Ontario SP8 Survival Machete Review

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The Sgt Fruitcake says:

Wow…That is an awesome “Lump” of steel…Love it…Great reveiw

dseed norway says:

good video mate, fancy a bit more a trong tanto tip on a survival machete, but looks ready for beating that one

Primal Edge says:

Pretty cool tool

j greystoke says:

@Living Survival, great stuff. Would love to see another vid with the sharpened SP8. Now I have to get one:). Way safer than an axe. Double or triple the length of edge. More forgiving of your targeting. And much easier to control because the centre of percussion(sweet spot where it cuts best) is out near the end, but the centre of mass is nearer your hand for better control. With an axe of the same weight, you have less control once it gets swinging. I do go on. And yes, I did suscribe:).

usmc shoey says:

Nice vid. I think your SP8 needs sharpened, I have 3 of them have carried them for yrs and all of mine would have taken most of those limbs in 1 swing.

PA Bushcraft says:

Awesome video, the sp8 is one of m favorite knives.  A grea knife you can hump n wih out worrying about breakage.

MaZEEZaM says:

“not to bad” WTF, it looks like this choppa is about as good as a block of steel :S

j greystoke says:

Nice “knife”. If you sharpen it it will chop through anything instead of trying to bludgeon your way through. Lots of vids of guys whizzing through stuff with the SP8, but they have an edge put on first. Most chopper(heavy blades like goloks and parangs) and typical machete(light flexible blades) come with very obtuse edges from the factory. You’ve really got to sharpen them first to let them do their stuff.

cassanoa says:

i have one of these and it is an fantastic tool – give it a good sharpening and grind off the teeth at the back – they will ruin the sheath – it chops better than an axe and opens doors better than a pry bar – its the perfect urban survival tool – i even use it as a shovel – its a great knife / axe / trenching tool – you dont do it justice – take longer swings and let the weight dig into the wood – this is not the tool to take short chops with – you can sharpen it like a razor – you see how you pried that wood apart – just one of the many things it dos well



sam nelson says:

good for cleaning up firewood .too heavy to carry except in a vehicle. anal-retentive sheath, saw back a hazard.

MasterK9Trainer says:

You demonstrated it’s capabilities and possible uses. I have always liked the design and while many downgrade it for one reason or the other, like a typical Ontario blade it’s good quality and It fits the place of a short machete or heavy knife to process wood. Bigger and heavier blade or axes will chop easier, but this is fairly light, compact and can serve as a cleaver for cooking duty or chisel and pry which the other tools cannot offer or achieve.

Alex Weaver says:

Thank you for this video. I have a SP8-95 and have owned it for 20 years. I have it in my knife collection; never used it. I thought it was too heavy to carry on backpacking trips. However, a fallen tree limb 8 inches in diameter in my front yard needed to be moved. The SP8 and a folding Gorilla saw made very short work of the 30 foot limb. After this experience and watching you process wood I’ll be sure to include the SP8 on my next outing.

God Smack says:

all that chopping to dull the blade when it has a saw back you lay bugger learn your chit dumbie

Jarhead6 says:

nice bro!

pichnoufblues says:

It’s not a saw, but a feature to prevent the baton sliding to your hand and break your thumb when batoning.

Russell Suender says:

Update.My Camillus Carnivore broke in half while batoning a piece of 3″ + – piece of wood for the fire.Made in China.I received the SP8 in the mail today,and will be taking it with me on all my hikes and camping trips.The sheath being brand new is a bit stiff,the snaps hard to push on,but will loosen up with wear.Came sharp out of the box,that is sharp for a tool,not razor sharp like my TOPS B.O.B. knife.Even with the shock in the handle(of course depending on what your cutting/chopping)it’s a small issue.Far better than the Camillus junk clone.These companies want to copycat the real McCoys like the SP8 or Kabar Tac Tool.I purchased mine on Amazon for only $45 including shipping.

454pakr says:

EXCELLENT machete!

Tyler Deth says:

The blade is quite thick

Bill Gaines says:

My understanding is that it is not a sawback blade. The serrations are designed to be a rasp for shaping, notching wood.

