Testing The Cheapest Machete On Amazon

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A subscriber mentioned in one of my last videos that I should do a testing the cheapest machete on amazon. I found this machete for $8.54 with free shipping because of amazon prime. The Coleman 18 inch machete failed everyone of my test. My review of this cheapest machete is don’t buy it because you will be disappointed even for $8.


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elijah williams says:

put a heat treat on it and it’s a huge scrope for spoon carving with that bend lol

dreemwizard says:

laughed my ass off watching this haha

Mike Donitt says:

your an idiot learn to use it first

Kai Litchfield says:

nope not that machete I have the same one nope don’t like it

Davis Blumbergs says:

1:53 Is that face on machete?

Brian McWhorter says:

Thanks for wasting your money so, hopefully, no one else will.

no name dog says:

try the one’s at Wal-Mart there about 5 bucks

River run Knives says:

Test a cold steel machete have to put an edge on otherwise very good

Liam Doyle says:

How can a company say something is heat treated, when it is so obviously not?

martin and shan Moldovan says:

you should take the handle off  striten it HT it ad see if it will do better. other than that make your own. the home made one will be the best on the mkt.Martin at M&S Blades and Blacksmithing

Victor Claveria says:

Let me guess Coleman machete

The DillPickle69 says:

you beat wranglerstar to the machete video

DirtyNorth says:

Are you seriously copying wranglstar

Roberto Perez says:

Bellota machetes from Colombia are the best

Marko Spaic says:

And thats what we call a shit-eating soft machete! Not worth 8$…

Keegan Walters says:

one of my cousins bought me one of those same machetes for christmas one year. the first day using it i was clearing braches after a storm and almost took my hand off when the thing bend from a hit and rebounded off the branch at my other hand. i got lucky that i was wearing leather gloves so all i got was a bruise.

Active J says:

A machete isn’t supposed to be really sharp

Flavius Dumbrava says:

Man theat is dead iron right there , but even theat (i dont know if theat is the corect name of theat steel because in romana its fier mort and i tlanslate it the best o i can but i dont now ewri whorld in english 🙁 )if theat was heat treted it culd be a good machete :/

killgora1 says:

I think they might have mixed high carbon for mild steel. That or they don’t know what heat treating is.

Jayden Jones says:

I’ve been watching to many memes why am I saying this sleep deprivation

Michael Mist says:

It would’ve been cool to see you heat treat it.

Adam McClendon says:

Cold Steel

Gunslinger .S. says:

I test my knives that I make by choping into a Gerber machete and if my knife dents or chips I throw it away or try the heat treat again

Cheeki Breeki says:

if u want buy it and heatreat it

FifthMooηMαgιc says:

Im early

DudeNumberOnePlus says:

Its not machette, its a product.

Sameone says:

Can’t beat a Tramontina tbh. Would be interesting to see what kind of knives you can make from one. I’ve cut them up and made some in the past. Tough as nails and a fun project.

scottecooke says:

it would be interesting to see if cut a piece off of it would harden.

Tobias Mills says:

Could you try and heat treat it? While it’s curved and make a hooked weapon? Maybe replace the handle?

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