Review: The Baryonyx Machete – Versatility and Cutting Power

*** Specifications ***

Overall length: 59 cm / 23 in
Blade length: 40 cm / ~16 in
Blade thickness: 2 mm / 0.078 in
Weight: 762 g / 1.68 lbs
Material: 1075 high carbon steel

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Cuts and chops very well
+ Durable blade
+ Versatile, practical design
+ Interesting looking finish that hides scratches

– “Cheap” handle feel
– Perhaps a little pricey considering the simple construction and rough edge grind

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YoRHa No.2 Type B says:

You should see the stuff *_Man At Arms_* makes

PainX187 says:

looks like a nice garden tool to bad it will likely be called a weapon here even if i own a normal machete legaly when things look abit different they tend to default to calling it a weapon

James Herrin says:

i could get 1 made into a d2 machete shaped like that knife by a custom knife maker but i still like the machete you did a great video on,d2 machetes can be apolcalyptic knives like d2 katanas can with the highest carbons & well balanced chromiums with the best edge performances ever.

xPumaFangx says:

So what kind of machete is that cleaver?

SiriusMined says:


joshua newbeck says:

It looks dope, might be time for a new machete.

Nwolve L says:

ahhh… fresh meat

Westley Lewis says:

That blade shape makes me want to throw up, I’m not kidding, I don’t know what about it is so…. unpleasant

Mt. Baldwin says:

Ever seen the maciejowski bible? It shows all those strange medieval chopping swords, were those not swords but medieval machetes instead? Because they look a lot like this thing. (By machete I don’t mean a jungle clearing tool, just some medieval agricultural tool we don’t know about).

animist channel says:

Good review of an interesting, effective design. I do think you should have tried it wearing gloves, which I think would put the handle in better light and context — it’s meant to be used as a brush tool/chopper for extended times, and you won’t do that barehanded with any blade or axe for very long. $70 for a tough, practical camp sword is reasonable compared to other modern bushcraft gear.

inregionecaecorum says:

OMG another Zombie slayer abomination. I have a classic Elwell Billhook I think it is a Yorkshire pattern, the business as actually used by woodsmen for centuries, hey also the inspiration for the medieval polearm version, you know peasants revolt and all that.

Young Thunder Armoury says:

I like it, looks like a business item.

Jacob Benns says:

Skall, is that a new t shirt, is it in your shop?

Nuna says:

That thing looks like it would make a good dark souls weapon!

Marcelo Silveira says:

while interesting, the purpose of blades such as the sword, the knife AND the machete is to be easily deployable from the sheaft to your hand, and that hook looks like it will get in the way of quickly deployment. Also, I’m not sure, I feel like the wide blade would also get in the way of quickly deployment. And, of course, if you are not going for quickly deployment than just make an axe out of it already

Ilex1 says:

The that blade looks like it was inspired by a cane knife. It is a purpose built tool for cutting cane. It has a front edge used for chopping and a back side with an interior sharpened hook for pull cuts. Google ‘cane knife’ and you will see the resemblance.

Frost The Foxxo says:

Das a moighty choppa youz got e’re

Yazid Abdullah says:

Please don’t put ads mid video.

Patrick Milewski says:

It looks like a mix between a woodsmans friend and a parang style smatchet.


Am i the only one still not getting notifications

anarchism says:

how many chops would a wood chop chop if a wood chop would chop wood?

MotorWaffle says:

I saw the thumbnail out of the corner of my eye and literally thought you holding up a bass fish.

Uruburus says:

that’s not a machete that’s a clever

Skiamakhos says:

That’s a smatchet (see Fairbairn) with an added billhook.

TheNIX001 says:

it has 2 edges, so double the sharpness 😉

Spikey DaPikey says:

Nice big choppa! Think I’d stick with a British Billhook for the cost saving to be honest.

Phillip Schouw says:

the new farcry weapons looks great

Spencer Jones says:

Please review the Cold Steel Serget Halberd. The polearns deserve more love!

TheGodCold says:

Thats a knoife

Corwin Hyatt says:

That’s a heck of a multi-tool. Good for making kindling, okay for skinning large game, can be used for splitting and functional enough to deal with the stray brigand or two.

Donato Vicenti says:

Skall, could you please make a video about different kind of steel and what is best for different kind of sword, knives, etc? I’m going to buy a knife, but i have no idea how to see if the steel is of decent quality. That could help many people…

Kragatar says:

You could lop a head clean off with that thing.

morrigan2001 says:


TurdMan Jones says:

Now *that* ‘s a paddle.
Step aside skyrim swords.

Monster_Zero says:

Looks like a modified sugarcane machete. Use one of these at work. Can pick them up for 5-10 bucks.

Geerladenlad says:

It look like it be fun chopping up that zombie head! Then I went over to zombiegoboom check out how much those zombie heads are and was shocked to see that cost $200!!

Petr Piťha says:

Hi Skall, ZNA Productions did a video where he made a shield designed as a striking weapon: Do you think this type of shield would be practical in HEMA/medieval combat? I think it would make for a great collab 😉

Autism Is Unstoppable says:

I would love a review of the Condor Golok at some point. They are apparently made in the same factory as this one and seem to be to the same standard. The golok is well balanced, fairly thick and comes with a sheath similar to the one shown here.

TagDelta 915 says:

Looks like a bill hook crossed with a barong machete

Martian Buddy says:

I love to see you do the Anglo B billhook machete

Neph Drummond says:

Hey Skall, I commented on an older vid, but the last comments were from months prior, what kind of training and exercise would you have to go through and for how long to be able to use some of the bigger, heavier blades you’ve used(like the armorslayer)? And to stop some of them effectively instead of swinging yourself more lol.

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