Abimael Valdes'z says:

Is a Cuto machete

Russell Suender says:

I find this “tool” to be a necessary addition for all around duties at the camp site.Would be a bit too heavy for back packing.Presently I use the Camillus Carnivore,but the edge has chipped from heavy use(cutting branches,chopping,batoning)..Let’s face it the Carnivore is not a good tool,Not well made like the SP8,or the Kabar BK3 Tac knife.The BK3 is a great knife,but I’d rather a machete that doesn’t have a saw section on the blade like SP8.I’m ordering the SP8($50)fromAmazon.com.as I’ve finally made up my mind on choosing it based on it’s  affordability and design.

Morten Trolle says:

That’s the worst chopper i have ever seen!

Austin Lozinski says:

The handle is kraton.

Firebrand1967 says:

*Rasp, not saw.

StarPuss www.ToxicRedNeck.Com says:

*Love the look of that blade!!*
_looks close to my survival machete that I made from s35vn_  

StandsWithABeer says:

I re-profiled mine to a higher grind and got **way** more performance than was shown in this video. I leave my camp axes behind now…no need for one. I get razor sharp feathers on wood.

Far says:

The flat grind starts too late — too close to the bevel. This makes the blade relatively thick right behind bevel, and it gets thicker yet fast. As a result, these blades don’t chop well as they tend to bounce back from the wood.

Austin Lozinski says:

The handle is kraton.

Alex May says:

Thanks for the video! convinced me this is the perfect replacement I needed for camp side tasks.

scdevon says:

I have one of these and I like it, but I’d much rather spend a few extra calories carrying a real axe that can get the job done in a few strikes rather than wasting lots of calories around the campsite whacking away at stuff with these chopping knives. These are really poor performers for their weight. They need a much less convex grind to perform at all. 

haywood jeblome says:

If I was going to carry around a knife that big i would want it to have a point on the front. If you think about it there really arent any doors to pry open in the woods. And if you pried a door at home your mom would get mad.

the Southerner says:

you swing a machete like a pussy.

Brian Mccann says:

I bought the Camillius CarnivoreXZ instead.
The new Carnivore series do not break like the older cameo handle ones did.. Great choppers too.

Jon Lebel says:

Just adding one thing: It has one survival benefit.  Its tough as hell.  I don’t think you will break this blade in use  🙂

bldgy says:

The spine is a rasp for notching. It quickly and easily makes channels that are the perfect size for paracord.

Knight Cobra says:

Great Video!!! I love my SP8

Luuk says:

I have that machete and its awsome for cutting ( i go outdoors alot and still holes Up ) its a awsome machete!

39camper says:

At $50 i would put my money on an axe.

Ken merry says:

how is it against zombies?

Duderus says:

Okay. Well I love Love that piece of steel. I’ve had one a while myself and it’s been one of my top five favorite. But budy you really damaged those trees you were limbing. And when you chop try doing it with some smoother deliberate rhyme and reason. And for your own safety when your batoning, please bend at your knees more. If you bend from a stiff straight back the way you do you end up putting your face and neck right over the material your pushing through and hitting and if something bounces back up at you you won’t ba able to react in time to get your face, eyes, neck out of the way and a piece of sticky pine in your jugular is a sticky death sentence. And the way you’re chopping/chipping lends itself to that kind of injury. Try to think that your chopping to create a V shape no matter how small the wood material is. It will lend itself to better material removal and cause you to make minute timing judgements that should help your swing become more effective and energy efficient. Keep it up with practices but practice right and you’ll get better quicker and quicker better. You have a great tool to practice with. And eventually you might want to change the edge geometry to a 40degree inclusive grind (20 degrees on each side) and that will help it “bite” into the wood a bit/a Lot better and relieve the bouncing effect and in affect save energy for better swings. And maybe save the trees some damage as well lol. Stay sharp and thanks for the video.

Living Survival says:
Jon Lebel says:

I have one.  Don’t get much use out of it.  I find it too heavy to carry on belt.  Much prefer to carrying a small axe on pack and small knife on belt.  It does chop trees nice but an axe it better (or small saw).  I still use it for things around the house and farm.  Its a great tool but not much of a survival tool.  IMO

mick sexton says:

i have been using my sp8 for years .. its great!

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