Top 10 Best Machetes For Survival Available On AMAZON!

Check out our Top 10 Best Machetes For Survival On The Market! You can find this amazing machetes on Amazon. Links below:

1 – