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Is the Spetsnaz Machete the best survival tool?


ZanderDogz says:

What kind of batteries does it take?

mekore says:


Serj Les says:

We were armed with NRS-2.
Machete was not.

SHTF Etc. says:

Specnaz had trenching shovel for all these functions.

люся рыбакова says:

да да нож для выполнения спасательных работ

SHTF Etc. says:

You can also use them for bending wire.

Grom76300 says:

It would not be interresting. I am in Europe. I already paid around 15 bucks to import mine. And it is around 30 bucks to resend to USA for exemple. It plus half the price of the mahcete.
I prefer pass on the czech Republic website, because they have other interesting products and they already do a great job, even without online paying.
But if some people need advices to do a purchase, I can always help to guide them cause not using paypal can be strange for some. 😀
Keep it up with the WR

Михаил Литягин says:

Это УВСР “Тайга”

Alex Briggs says:

yours or hers?

Dust Dasting says:

I think its called Tajga.

Vel1al says:

отрезать ногу или руку с гангреной, сделать лаботомию шипом в рукоятке, а потом нахрен зарубить, чтобы после таких пыток не мучался

Joey Smith says:


SoulKidOfDeath says:


Kingrhem says:

Unlike most people believe this tool is not designed to be a combat knife but rather an axe, saw or machete depending on the use but for combat the one used is NRS-2.

Volkov098 says:

i want one

Александр Смирнов says:

Russian Spetsnaz Machete? No! У каждого медведя в России есть такой нож. Они им колбасу режут, когда водку под балалайку пьют.

Alex Briggs says:

Change it to Viacheslav Dolboyobkoff, fits you better

wilbur cabrales says:


Nordwind says:

Spetsnaz Machete ? where did you buy it? you were fooled !

Viacheslav Kalashnikoff says:

ты идиот! твое видео говно! ты еще один канадский придурак! это нож спасателя !

Luke Gould says:

first of all there is not theres not a vergins chance in a porn studo thats a real spetznaz mechete, second any and all combat knives are not made with plastic, all combats are designed for functunal easy effortless use, third the machete is not the spetznaz choice of tool they carry there balistic knife and an entrenching tool,and finally this blade (when not made in bangcock) is extreamly useful, the forward hevyness allows for maximum effect with minimal effort. all in all he dun know SHIT!!!

DovahDuck says:

“For digging and whatever else…breaching doors” heha

envirosponsible says:

What the hell are you talking about? Nice user picture by the way.

FlorinU says:

The idea is not bad, but it could be executed much better today. Having a tool for cutting, chopping, a wood saw and digging tool all in one is great, but I’m pretty sure it can be refined a lot with today’s technology, it would be interesting to see a modern version, lighter, more efficient and comfortable.

xoxochi says:

Its not a spetsnaz knife its expeditional knife. In Ukrain some people use it like work tool in traveling. But its wery havy.Developer was use it like hammer, axe and small shovel.The price make this knife wery unpopular. Look on

Steven Seagal says:

Right to bear arms, at least for now.

waxy dusk says:

Spetsnaz don’t use machetes. furreal

Tolik L. says:

Its not a novelty piece , like a lot of Russian designed equipment , you MUST know what it is designed to do and how its meant to be used , once you do , you wil find that it does what it was meant to do very well ……….no more , no less , just enough . The full tang argument is a myth , you can have a full tang knife break on you just as fast as one without a full tang if you buy crap from china , look at it this way …….most chisels are not full tang , they hardly ever break , you do get what you pay for most of the time .

i smoke weed and kill niggers 420 kkk says:

does anybody else notice that this is same kind of weapon the Reznov used in cod world at war

Noir_ktn says:

is it stattrak? oh sorry wrong game

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