Shot Show 2017: TOPS Knives | Machetes, Axe, Bushcraft, Survival Knives | El Chete, BOB, and More

I was at the TOPS Knives booth A LOT this Shot Show, and for good reason. They had very cool knives and they were releasing a bunch of them at the show. They had a few machetes, a few axes, and of course a lot of different knives. 1095 for most of the steels, and I can’t wait to review some of these – check them out!

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Wes Glover says:

Not gonna lie, I’m salivating over the hammer hawk.

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Tim!

neddmoulton1 says:

Great job Tim. I like all the Tops Knives and hatchets they are doing this year!!!

Airik1111 says:

The folder is cool BUT for its purpose RealSteel has a much cheaper option in the scandi folder arena.

Raven Six says:

Is Leo Espinosa a filipino?

aaron edmondson says:

what would be a good knife for search and rescue any recommendations

Xavier Sotelo says:

that last knife I want it. How much!?

Scott Golimowski says:

when is the Hammer Hawk coming out??

frackyou asshat says:

can i get the hammer hawk without the stupid spear machined in to it

waffles says:

el chete looks like a future purchase – me likey.

Seven Nelson says:


paul west says:

El Chete! !!!!

Swamp Ape bushcraft says:

the show was at Mandalay Bay, oh shit

Charles Larson says:

I hope you will review that huge El Chete!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in complete lust for that beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m told by them that they are designing a Kydex sheath for it as well.

Daniel Maidana says:

Yacares are from Argentina. Great animal, and tasty. The Machete looks great

Scarface says:

Can you do a review of the new Tops Yacare knife?

JGstunts22 says:

whats the blade thickness? on the yacare

stocker826 says:

cool sling shot !!!!! great work as always

Wheels gone Wild says:

The Fieldcraft looks awesome.I LOVE the tomahawks!!!

pinkiewerewolf says:

2017 is gonna be a great year for TOPS.

Bamboo says:

will there be an esee presentation?

Scott Golimowski says:

I’d love to have all of them!!

Valentin Grgic says:

The guys name is Goran Mihajlovic. He is from Serbia. (former Yugoslavia).  not Ukraine.

Lee Dlion says:

i like the design, its good for the kitchen, the design came from the butchering tools for the kitchen

Banshee Hawk says:

whats the price going to be for el chete??

Conrado Buhrer says:

bigups Tops! your knives look super sturdy, hope I can import some

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