Review – Schrade KM1 Kukri Machete

Big ass blade from Schrade, Book of Eli style. Got some nice accessories and a price that doesn’t burn your wallet.


Chris Botsch says:

Can someone send these guys at least 1 personality

Direitolatra TM says:

Cool the Down cap, Phil Anselmo’s band. About the Kukri i think it needs more angulation, but it’s nice.

TheWtfnonamez says:

Love your video, and your laid back style. I think you nailed most of the important points tbh. My observations are as follows….but ill be open about the fact that Im a bit of a Schrade fan, I think they offer great low-budget knives. They make some great high-end knives too.. .but I think the KM1 is definitely a “value” product.

* You’re right, the handle doesn’t suit the job, you want a fat back-end to stop it flying out of your hand.
* It is a little bit “fancy” but yeah its a Book of Eli machete and thats probably the biggest selling point (thats why I bought it)
* I agree with your point about geography, I think it makes sense based on where you are. If you are not in a part of the world that requires machetes……well its a machete…..
* Following from this.. if you are camping in Nordic climates… where its all trees and grass, and nothing inbetween, you need a small knife and a BIG knife/axe.
* Mine came blunt. Well it had an edge.. but not one I would leave home with.
* Most Schrade knives are out-sourced to China … so the heat treat, and grind, are a bit hit-or-miss. That is why they are so spectacularly cheap, and its also why 1 in 10 are vaguely dodgy. I love Schrade knives, but when you get one you need to test it. You also need to look at the grind because sometimes its asymmetrical.
* The ferro rod you get with Schrade knives are excellent… and I mean EXCELLENT. Made in China probably means they are putting plutonium in it or something.
* It comes with a sharpener that is basic, a bit aggressive, but works well in the field.

If you compare this to a heavy camp knife it will come off unfavorably, but its not marketed as a camp knife. If you compare it to other machetes on the market its a decent buy. Its cheap, solid, comes with a decent sheath, with multiple carry options, a steel and a sharpener. If you are buying a machete then this is a great deal.

Buy it if…..
You loved the film Book of Eli
You want a machete
You dont mind sharpening a new knife on arrival
You want value for money

Dont buy it if….
You want a Hibben 4 … you will get a $80 machete for $40 … moderate your expectations
You need a heavy camp knife or an axe
You never watched Book of Eli.

tokr72 says:

Norway, sweet. About the steel, 3cr13 is supposedly the Chinese equivalent of 420 series stainless. The steel can be modified by adding carbon, which results in 420HC, a good knife steel used extensively by Buck, and now other companies like Gerber. I have some experience with 3cr13 steel in my SOG 10inch tanto machete. I was hesitant after seeing some reviews, but for the low price and it’s uniqueness, I figured why not add it to my little tanto collection. I beat the hell out of that thing. Bush clearing, batoning, and hacking away at a pallet, all in 0 degree weather. Only damage it suffered so far was from a glancing blow to the frozen pallet. The edge suffered a slight bend or warp, no chipping. Not bad for such a thin blade. I pounded it out best I could with a hammer and on we go. Tough steel! It may not hold an edge forever, but it sharpens up to a razor like edge with a rod in very short order. I’ve noticed Condor, a well known machete manufacturer, has an offering in 420 steel. If they’re using it, it must be a good choice for a machetes intended use.
You guys are cool, thnx for the vids.

Macho Deth says:

great review guys, get sick of those dull blades pisses me off. it’s like buying a car that can’t drive-a knife that won’t cut. I have the Ontario 12 inch “tactical” khukuri, it’s actually just a regular khukuri but it’s a beast I baton and beat the shit out it and no problems. Smacked the edge off some concrete by accident and it’s fine, hand sharpened out the damage. goes like 80 US dollars, just another option. roll on brothers, love the show. keep it real

Fire and Steel says:

TheHim2, It wasn`t that blunt, just the edge by the hilt. which was completely dull. The rest was ok actually. could be sharper yes, but we don`t really expect that from such a cheap blade.

Tactical says:

Its funny at first it seems like you guys smoked a doobie, smiling tryin to keep your composer then Freddy starts talkin bout spaghetti, i can see the hole time hes thinkin bout food then he needs a drink cause hes got cotton mouth haha u guys are great!

Toxikblazegamez says:

I bought one for only 22$ when i went to spain

Hollowsyx says:

You’re right…Bad tool…to heavy,to big…it’s a large deception for me…I prefere my old classical machete from West Indies…

francesco quadrio says:

it did loock cool but that steel? no way

Rophoenix says:

I think is to small for me,,, not good

Scooter Kenna says:

Taking off the shoulder strap….hmmmph….. then I lose my inner Conan……I think that it was a very good bargain for 30 dollars….and it does chop….through about anything…mine had a nice edge from the knife place…I like to think its “Croms furnace”…..I chopped all day and was able to slice paper after….y you would slice paper is beyond me…I want a blade that Chops….and then I can shave with!!! If its worth doing …its worth overdoing…moderation is for chumps!!

n8782005 says:

Fans of Down! Gotta love that!

Jasper Skov Storm says:

I can see by the look in Freddy’s eyes, all that he thinks about is “how can I break this thing!?!?!”.

Christian Mark says:

Holy f#ck! 😉 Book of Eli style!!! Bare synet av en slik i en evt stygg road rage hendelse er nok til å de-eskalere!!!
Skal se om jeg finner en i kongeriket!
Gleder meg til å fyre opp ild på den måten!! Ugh!!!!

Robert Smith says:

falcata not kukri…

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