Ontario Field Machete 18 inch – Test

1095 carbon steel


Jordan Ownbey says:

Best ninja moves on youtube haha

Sharpblade says:

cool vid brother you’re a funny dude hehehe


Good Job tac

Wildman Bushcraft and survival says:

I’ve had my 22 and 12 inch models for about 15 years now, they are still going strong. tough ass machetes.

God's Child 84 says:

+Tactical Nice Sword techniques Shinobi, that tree didn’t know what it was dealing with.

Dan 101 says:

Ontario’s are great, all are good steel. I have several machetes but my fave is not even a machete, its the Ontario field knife. 14″ blade, a little thicker than a machete, but light and balances awesome, really fast in the hand. By the way Bro love the sword play. LOL

Thomas Rosendahl says:

Hi, i like your videos. could you do a test with either the ontario 22 inch heavy duty machete, condor discord or condor outback? i think they all are heavy and built to chop thick vegetation. best regards

MNgunhead says:

Pretty fancy machete work there my friend. Be careful.

imsuckingwind says:

i got basically the same Machete except my handle doesnt have the grip lines and its more solid with rivets holding the handle on.Its over 20 years old i guess they tried to upgrade the handle i think they should have left it the same.

Brain Warper says:

OKC makes real beasts! I love them all!

CraftySpeedPotion - SurvivalGameplay and More! says:

Is the machete short or long?!

Maddawwg45 says:

yea just got one and it seem already better then my cs machetes but edge on mine was not super sharp either but i really dont expect my machetes or axes for that matter to split hairs but thats just me well see how mine does clearing brush out tomorrow

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Tac’t, Mines bigger than yours heh heh heh, Yeah I have a O. K. C. Blackie Collins Heavy Duty Machete with tge D-Ring guard 22″ heh heh heg

bloodydishtowel says:

Bro, you want a badass machete? Tramontina bolo, check on ebay think I saw one for $20, I’d gladly pay 40, fit and finish isn’t great but sand the handles and sharpen it up and the weight is amazing, it’s my go to chopper machete not great for clearing though since it’s 14” but the weight is perfect for chopping.

Иван Клюква says:

Мудак какой то.

Ron B says:

Another awesome video. 

Ricky Spanish says:

yo tac if your looking for a beutiful hq fixed blade chek out the viper fate knife I think you will like it.
its really your style knife I think

marc sene says:

You are a sword fighting fool! You got the best of that tree LOL.

Kitchen Gamer Ahmet says:

I thing you are best yotuber ı love you

Sirgrudgerock says:

you are blade dancer.

GregKoziol says:

Save it for trailblazing and smaller stuff like firewood kindling or shelter construction, your going to destroy it or hurt yourself chopping wood. You need an axe for that.

Tadd D. says:

Not a bad machete at all.  The way you were wielding it as a defensive weapon, comes across more as a short cutlass.

Bailey Courtney says:

Hey Tac, can you do a video on your bug out bag or whatever that is in your intro? It looks pretty solid.

Joey Matarese says:

Hey tac I saw your beard before the widdling

TheGoatMumbler says:

Thanks for keeping me from buying one of those POS machete’s. Like the D handle  on this one and the ninja  beat down on that tree was sweet too bro.

hawkuser604 says:

Ontario still makes them for the US military. I have one that I was was issued in the Army back in the 1990’s, used it for many years, for many things including the jungle in Panama. They don’t fail. Mine was probably made in the 70’s and marked US property. Never been sharpened, but still is good.

William Holsinger says:

You crack me up. I enjoy your videos.

Karl Weathers says:

Hey TAC can you do a video on how you sharpen yur machetes?

Anton One says:

Carbon Stell 1095 ? 1075 ?

paulie 4x says:

Wow Tac’t, I didn’t notice your O.K.C. 18″ Machete had a D-ring Handle, actually, they last better then the standard handles, like my Military 18″‘er, and I have one with the D-ring Handle also, it too is a O.K.C but it’s a Blackie Colins 22 ” heavy duty, for heavy chopping, I really like it too, Thanx Bro.

Chris Young says:

Took an Ontario I had, modified it to have a two handed length handle, and made handle scales out of some black walnut. Yea the original handle sucks, so does the original edge. But after some work put into both its a fantastic tool. Thing is an 18 inch long razor blade now and makes trails with ease. Work with what you got, always improve whats there already.

edzel duran says:

Try the shrade kukri the one that looks like the one from the book of eli

Wild Borego says:

Awesome Homie

peace keeper says:


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