Predator Dutch Machete Review – Predator Movie Knives

Given there’s soon to be a new Predator movie soon here is this insane knife, machete, sword thing lol.

This is a large, heavyweight replica of the knife from the classic 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Predator.
Arnie uses this knife (machete really) as the character Major “Dutch” Schaeffer. The knife has the Dutch Schaeffar signature on the thick, heavy and sharp blade.The knife is very heavy weighing 1.015kg and measures in at over 20 inches. The knife is full tang, well built and comes with a thick nylon case with a red ‘Predator’ logo on the sheath.
◾Total Length: 20.25″ (52cm)
◾Blade Length: 15″ (38cm)
◾Weight: 1.015kg (2.4oz)
◾Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop
◾Dutch Schaeffer Signature
◾440 Stainless Steel

This knife is a very cool replica, so chunky, well built and heavy. A great addition to anyones collection.

Get yours here and get it quick!
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neil brown says:

got mine today (2018)

knivesandgunscentral Lafferty says:

Could you put a link of where to get it

Dancing Hawk says:

Thought it was the one ex ghurka like house makes from the 5160 spring steel.

Eric Anthony says:

Two things I don’t like about it is the sheath and then the annoying fact that the grip is installed backwards…yeah.. really. Look closely. I didn’t notice till I bought one and held it. Then I realized what had been done. I think the Replica company didn’t catch that.

That Guy Max! says:

Currently on sale for 30 quid! Get it while you can,

MrB1923 says:

A lot of knife for £40, but quality reflects the price. C+ grade finish. Nicks and scratches on handle. Poor fitting of blade to handle. Laser etching is perfect. Too heavy for a machete. Too big for a bowie. No real practical use, but impressive in hand. Just a toy really. Helps me remember being 12 yrs old.

Mr. X says:

Predator …..Can somebody find out what knife arnold had on his belt i looked everywhere and cant find out what kind it is .. maybe someone can let me know …obviously not the machete but his combat knife

Gillian Harding says:

Wow this was great!

Mr&Mrs Morrice says:

its more of a machete but i call bowie knifes over 10 inch blades “bowchete”

Mr&Mrs Morrice says:

its not actually dutchs machete, its billlys, watch the film, its not actually used by dutch, dutch used a microtech interceptor

jumblesaleboo says:

These actually are not the same type as the ones made by jack Crain for the movie. The grind is completely different, and the handle shape on the Crain’s are more curved. 🙂

Виталий Радзиховский says:

Больше чем у данди

Yhoshua Manuel Huetio Gonzalez says:

Como puedo conseguir un cuchillo.depredador tal como.el que tienes?

Melinda Scott says:

Im loving this

Ducul chaudasse says:

@That Guy Max , did your handle show some loose at the lower 2th wood section when you turn it with small force ?

That Guy Max! says:

MadMax exclusive!

£6 off the Predator Machete
Code: AM2bLUBS

From me to you, as a thanks for watching! Although give it a few hours and no doubt it will have been sniped by voucher sites lol.

David Kuykendall says:

That’s billy knife, and it’s a cheap knock off

Dwayne Dibbley says:

Blades and Bows are selling this knife now and it’s only £20. It’s not even on sale as that’s its normal price.

Sasha Adams says:

Thank you for uploading this video, great job.

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