Ontario 12″ Survival / Camping Machete: Review and Chop Test

This is my favorite machete! Ontario Knife Company makes great, sturdy, and cost affective items for outdoor activities. For $35, I definitely recommend picking one of these up!


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unclecow says:

man n u do great reviews

Chuck Richards Knives, LLC says:

Sweet Brendon, keep the great vids coming. How’s the knifemaking coming along btw?

Wayne Meador says:

Good review brotha. All very interesting and well said. I’m impressed with the cutting demo. Well done

kbbjedi says:

Great tool, i own 3 Ontario machetes, two 12″ and an 18″. Awesome for general yard work and clearing brush in the woods. Machetes seem to be better suited for my tropical locale better than an axe. Great review! Aloha

Brian Finn says:

I bought one of these, only cost me around $23. I can’t believe how dull it was out of the box, I mean worst edge ever. After some edge work, and some work on the handle, I am starting to like it. Good video, thanks for sharing.

FastActionBlades says:

Very nice, I’m sold dude.

Justshooting says:

Sweet machete bro, I have been eying OKC 12″ for a long time. I just cant bring myself to buy another machete until one of mine breaks! lol.

Blazin'Blades says:

Looks like a very good tool to have.
Currently just a little over $30 on Amazon with the sheath.

FlyingAxblade says:

@1:28~~I disagree.  =)  My understanding is that the “knuckle guard” is actually to protect your knuckles in deep brush, as in vs. Thistles or Wet & Slithery. I could be wrong, I use a katana for brush work

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