SOG Sogfari Machete Review

My son bought this SOG Sogfari 10″ Tanto Machete a while back so I decided to do a quick review and see what you think. It is pretty sharp right out of the box, it chops very well and looks pretty cool too. And it’s right around $25 on Amazon.

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Kullcraven Bushcraft & Survival says:

Looks alot like the gerber gator. The problem with the saw back, is that when you boton with it, it chews the crap out of your baton, tho the saw worked ok. Good review bro

Gyuri Sirb says:

Good blade nice review thanks for sharing

Macdivers1 says:

I got the Gerber Gator Machete Jr at wally world for 17 and change. A word of caution on yours. Mine came with a lanyard that is specifically made to loop over the front of the handle and prevents your hand from moving forward if you lose your grip. If that one came with one I’d suggest putting it back on for this reason. There is a video of the Gerber compared to another and a military issue machete and it performed well. I got it specifically to saw off pine branches and stumps for lighter wood. I live in NC and there are lots of pines around. I wlll be using the Nano wood stove so this tool will come in handy for those purposes.

I enjoy your channel and subscribed as soon as I saw some of your vids. I use your amazon link too but not sure how it works. If I click on it and save stuff to cart and leave will you still get credit when I log back in later then purchase?

Thanks Bryan!

Boris Bush says:

Kilimanjaro sells the same thing for 1/3 the price at

NWOIS666 says:

My son bought me one a few months back; haven’t used it yet but it looks mighty fine.

Calvin Colbert says:

Mine was only 16 bucks.

Chad Gatter says:

I paid $25 at Menards for this and the hand axe together. …..pretty satisfied with the quality. …. great camping gear

KennethKramm says:

Nice machete saw. I like it better than my Corona machete saw.   Thanks for the review.  

Mr Splash says:

this is my favorite machete. it is absolutely perfect in every aspect in my opinion. so great that I own two of them.

Blake says:

Currently half price for $9.99 ($16 after S&H)@thinkgeek

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

looks ok

Review Canada says:

I almost bought it today, the saw looked really dull though like youd have to sharpen it. Like it comes dull on the saw end but the blade end comes sharp. I just like it cause its all black and is slightly unique . I might pick it up . In canada its 35 bucks

charles merritt says:

I use these every now and then to cut like fishing pole reeds. But for chopping I use a hatchet, thanks for the video.

thejasonbischoff says:

I have the 15″ Walmart exclusive and recommend it for the price.

Living Survival says:

Nice review, actually seems like a decent product from SOG. Bryan please wear some gloves and steady that log you chop on before you go to the ER missing a finger!!! Scare me every time I watch!

Wingman115 says:

Thanks for sharing.

T.W. Milburn says:

Hey, Bryan; That would make a great “Zombie”-“Pacifier”  LOL Good Review
Thanks 4 sharing. Hoping all’s well safe & warm,there.
Happy Trails From  The Maritimes In Canada                                    ATB  Terry
”  GOD  BLESS  “

yooper survival says:

that’s a tough little machete. thanks for sharing, not a bad price either

braveknight 2014 says:

Hello bryan/brian

Review Canada says:

I like that throw you did , stuck right in the tree

slycop says:

I got one and I love it.picked mine up for $19.99

MrLeonidas0001 says:

Andy Tran has some good survival tips 🙂 Great video – I have not been a fan of the SOG machetes so far, but I really like their tomahawks. This looks pretty good though! You can really tell this machete excels at cutting the green wood. Thanks for sharing!

Stelmans Lt says:

I own a SogFari 13” machete. The 3Cr13 steel is quite shity chinese steel. Many people complained their Sogfaries broke, chiped. Bought it several years ago. But now I wouldn’t buy it again. 

kory bleu says:

Great review. 

SyderSide HD says:

very good video

Jason Van Halen says:

I have this. Looks and feels like the flimsy piece of junk that it is. However…. It really works well. Amazingly well. Buy ’em cheap for hacking at stuff around the yard, and it’ll really surprise you.

Jay Gotti says:

I just bought and tried it out and I think its pretty good. Not idea for chopping bush tho.. But great tool

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