The $20 Ontario 18″ Military Machete Review with wood chopping, bamboo cutting, & boring stories

The Ontario 18″ inch Made in USA Military Spec machete is one of the best values in a latin style machetes for about $20. It’s tough, durable, and can handle all your hacking and slashing needs even if your name isn’t Jason Vorhees. I chop wood (not recommended) slice through bamboo, whack the bushes, and take swipes at a Christmas tree- like the Lord intended. If you like videos of grown men acting like a dumb teenager with a sharp object, then this is a perfect video. Please do not attempt to recreate anything in this video- it’s for entertainment purposes only. There are excellent machete instuction videos on the internet, that show you how to avoid injury. This is not one of them.

Machete styles:
18” Sheath:
Ontario 18” Military Machete:


chuckles470 S says:

I can hear the tree saying the horror the horror…

Troy Wheatley says:

I got myself a killer machete on a trip to Brasil years ago called Tramontina, LOVE that thing

Michael Knapp says:

As usual, another cinematic masterpiece. One question does come to mind. How come we don’t see anyone testing machetes for what they were designed for. Cutting vines, liana’s, and typical jungle growth, along with certain crops??. Temperate zone chopping is best done with a good hatchet, large knife like the RTAK, Junglas or any of the big Schrades or a large Japanese nata. Keep the machete for the jungle, crop harvesting(pineapple,banana,etc) or Danny Trejo movies.

Glen Williams says:

Nice vid home girl.

rrp925 says:

Hung for treason?

Ordinary everyday guy says:

The advice about the bra and the dryer…and the shit-eating tree reference…that’s YouTube poetry right there. You will be quoted and honored for these things one day in those books that quote shit and honor people.

KnifeTex says:

Friggin’ boss ass level shit

Mr. Crumbly says:

You’re fucking awesome

Kari Kuosa says:

As a Finn – nothing homedrawing, sure, LOL try Scrama…

Tyler Vohs says:

Pleze stoppz sainhh machetertttg f.

alisha rivera says:

You said take a drink ever time you say machete, all I could find was rubbing alcohol and now I’m having trouble seeing, should I worry or just deal with it??

sunshyn21 says:

My gawd you made me nervous this whole video bro! Just wack away, wack away…. fun video

kebindesu says:

Twas so meditative, the last minute was, that I kinda started my own little drool pool.


I made steel for ontario and kabar.
Live in costa rica now.
I carry mine still.
My first was a 3 dollar tramontina
that was great.

Alex Onder says:

Heeeeres Johnny !!!!! you look like you should be in a movie like the Shining

Nicolas Shaffer says:

Only 1 dislike after 6 hours, that’s a record. This vodeo didn’t have enough “ish”.

duke togo says:

I’ve had one for 15 yrs plus I’m 38 and it hasn’t failed me yet I ha that same sheath and it wore out I have a leather one now good tool and well worth the 20 bucks I paid .

Fizisheswa says:

I own this machete (take a drink) and it is more of a heavy knife for me. I use it to cut wood more than brush and it is “dope”. Keep ups the good reviews and humor. Love PBR! Cheers

Adam Smythe says:

Nice baseball bat machete technique

DontBotherNone says:

Worst pinata ever.

Btw you should drop your twitter etc. links in your video descriptions if you’re going to tell us to follow you.

KnifeguyDK says:

Does Shaq emo??

MrE G says:

Excellent Review. Thank You.

gblaustein says:

The chimnea could use a coat of Rustoleum. Just did mine. Now go drink a hamm’s.

Pterrordactyle says:

notice me senpai

EvilLabrador1 says:

“A dream and a monster at the end of it”… Reminds me of the scene at the end of episode 3 of True Detective. The bit with the nut job in dirty underwear and a gas mask. Every likes a reference to popular culture right?

Greg J says:

That’s a gorgeous tree carving. 8/10

Trenton Burbank says:

My Christmas tree is delimbed, er unlimbed, hmm still not a word, OK spellchecker, I removed the limbs and it is curing for the fire pit. Nothing reminds me of Christmas in August like seeing it on the wood pile.

Jonathan Jennings says:

I see a dip ring in your back left pocket what do you dip? (I’m not looking at your ass)

Mohd Zaudi Khasni says:

I very like it every single video you upload, because very detail any knives with full specs.. keep it up brother..

Jim Nelson says:

Do I need a machete? I mean not really, but do I? I’m so terribly vexed

Jeff Heilgeist says:

Nice Now I have to get one.

Thomas Leaf says:

while the lack of jimping is a huge disappointment this is the same machete used by Billy in Predator so it’s tactical as fuck. And hanging christmas trees are the new hanging bodies in a gibbet. true story.

NWA Adventures says:

Best damn machete on the planet if you ask me. But you didn’t ask me so who cares.

crazyguy84 says:

I like your narration vere funny man

Ken Fair says:

Minus 10 points for not decapitating a stuffed animal with extreme military prejudice!

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