Testing The Cheapest Machete On AMAZON

Testing The Cheapest Machete On AMAZON

MACHETE $16 – https://goo.gl/Si2CeZ
3M RESPIRATOR $25 – https://goo.gl/8vykMr
HARD SIDED RESPIRATOR CASE $10 – https://goo.gl/XYqrVp

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T Ritchie says:

A Machete is a good tool but its not made to be used like you were using it.


“good for genocide” lol

Francis C says:

Next video: Testing the CHEAPEST respirator on amazon…

Doug Thomassen says:

starts the review by breaking the tip…… ok ….

Liam Unnerstall says:

You don’t have control over it you’re holding it by hand

Dale Lacuna says:

Sir not convincing

Dieter Geulen says:

No problem with the video. The machete is build to cut your way trough the jungle. You won’t use a saw for that purpose. And i guess after a long time using this tool, u use it for other reasons too. In Africa, everything is growing really fast. Meet people don’t care to cut into a tree. If the tree die, the is a new one in a short time.

I could make a video about a machinegun to cut a tree and it would work , maybe not so well like using a saw.

It’s not bad, it’s only the wrong tool for your purpose.

have a nice day

William Blake Pfahl says:

Their knives are pretty good but the machete is lacking

SAKCollector 1 says:

Come and watch a grown man whine about not being able to consciously misuse a product in the wrong environment

miguel figueroa says:

you aren’t using it right

Wranglerstar says:

MACHETE $16 – https://goo.gl/Si2CeZ
3M RESPIRATOR $25 – https://goo.gl/8vykMr
HARD SIDED RESPIRATOR CASE $10 – https://goo.gl/XYqrVp

Nolan Hess says:

This video was hilarious to watch, because Wranglerstar was trying to be fair be could stop his dislike for the machete from showing. “Its just … its just terrible”.

Patrick Star says:

So many crybabies in the comments.

Diego Duarte says:

Damn, the racist, eurocentric undertones are loud and clear…

MochaTater says:

I think people are being a little hard on him. Yes he doesn’t like machetes but so what? They don’t have a use for him. Just because you can use a piece of rock as a knife doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a metal knife. You see what I’m getting at? Technology advances people constantly upgrade their equipment we aren’t in the Stone age anymore. A machete just isn’t a practical tool in the western area. So he made a few distasteful comments about them being used to kill people or cut off hands. Tbh it’s true. Just because you can’t handle the reality of the world doesn’t mean it changes.

Enrique Garcia says:

I’m detecting some strong offensive biased ignorance. It preformed well even after trying to break it, not to mention your using it wrong.(check Chris tanners channel “prepared mind 101” or Joe Flores video)and the constant allegory to criminal /genocide connections……hnm. I thought you were a more respectable man

Alexander Raven says:

Honestly, in my opinion, this was a very bad way to test something. You really didn’t want to like it, or want it to work.

Scott Decker says:

“Im sure its good for genocide” that comment took me by surprise :). I use a cheap harbor freight machete and a really old one I got for 50 cents at an estate sale for gardening but it wont cut a lot of the stuff in the woods of the midwest

Dieter Geulen says:

and to the other guys, don’t be so rude. Make a better video !

Phades says:

Because machetes aren’t meant for cutting down trees they’re meant to clear out areas that have lots of grass and Vines not trees or tree branches it could be used for tree branches but not its purpose

Lucas Liam says:

I’ve once found machetes for 5$

David Dubay says:

The whining was fun in this video. One must not hold a machete in one hand aiind whine. That said, the key to proper machete use is practice. You have to build up muscles and a certain hand-eye coordination that you don’t normally have and use with other tools like a saw or an axe. That said I watched a man in Mexico mowing his lawn by putting his machete down on its side and hitting it on the top with a stick. I don’t think I would ever do that. Real machete users are accurate and don’t leave big chunks of wood behind. It seems that you need practice if you want it. But if you don’t want it you’re right it’s not for you. The next video I want to see is Amazon’s cheapest stump grinder. That would be fun. Keep up the good work. And if you ever need some jungle practice you and your family are welcomed to come down to South Carolina. I will show you where the machete is my friend. And I promise no genocide 🙂

MochaTater says:

Agreed machetes have a use but not for cutting down trees and branches. They are really used for cutting down vines and brush because it’s a lot thinker and not as hard as a branch

Mau Mau says:

if you are not efficient at a certain tool it does not mean that it is not useful

Francis C says:

As a boy that’s lived all of his life up in the Pacific northwest (same area) I can say that (by far and after over five years of clearing brush) machetes are much more effective than clippers or a axe, also I’m not very strong and I can get through a 1″ hardwood branch in 2-3 strikes.

mangabb says:

stop acting like a little bitch and grow a pair.

Carl Hibberts says:

Learn how to use it properly and try not to be so neg6just because it’s not something you’re used to. I use one on my property in nc and where I use it it works just fine. Very bad video

Wyatt Enger says:

Don’t like the negativity and close mindedness

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