The $20 BudK Budget Gurkha Kukri knife review. A cheap fun chopper.

Small practical knives aren’t always fun, and camp axes are for squares… or just regular outdoor bros. But a genuine Gurkha Kukri blade, like this one from Budk or amazon, is cheap and fun, and down for whatever you throw at it. Or whatever you throw it at… rather. In this genuine kukri review I abuse, baton wood, and chop many many things. Like wood and bamboo and stumps- normal knife bro things. I’ve had it for several years, so I comment on the durability, and things I’ve learned about it. Like it’s favorite Trump cabinet member. Hint, it’s Mick Mulvaney. If you want a cheap fun machete and camp axe hybrid, this is your blade. It features a high carbon steel blade, and a handle made out of exotic hardwood, or whatever.

Also weight without sheath should read 1.55 lbs. not “oz”

You can buy it here:


Beau Crawford says:

i was liking the performance until i saw you try to cut the bamboo, then i decided its not for me!
Awesome video…. but way to upbeat for my taste!

Recon Ty says:

Great video!
I used to have one of these back in the 80’s and I traded it for my first Spyderco (Endura in G-2 steel original plastic pocket clip).
I’ve since acquired several Kurkri knives, a Cold Steel carbon V, a Condor, and a Becker Knife&Tool. The last one had some real edge geometry issue but once I spent some time with a file and stone it’s turned into a fine chopper.
Again great video. Keep up the good work.

Jerden Caday says:

Hey hey hey stop messing with my conscience

Pinocchio Cozad says:

More fun than a fish up the butt.

Liam Birch says:

Advanced Knife Bro on me and all Australians want an apology for that “Australian accent “

kevin Schmith says:

I gots 1 of those I like it ,but I like the ka bar kukirie better I can do more stuff with it

Zev G. says:

My brother recommended this to me….i can confidently say this is one of the better knife channels out there.

Keep doing what you are doing see you on the safe version of porn hub in 3 years.

Isaacs Outdoors says:

Im Strayan an please dont do that accent again please

QuickQuips says:

Have you tried a patina process with silver wool and soaking it in vinegar? It might look more badass and less rusty that way.

MrSlicer2424 says:

Middle finger flip is so gay.

Johnnythepillpopper says:

I had an old budk catalog,the sheath is supposed to be water buffalo skin

أتابع الناصري. Keillor,Christopher says:

Best thing to do is take the handle Center thing Brian that down a little bit you don’t have to rent it down a lot but just get it smooth in the pommel need to grind that fits your hand otherwise it is kind of uncomfortable to wield and grind that stupid weird cut out out and turn it into a straight blade all the way to the handle works very very well as a spokeshave infill the sheath with lard melt the lard in a pan not too hot do you don’t want to fry anything just get it liquid and pour it into the sheath until it overflows do this outside shove the knife in and let it sit in a warm place to take the oils into the wood of the sheath in leather it will protect the knife protect the sheath from rust rot and Isis and Taliban fighters will not get their 72 virgins and mother-in-law’s when they come get it

SeemsLogical says:

I like your commentary. You’re informative, entertaining and have a good delivery on your jokes. I feel like someone should buy you a real khukuri though just so you can feel the difference.

Dano DeMano says:

Looks like a decent chopper. Thanks for the look-see!

Touch Nepal says:

to buy best quality kukri from Nepal please visit

ANCHOR440 says:

Just bought one last night. Looking forward to trying it out after sharpening. Thank you.

Danage says:

I’m Scottish. I feel obliged to tell you there was no Scottish in that accent you did. Sorry.

jutty Pettet says:

please please please try a Himalayan imports knife you will die and go to heaven compared to this

Nilbert Hancock says:

perfect size for a pocket knife XD am i right guys?

The Dude says:

Nice review but it would be cool if you made a video for your two-eared subscribers

Ozark Adventures says:

Hey, I bought this knife… I hate it. The steel is very soft and after a few minutes of chopping and just basic use, it was back to its factory edge. I dont know how you get this blade to work for you, my handle is cracking and my blade is all sorts of distorted after some batoning. It’s crazy man. I wouldnt recommend this even for 20 dollars. I’d buy it maybe for 5 dollars at most if I had to give it a price. But I’m rambling, thanks for the review, and these are just my thoughts. I actually did a review on my channel as well (my first video too) so itd be cool if you could tell me what u think about it. Thanks man, looking forward to more videos from you.

GhostNeck says:

“I see you have played knifie spoonie before!”

Chainsaw Surgeon says:

Great video, it was so organic, I like it.

Charles Collier says:

So cheap, ugly, poor fit and finish, but chops like a beaver on steroids and is pretty much indestructible. Sounds like a working tool to me.

A1r-S0ft_ G0bl1n says:

I traveled to India and got mine from a retired soldier

Edward Bliffin says:

Totally watched the whole video with my right headphone in..didnt know it was sound lol…i subscribed because of the video quality and content

Eat This says:

Most professional-sounding knife review I’ve ever seen.

DudeNumberOnePlus says:

Looks like the sheath is made of crappy yet natural leather. Artifical leather has fabric on the reverse side – its basically plastic coated fabric.


Paid $12 in 1982 for mine……carried it for 10 years while in the Army….covered the sheath with an old BDU helmet camouflage cover….eventually rusted and the sheath fell apart , but it never failed me……I still use them , only they are from Nepal .

homsup lo says:

The ghurka kukri is a ceremonial knife that the Nepalese would be fierce as motherfuckers to those who might lose their heads at the sight of ghurka soldiers wielding them running over the ridge with Nepalese fire in their bloods. I prefer a beer right now, while i still own a head to drink one. Thanks akb

Pterrordactyle says:


bilbobaggins8876 says:

my handle came off, lots of 2 part epoxy, going strong for years now…think I like this one better than the condor heavy ….its a size thing.

Shelley Raskin says:

The ring is to stop your hand slipping forward onto the blade when you stab something. When you remove the blade you need to keep your fingers to the back of the blade, the blade will easily work through the wood slabs (they are glued), then slice though the paper thin leather and then your fingers…or not, your choice.

Jerome Jakubiec says:

That’s a badass piece of gear. It looks good in a terrible way.

jord499 says:

I have one I just haven’t had 4 hours I can spare to sharpen yet its the dullest knife I have ever bought.

Gaby Hinchliffe says:

What kind of file was that?

Himal kumar says:

“All that glitters is not gold”.. lol.. this seams replica of replica of khukuri

alex rentz says:

20 bucks.

Made in India.

By hand.

Slave labor?

Ricardo Anaya says:

Lol what was up with the comments only on the left side and background noise on the right?

bagus prasetio says:

@5:15 that that branch just gave up 😀

don0giorgio says:

now that i call a piece of shit))

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