Schrade SCHMBS Machete Review & Test : The Coolest Schrade Ive Tested- Tactical

Schrade Schmbs Test & review .3cr13mov steel. New 2017 Schrade Schmbs machete. tactical show . the best schrade ive tested. also Sub to Tac Unfiltered!


terry oneill says:

nice blade and vid ,checking it out cheers

Brian Mccann says:

How did i miss this review ?
Just bought this blade today. Went to amazon looking for the schrade froe, no go. Bought this Hobbit Orcrist clone instead…


Offer it in 2 steels, econo as is and an upgrade.

James Boaz says:

Great vids buddy. can’t believe I didn’t sub already.
How well does tpe take a stipple job do you know?

चौधरी हरयाणा के says:

hey bro which one u will prefer camp 14 or this one plzz tell

Dave Sunhammer says:

I posted this over at PreparedMind101 as well because both of your reviews encouraged me to buy one…. (initiate copy and past)

So I got one of these…. and then had to order another one for my left hand.
Now, the steel for both seems to be good stuff. I’ve been chopping on an 8″ log with both a lot. I don’t intend to throw, pry, baton with these but stick to machete work (except the log practice). The edge retention is decent for the steel.

Downside, the first one was decent sharp but the overall “cosmetic” grind job was terrible. the belly curve goes to far so there is an indent before the tip. And the the spine swedge on the right side is a full 1 inch longer than on the left. The second one the grind looks great for a $40 blade. But it came dull as a butter knife. Seriously, met sharper mashed potatoes. And the one that was poorly ground is a half inch longer and at least a 1/16th of an inch wider in profile.

But, as far as I can tell, as long as I keep doing machete things with these blades I will be able to get my Ninja Mountain Man groove on for a long time.

The only reason I wont recommend these is that the one person who gets a bad blade, or breaks it chopping a rock, will turn into a psycho stalker and make my life miserable.

Happy Blade’n

I will add here that if all you want is to clear some light brush now and then you could pick up a $10 cheapie machete and be just fine. But if you want that brush to cower before the suede that mows like a harvest…

God :-O says:

Tac requests for higher steel and I’m like, “cheaper steel”

tokr72 says:

That thing looks absolutely sick. Not a fan of 3cr13 either, but machete makers are starting to push it. With the thickness of this Schrade machete, it should be solid. You certainly put it through it’s paces. You got some good sword skills Tac. You must have studied some Eskirima. I dig it, and this blade is right up my alley too. Thanx for the review.

UnSelfRighteous .Monk says:

Hey there, I was wondering how sharp you can get the edge without reprofiling it?

Razer Edge says:

How was the bevel on it?

Rick Falk says:

I freaking love this blade, thanks for the review! I wonder if you’ve managed to break one yet…It doesn’t seem like it should be a bushcrafter at all, but damn does it chop!! And it’s light enough you can still carve with it. Not to mention it is sooo much fun!

John T says:

My Man u dead handy wit dat ting

Sal Paradise says:

I can tell you prefer this to the CS Jungle Machete, but this thing seems to be built more like a sword! I can’t find them anywhere in the UK yet, so I’m gonna have to go with the Jungle for now.

JGstunts22 says:

TAC!! would u choose this or the kershaw camp 14??

Blazin'Blades says:

Zombie Tools Parabellum for the budget minded Zombie Slayer?
Thanks man!

JR Menzies says:

Is it just me or does this look like Thorin’s sword from the Hobbit movies?

Ouwkackemann says:

I really would hear your thoughts about comparing this one against the KABAR Cutlass.

Want to buy one or the other but don´t have the opportunity to test them both.

Tac Soldier says:

Sorry Tac I sent so many messages here. Jus wanna say I think youd like the United Cuttlery ORCRIST. Yeh its an Elvish Sword.
The Dwarf King has it in The Hobbit.
Im not even a fan of The Hobbit.
But I do love The lord of the tings extended trilogy.
Check it out

GrasDeRost says:

Which knife is the better one: the SCHMBS “Priscilla” or the large Kukri-Machete?

Mt. Baldwin says:

Thank you Tactical for showing this! Just got the schmbs today and it’s awesome! Schrade took your suggestion about where to leave it unsharpened because it’s totally flat there and has some black coating on it.

MrMistaa says:

9:02 Damn… Flow like water

Сергей Борохов says:

It is beautiful.

Odell's biggest fan says:

u deserve more subscribers

Tac Soldier says:

This is my favourite design of sword/machete and the Parang (Square’ish parang), and tomahawks lol

Riki Maru says:

Nice knife . Is this available to buy in the uk anywhere ? If so where ? Would be cool to own one

Fighting Game Academy 1 says:

Dude, are you getting ready or are you ready?

James Boaz says:

Great vids buddy. can’t believe I didn’t sub already.
How well does tpe take a stipple job do you know?


Another cool review Tac ! I’m gonna buzz over to see if PM101 did a review on this machete to see what he has to say. Two of my favorite reviewers but,,,,, you guys are responsible for me buying more stuff after, I thought I have everything I want LOL. THX AGAIN !

Runnningonempty says:


Adam Bodford says:

Any word when it’s going to be released?!!!

Scooter 101 says:

It has a nice sound going thru the air too !! swish

MijnheerlijkeBuitenlandse befkut , says:

why you kill so many three’s its or air ! take the muslims or so

Gobangs11 says:

it’s definitely you!

James Boaz says:

I like how you always seem concerned for “us” or the camera more accurately, then in the next frame your swinging a freakin sword at us. love the channel and vids.

Marcin Smyk says:

u”re awesome man !! pls test schrade large kukri, cheers !

Nos Rin says:

I love recurved blades.

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