cz luver says:

Only a person with no experience would use the cutting edge to strike a ferro rod.

MrEdium says:

use the ferro rod on the diamond sharpener to start your fires & the sheath can be positioned on the side as though you had it on your hip because it’s to heavy to carry it on your belt. just some ideas. hope they help.

Jermamoo says:

review the les stroud survival knives and stuff plz

steppenwolf says:

umm, sorry but the gerber golok out-performs this by far.

fpark114 says:

You should do a review on the Condor heavy duty kukri.

pesarirooni62 says:

Hi David,
thanks for the simple and very informative review.
since you mentioned about the striker surface, I found that the left side of the spine towards the handle is slightly rough and it throws the same amount of spark you were able to do with the blade side.
Thought it might be helpful.
thanks again 🙂

mike65 says:

A great machete!!

Shane Harris says:

Can it be switched to a lefty

SignedSign says:

its the shape of the blade that define a parang, not its blade width, with that maschete’s downward angled handle it comes closer to a kukri than a parang that got a upward angled handle, but it got to much of a overall belly to be called a kukri either, wish simply makes it a thick blade machete and nothing else..

Lorelei Pickles says:

it has a slight resemblence to a wood cutting kukuri

I_l says:

That bolo is an ancient Filipino knife used by our ancestors to repel the Spaniards.

gerald dedon says:

i see its ok to be positive about merchandise its ok . i broke my knife on the frist time i use it . Ive bought schrade for years and have been happy. I HATE CHEAP STEEL. the knife is crap.

tnjrcfl1 says:

schbolo, on my second, first broke, but to be fair it was tortured. The upgrade is nice, straps and ferrous better than Gen 1. Also perfect customer service from Taylor brand. They are local, and I got my blade handed to me by the regional vp. Great guys. Good review, agree on most everything. TnJr

Grin Pis says:

Привет! Хорошая мачета! у нас таких нет… Я бы купил! Выслать такую можете?

Leon J says:

I’m new to getting into bushcrafting and am torn on machetes…This seems to be a pretty decent one…how would it compare to a ka-bar 1249 kukri which is similar in price and the main one Im considering?


Das ein gutes review…habe mir das auch zu schicken lassen…freue mich schon auf de erste Tour damit

SamEthan Collins says:

to big

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