Rambo machete/survival knife

Rambo machete/survival knife


Careless Whispers says:


Where did you get it from. Need that bitch! NOW!

FabioCrow07770 says:

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. i got it from budk

faultroy says:

You’re supposed to recognize that there is a direct relationship between design and use. And while this “:knife” may have limited applications, it has no real practical value as per field use. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge, you’ll recognize that metrosexuals living in fantasyland is exactly NOT where it is at. You could get the same chopping effect by carrying an axe–lighter and much more efficient.

David Allen says:

@FabioCrow07770 ‘murica fuck yeah

ely1camb says:

your full of crap..

1000hightower says:

I’m getting one

gomelo2 says:

It looks cheaply made. And not much went into making it really. Not very practical.

Hector Cuervos says:

Sounds like u want to make love to it

Bob Ouellette says:

I am sure interested in getting one.

FabioCrow07770 says:

got it from budk

Best knife I ever bought

sam whitfield says:

the pummel is not movie accurate in the slightest

FabioCrow07770 says:

@EVPpsycho When I did this video I just had the knife out of the box for maybe a half an hour or so. I just wanted to give my first impressions of it. I give the specs in other videos. 1090 carbon steel,almost a 1/2″ thick at the spine,16 and a half inches long and holds an edge very well.

FabioCrow07770 says:

@whiteboypatrickkelly tough choice,both are great blades. just depends on what style you like more I guess.

Bobcat says:

Come on.. you didn’t even do specs in a review? really?

Rawdog550 says:

It’s actually 1090 carbon steel which is high carbon which is a steel for much much quality steel.

Fabio 99 says:

Ma il coltello di rambo quello dell film rambo 2 dove mi consigli di prenderlo ?


Yup. I recognize metrosexuals.

Coolnicknameguy says:

why dont you block or remove these haters? I like your knife and I like your videos, fuck all these lames keep doing what your doing, and grats on the sweet knife for sweet price, cant even buy cheap payless shoes now adays for $20 let alone a monster knife

tony gaze says:

yo i want one, what’s the link?….thank you

FabioCrow07770 says:

It’s a great blade for sure. best knife I own

MrEdium says:


billy pilgrim says:

I disagree totally with you! What you are missing here is that you have a person who is willing to take available materials and make a survival tool with rather than expecting it to be “at the store”. I commend this guy for making this, I hope he makes even more.

Coolnicknameguy says:

I think people are just crying cause 1 its heavy and 2 gillbo hibbens tends to make knives for looks vs function, basicly every 1 that seems to have a nagitive opion has yet to use 1, they are just being haters cause thats what haters do, every 1 that owns 1 has nothing bad to say, its only the people that dont have 1 talking shit, basicly just plain PREJUDICE and every 1 wants to give their $00.02 even when they have empty pockets

niel monte says:

country of origin???

dfcvda says:

I have one its great, very heavy. But does the job.

3DTyrant says:

I was thinking of buying one, not sure how great the quality would be though, I may try replacing the wrapping on the handle with some form of cloth just for the looks, how would I go about removing the wrapping?

Elvin A Millan says:

Hey guy cool blade where did you get it for that price…


Are we to believe then that you are a ‘South America, Malaysia or South East Asian’ field hand? Or that you just hang out in the fields checking out their equipment?

TruthTeller878 says:

I would use RESCUE TAPE on the RAMBO machete handle.

SAsgarters says:

As a Finn, I’d love to think that they modelled it after the Taiter Hukari, but to be honest, it’s probably derived from the parang.

FabioCrow07770 says:

Got it from Budk

Careless Whispers says:

Thanks. Damn, not available on budk.com anymore. “1060 Forged Machete Sorry, this item is currently unavailable for order. ” But thanks for the info, will be on the lookout for something similar.

FabioCrow07770 says:

@whiteboypatrickkelly it’s a factory Second Not a production model. It didn’t meet the knife makers specs. It’s about 3 and a half pounds or so and close to a half inch thick. Def not 1.9Lbs

FabioCrow07770 says:

Got it from budk but Unfortunately you can’t get them for that price anymore,my subscribers bought them all out. you can still get the ones for $40 though

FabioCrow07770 says:

lol cheap or not It gets the job done. I use this blade for everything. From the woods to the Kitchen it’s awesome

Nedal Al Khlif says:

Where did u get from?

FabioCrow07770 says:

thank you for not putting “Looser”

Benspens says:

i’ve tried to figure out how to send you a PM, but i dunno…maybe im missing something. I would like to find out where and how you got this particular knife. Looks bad ass and I would like to get one as well. hit me back, thanks


Scott Neal says:

Where did you get it from ?

tony gaze says:

thank you brother, you are a good american!

MrEdium says:


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