Schrade SCMACH1CP Machete Review ($15 + Shipping)

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Schrade SCMACH1CP Machete
Blade Length: 12 inches
Steel: 3Cr13
Handle Material: TPR Rubber
Weight: 0.80 pounds
Sheath: Nylon
Price: $15 + Shipping (Buy Here!

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darkinertia2 says:

i saw one in bass pro shop a while ago and had to pick it up, its SUPER nice and it came sharp out of the box but I stropped it up and got a polished edge and its for sure my self defensive machete


great looking blade!!

MrWatson2001 says:

Don’t waste your money on this machete. I was initially in love and bought it, don’t get me wrong the blade works however whatever steel they use was WAAAY to brittle. My tip broke just hacking scotch broom wasn’t a major break so I figured I could live with it given the price. However as time went on the tip kept breaking again and again further down the blade and eventually when hacking a dense branch a LARGE circular chuck was gone from the blade simply hacking on a branch. The steel they use in this IS NOT up to par for being so thin. I would not recommend this for any serious use, light use only.

qkdraw0331 says:

Bass Pro $19.99

iowndunoob says:

i dig

xExit98x says:

Have you consider getting one of those tactical tomahawks from CRKT?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

This is a light and fast machete that is easy on the wallet, too. It has a classic sweep to the blade much like a parang.

Feesh says:

I think a 4th quarter promo item is just an easy and cheap item sold during the fourth quarter of the year, which is the last three months. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

J & J True Outdoor Adventures says:

Nice review. I bought one about a month ago, used for the first time at our hunting camp and loved it. That is until I noticed the blade after clearing some over hanging laurel branches and some old dead limbs from a fallen trees. About half way up the trail I notice that the blade looked funny, it had serrated edge!!! Apparently the blade was chipping away!! I have contacted Taylor Brand about this, just waiting to hear back from them.

Armed Rogue says:

Sometimes lighter isn’t better, but this machete seems to just hack through everything ever that’s in its way! 🙂 I dig it, great price, too.


great performance for that money (^_^)
have a great day man!

Tactical says:

it does a lot for a little,nice mang

Bootleg Jackson says:

A Machete For $15 Dollars Scares The Hell Outta Me!

B Adventures Travel Vlogs says:

Nice mini review. I really like the blade shape, I thought it was a Parang. I think Schrade are on the right track making good products that people can actually afford.

Ben Romney says:

Hooray for cheap awesomeness!

The one and only Hyp3rPh33r says:

The one you linked isn’t the one as you showed, try again

Wildman Bushcraft and survival says:

nice review dude

Teachering says:

Certainly can’t go wrong at just over $15.00. The steel will be poor quality, but I can’t help myself when it comes to collecting Schrade knives. They are gradually becoming part of my knife collection.

ChortleChortle Chortle says:

looks nice, but I’m still partial to longer machetes. Granted every tool has a purpose, but if i had to choose I’d go with the same blade shape but twice the length. That’s just me though.

Banshee Hawk says:

I think the blade should be bigger with more weight.

Eurotrash4367 says:

The CP at the end of SCMach1CP is an abbreviation for CraP which is the name of the Chinese company that heat treats these blades.

Simpawz ! says:

first comment first like cool machette btw

joey twoshoes says:

Man! You gotta review the Swabbie and test it on flesh like targets. You will LOVE it. Don’t test on wood it is not a chopper at all, but if you test on fruit, ballistic gel, wet newspaper, tatami mats, or even animal carcasses you will be pleasantly surprised. Nothing slices as well for the size besides MAYBE a very high quality and expensive Persian short sword.

It could easily cut a person in half at the belly button/intestine level with 2 swings.

van hill says:

is it full tang? thanks

PartiallyDrunk says:

for 15 bucks damn!

AssistanttoRM says:

I have the swabbie and I put the black scales on it too

HelmutDoork says:

Change the hilt and that would go perfectly with a Sinbad the Sailor costume.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Israel, Another $64,000.00 qyestion, Which one that Schrade SMACH or the Ka-Bar ZT Swabbie, Oh by the way I had the Toxic Green handles changed to Black, it doesn’t look like a toy any more, And I added it to my BK-7 and BK-17, So, Yeah, it’s not only a nice looking set, but a very formidable functioning 3knife carry.

bobby shaw says:

Got mine at academy 15.99

Malcolm Coderre says:

that handle looks really comfortable

Tardisius says:

Nice one, I just got mine =))

Heith Miller says:

I think it looks like a good zombie killing Christmas present. Dam it’s two bad I have 6-8 machete’s allready. but $20 for a swabbie like blade good deal. I jot 4 machetes last Christmas only logical I buy 1 this Christmas. Hopefully the zombie apocalypse happens soon!

Michigan Edge says:

looks like a comfortable handle. can’t go wrong at 15-20 dollars!

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