Review: CRKT Halfachance – one hell of a well designed machete

*** CRKT Ken Onion Halfachance – specifications ***

Overall length: 50 cm (19.5 in)
Blade length: 35.5 cm (14 in)
Weight: 580 g (1 lb 4 oz)

Blade material: 65Mn carbon steel (equivalent to 1065)
Handle matieral: Polypropylene core with thermoplastic rubber overmold
Hardness: 52-56 HRC
Finish: Bead blast and black powder coating

Price: $45-60

*** Where to find it ***



*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Tough and durable
+ Excellent cutting power
+ Comfortable, ergonomic and secure grip

– (I was unable to find any cons)

*** Verdict ***

Just like its smaller sibling, the Chanceinhell, this machete has really impressed me. It’s a highly efficient design, made of quality materials, and it makes cutting and chopping very easy.

It kind of bothers me that I can’t come up with any criticism, since that always seems suspicious, but there is honestly nothing I can fault this tool for, especially at the affordable price. Easily recommended.

Review of the Chanceinhell:

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Hey skall, how good is RR536 steel

iwantyourcookiesnow says:

Skal, u should get aluminum shin guards like sugar cane workers use…one of these days you’re gonna slip while you’re chopping a tree and need that free Canadian Health Care

FrozenLemur says:

Where do you store all of your weapons? I doubt you own 50 display cases lol

srspower says:

3:38 isn’t it a better idea to hack whilst kneeling down? If you missed there you would possibly hit yourself in the leg!

Venger Voldur says:

As a possible critique, how well is that handle going to stand up to abusive wear and tear? While it serves as a very good grip now, my experience with thermoplastic rubber overmold (didn’t know that it was called this until you said so) is that it tends to peel off, like sun-burnt skin. Admittedly this actually helps increase “grippage” a bit, but it is very unsightly and personally very annoying. And of course, over a long enough period the rubber wears off entirely leaving a smooth polypropylene handle. Ergonomically handle aside, a smooth grip is not easily held.
While a wooden handle would have given more hand-shock, vice the rubber one which presumably absorbs shock, the wooden handle would, with appropriate care, last longer than the rubber simply because it will not peel.

I notice that your reviews tend to be “out-of-the-box” impressions. You give them a run for their money by testing their cutting capacity and durability of strength (i.e.: shooting at them ;D ). And this is good info; I don’t thrown down on it at all. But it is all a bit short term. What I’d like to see more of is how your swords knives and various other bladed weapons have held up over the years of use. (Duh, swords aren’t “used” like swords were meant to, so obviously I am not referring to that. But in general I mean.) Will that Halfachance machete be just as usable, just as sharp, just as generally good the day you first tested it?

Cardan says:

dank nife

Ryan Ho says:

Bead blast is the bane of my liking to blades it causes unnecessary rust why do companies put it on their blades anyway

fuanshin says:

Knife shaped one is much more sexy.

Genubath says:

Skallagrim, I have a question. What is the advantage of a double edged sword over a single edged one? Like a Katana vs. a “standard” longsword?

Jo. Productions says:

Do a fighting with machetes video like would they last or would they flex

Masey says:

I’m a new subscriber. This shit is cool.

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

i love mine

MshL says:

Is there any possibility to make some videos about armors???
if not maybe you, or anyone else know a channel similar to Skall’s , but about armors instead of weapons?

Thijs van der Voort says:

Does anyone else think it looks like a clowns shoe? Profile I mean of course

Lauri Uuniemi says:

+Skallagrim Could you do a bow safety video/Guide for beginning archery?


boş ağaçları keseceğine bizim odunluktaki meşeleri kes bakalım kesebilecek mi

button mash says:

how do you store your knives and swords do you use like a box or a special case i have a few knives and a machete and sword but i dont have a good storage method help please 

Yog Sothoth says:

I don’t really go in for machetes but that is one hell of a knife. 

Tihomir Rusev says:

Thumbs up !

BlackIceRSR says:

Hey Skall, how is the edge control for the blade? I am asking cause I may get this to hack down the brush in my campsite area next year. I am just wondering if its easy to hit the same spot repeatedly or is it more like swinging a one-handed warhammer and hoping the weight does not throw off your aim a little before impact.

Dmitri Ignatchenko says:

Skall, are you, by any chance, falling in love with CRKT ^^? Too bad in the UK, these bad boys are a pain in the arse to get -_-.

Vlad Phan says:

Which chops better? Half a chance machete or crkt chogan tomahawk.

Gulyabani says:

Hey Skall don’t you have any armor like objects you could test your weapons on?
You know cause…chopping wood..yeah

Battam says:

Not sure if its been asked. In your last view of the ‘original’, the handle started to come apart due to the rigorous testing. Has the material or anything changed with that? I think you said it was almost its only fault.


I’m totally with you on the Halfachance for real use.  It just seems to bite a little harder and get things done a little faster than that the Chanceinhell.  Thanks for the review!  -Ben

get saved says:

How does this compare to the Schrade Schbolo? Which one is better for camping in woods?

Player Review says:

Those Chinese make some wicked [cheap] steel. Probably worth about $20 though. I always get a sense of pride knowing an 8 year old in a sweatshop forged my steel though.

meaturama says:

I have never and will never have a reason to use a machete.

TheProjectUltimatum says:

Look how fat it is… do want O_O! Hey +Skallagrim  do you know where I can get a good baldric for my Latin 12″ machete?

sergeantbigmac says:

It reminds me of a modernized take on an old military short machete my dad had. Not sure of the model but he called it his ‘medical machete’ whatever the F that means lol.

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