Schrade Parang Machete Review and Balance Test

The new Schrade Parang machete is a great chopping blade that does pretty good at all around knife tasks as well. And you know I had to make find out if such a big blade is still balanced.

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WarGrrl3 says:

Hi Brian, is the music you use by Rev Gary Davis? it really seems like his fantastic guitar work.
I’m really curious about the Schrade schmbs Priscilla, it looks like the perfect machete n no one has reviewed the ‘finished’ version. as always, love your vids.

Survival on a Budget Made Easy says:

Great video.I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos.

Son of Dad says:

Can’t complain about Schrades pricing.

Charles Collier says:

Hey Bryan, was that you picking and strumming?
Balance Orientation And Rotation Device – I see what you did there.

JimmyD_C172 says:

Great video. If you had one choice, FROE or PARANG? Thanks. Jim

Marc Rhodes says:

Love the throwing. The blade sinks into the wood, it seems like it wants to get stuck. I find that other blades don’t get stuck, such as the Schrade bolo and gerber machetes. Do you think that it is because of the coating or blade geometry? Thanks

GraviTyKillz says:

I got to say them Guitar Licks are pretty darn good!

Tom Olofsson says:

You had me at “balance test”.

T.W. Milburn says:

Uh-Huh She dun did ’em all without break’n a sweat ! Watch ‘Lil-Stinky don’t git them Easter Eggs. T F S Bryan.  Have a Hopp-E Easter                     ATB Terry    God Bless

mark moore says:

Anymore that would be something you should carry in the cement jungle

Scott Hill says:

Love the Schrade Saturdays!!! Well you sold me on another Schrade product, I’ll be ordering one of the Parangs. Looks like a very useful tool for around my property and clearing the ever encroaching brush around the Deer Stand. I was looking for something heavier that a machete and this fits the bill. Thanks for the Review Mr. Bryan.

Mt. Baldwin says:

I’ve grown very weary of people calling schrade junk and Brian a sell out. I own 10 schrade products, all but one I first seen on this channel and I’ve never been steered wrong, not a single failure in any of them with very hard almost daily use( I live in a remote rural area). Of the 3 catastrophic blade failures I’ve had 2 were USA made and 1 from El Salvador. I only go off my own experiences and Survival on purpose and schrade have my loyalty because they have both earned it.

Bass daddy 2014 says:

Shrade is Chinese garbage.. cheap steel, cheap parts , cheap cheap cheap … wouldn’t trust any of it with my life. Check out tops and more expensive QUALITY blades. Stand behind your product , don’t try to sell garbage to people that you know yourself wouldn’t buy ! I’d respect you more if you’d say THIS IS GARBAGE , instead of beating around the bush about products that everyone knows are made in CHINA ! where’s the survival in your videos ?!?!? It’s all reviews now … been a sub for many years now …. don’t lose good followers for MONEY !

Dawson Tickett says:

You just got a new subber

Cullen Vlogs says:

I was scared you were going to hit the “skunk”

Gadget yoyo says:

I’m and I from Asia and I used to use the Parang before becoming a city slicker. A few things about the design. It’s a tool for use in the Asian jungle. The veins are woody. That’s why it’s heavier than the South American machete. The belly should be almost straight. Scharde’s design is a bit curve. This is to ‘bit’ into the veins and small branches. If the belly is too curve, the branch will ‘glide’ around the belly.
The traditional Parang is rat tail tang. It’s secure by a pin. The extra wood in the handle will help to absorb the shock. As it’s chopping motion, not pull push motion, it should be good enough. If the handle is loose, just get village blacksmith to wack another handle in.
I was told that the front is a skinner. Actually, I never seen anyone does skinning. It’s more for a lighter ‘precision’ chopping, like making a joint in the wood.
I use the front of the blade to ‘chop’ a small hole in the ground. The use it to scrap the bigger stones.
The non sharpen part is for holding the Parang for a carving. Hold it flat with the thumb on the blade, not the spine. Tuck the the handle under the arm. It gives better control. Or hold the stick firmly, and use it like a shaving plane.
I never see any local baton. The area in front of the handle is not strong. No one baton in the jungle. We just pick up twigs or shop small branches. I’ve seen the Bear Grylls Gerber Parang broke.
When I was growing up. A ‘real’ man smoke. So it’s easy to get a match or lighter. Never seen anyone use a Parang to strike on a firesteel.
Finally, it’s a favorite conceal weapon. There are very strick local firearms laws. So while preparing for a gang fight, people will roll the parang in newspaper and ‘conceal carry’ under their arms.

Alex H says:

Gotta love a nice big knife!

Jake Riethmeier says:

Hey man on a future Schrade Saturday can you show us how to make our own kabonker? Happy Easter bud.

barry love says:

Just got around to viewing another great video. Don’t see a need for a parang in my future but did enjoying watch what all it will do. Thanks for your reviews Brian. And wishing you and your family a terrific resurrection day.

andrew huang says:


Jani Sukanen says:

Schrade Saturday 🙂 Looks cool and seems to perform great. I haven´t got me a parang yet although I have been seriously considering getting one. I just love the long curve of the cutting edge. The handle looks really comfortable. Looks like it is more less similar to the handle of SCHGK1 Kukri? And it sure seems to have quite impressive balance for a bigger blade 😉 Great review as always! Big thumbs up!

knives are cool says:

maybe with no finger guard they figure to make the first two inches of the blade dull, I like that machete schrade makes good knives

Survival Mindset says:

Nice review and testing! I like it! Nice balance and stick!

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

another good review

Greyman Zink says:

I don’t know, but, I thought I heard more of a “twack” sound when she hit the wood. The “prarang” sound would probably come from slapping the wood with the side of the blade.

John Hertzog says:

I’d say it passed all tests with flying colors. Nice review and great video.

Hubolds1 says:

I have the eco parang and have done a week survival trip with it. Smaller, lighter, more useful and effective.

Dwight E Howell says:

If you don’t want to use a hatchet this appears to be a good alternative. If you grab the back of the blade near the front you can use it to do finer cutting. In my view it is a good choice for what I’d call a survival blade while most survival blades aren’t. It can be had for less than $300.00 I’m thinking.

Dean Boland says:

Good work mate

Bump Staggers says:

It was hard not to skip ahead to the balance testing but I watched from the beginning. lol Great blade right there.

Michael Morris says:

Well, it’s certainly an improved sheath over my condor Parang, which I really like, but the sheath sucks to be sure. In general I find these devices very useful for the kind of stuff I use a machete for. I have been planning on picking up second one, maybe I’ll spring for one of these. Although I really do prefer high carbon steel….

B Mathews says:

I always enjoy your guitar picking!
Please be careful not to subdivide Mr. Stinky.
Good review.

Matthew Jeffres says:

as always i enjoyed your take.

B Buse says:

Man…Americans just love to hear themselves talk…and then when you Actually get to the chopping you fast forward..thumbs down from me with a thougt of maybe unfollow…

Marth says:

Hey Brian, I just got my Apocabox for this month, are you going to be doing a review of it. It’s got some pretty nice stuff I have to say, I was pretty surprised.

Grandpa Bill says:

What’s your take on YouTube Ads? or lack of!

Xyco's Jungle Camp says:

Small comment. It’s not a parang machete. A machete is longer and has a flexible blade. South America version. A jungle bolo or parang is from (South East) Asia. Shorter, stiff blade. Saying parang machete is like saying Goodbye Au revoir.
Cool stuff, Bryan.

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