Ontario U.S. Machete Review and Field Test

The Ontario U.S. Machete Review and Field Test.


Road says:

Can it split a mango?


I carried one at Fort Polk, Louisiana when I was in the Army. They are heavy but tough! I prefer “Tramontina” machetes made in Brazil.

Tsagia says:

Hello from Greece.I’ve got the same machete from a greek store,my sheath too has “1991” on it and “SWI”.Now,I’m probably way younger than you are,I was born in 1983,you got yours in the early ’90s,I did just 2-3 years ago.But one thing I gotta say is that it’s the most dangerous bladed item I have.I mean even it’s even sharper and sturdier than the katana and wakizashi that I have(Made in Taiwan,not original of course)and even the hunting knife.Although I’m usually very very careful around these things,I did manage to somehow cut my finger a bit on the blade once.And though the cut was tiny,it was nasty.So yeah,I think,like you said this is the real deal,a really good machete and not like all the modern silly things sold by a gazillion knife companies 😉

Mark Powers says:

Get an axe.

Brendan Kays says:

I use an Australian Army WW2 machete. I had one of these US machetes, didn’t like it. Badly weighted and the rivets popped out of the tang within a few days of using to cut saplings no larger than what you chopped in the vid.

rob clay says:

Still have one from being stationed in Guam back in the mid 80’s. So a good bet they’ve been making them since Vietnam at least.

cowpie in the sky says:

Wow! You chop like lightning……not all that fast, you just don’t hit the same place twice! Keep practicing, it will come to you.

Ramon Anzures says:

my case says 1991 as well only part i hate it the inside has a round plastic part that makes a wear mark down it

BittonOne says:

Thanks for the video, Just wanted to share this.. I see a lot of guys “modding” these but I don’t see them touching the sawback..
Ontario Sawback Machete Modification

BuckshotOO14 says:

mine says 1992 and they r sweet, none better! beat the hell outta mine still in good shape. ontario anything cant go wrong

Colin McKenna says:

Hi, glad that you support made in USA, can you tell me where you got that sheath?

jorge greiner says:

Nossos amigos yankees precisam receber umas aulas sobre como usar o machete, venham até a Amazônia brasileira que vós ensino hehehehe, Brincadeira senhores, mas se você cortar sempre em “V” vai obter um desempenho melhor que golpes paralelos! Um abraço!

Kenny Rierson says:

I spend a lot of days in the woods with a machete in my hand. The
Ontario is a great blade, but it does need work. That lanyard hole is
easy to open up as the plastic is what restricts the hole, the tang hole
in the blade is a decent size. I used a rasp and metal file to shape
the plastic into a better fit taking out the gap in the spine and
rounding the belly out. Once i did that i Plasti Dipped (in my work
Orange is a preferred color) the Plasti fills in some of the gaps and
adds a slip resistant texture. Last thing to do was add a 550 lanyard so
if your using it it wont slip and go flying. over all one of the better
blades i have used.

be careful with the saw back as i have seen them break at the teeth as the teethe weaken the spine

Craig Lumpy Lemke says:

Didn’t I see you at the mall yesterday, jumping up to the roof?

Child Like says:

Where’d you get that sheath? +Buggingin 

Row E says:

Thanks for your vid! You mention the Gerber machetes, do you know if a Gerber Gator Senior would fit in your hard plastic Ontario machete field case? i was considering getting one for my Gerber if they fit well enough in the sheath.

nick marks says:


Isaac Rorison says:

hey do you think this is arguably one of the best machetes out there? also I know you said it was made in U.S but is the quality of this machete good? lastly do the ribbits in the handle of the machete stay in good or do they loosen up and pop out, this is really the only machete i’m thinking of buying.

Jhon Smith says:


Jack Shifley says:

my machete doesn’t have the saw on the back and has a canvas sheath with the m1910 wire hanger on it. what time period is it from

totallyfrozen says:

To answer a question from your video, Ontario has been providing these machetes to the US military since the 1940s (World War II).

lukassnakeman says:

i love mine it never fails. once you know how to use it you can cut clean through some significant stuff in one swing. i just wish the handle was a little more comfortable

shotguns machetes says:

you got some kick ass machetes, rock on dude

Paul Cupstid says:

you are real dumbass I tried to use these machetes for the whole time I was in the service I just thank God he let me live trying to use this shit but no no never again do trust 90 percent of the crap the military gives you to survive if you do you will be in the 99 percent that did not survive bunch of dumbasses

Wild Canadian Outdoors says:

I got this machete I don’t know to get the case to go on belt

paulie 4x says:

I saw a guy grind lines on the handle with a drumel tool, or I guess you can file or saw some lines on it.

PerceptionVsReality says:

How do you attach the sheath to a belt? Can’t figure it out.

Buggingin says:

organizing stuff

Hunter1313 albes says:

i have had mine for 25 years still works as good as the day i bought it and it has been abused plenty

Sharkusaf says:

The backside isn’t a saw! The backside is like that to take away the weeds out of the way after you cut them. With a the back swingback of the blade. It’s there to crab the weeds after you cut them. The Weeds will fold over the backside of the blade and hang on there until you strike forward again. Without the tooth they would slide off easely and still be in your way.

CyberHitchhiker says:

Ontario sure makes a good machete. Its nothing fancy and it gets the job done. They are also extremely durable! I’ve had mine since the early 90’s and it was an older one when I got it, very possibly Vietnam era. The scales appear to be some other black material than what Ontario uses for handle material now, or the stuff is just petrified? The scales and rivets loosened up and I duct taped the handle back then. I recently removed the old filthy & sticky “duct rag” handle and wrapped it with silicone tape for a better grip. I’ve also given it one of those new OD green sheaths you got there, although I still have the black leather sheath it came with. Mine has been through a lot of abuse over the years and is itself a testament to what a great machete they make.

Shane Witter says:

I chopped like that with my cousins and it got all chipped up. That was the only chopping tool we had after hiking 7 miles into nowhere.

bruce Channel says:

i put a ranger band on mine with a fire steel under it

BeActiveBros says:

does the sawback work well, I bought a flat back thinking I could baton with it.

Scout Sniper says:

I wrap my handle in rescue tape

Munđo Lelić says:

ghow do you but it on the belt


They are a tad thicker than most

Sharpblade says:

workout resumed hehehe

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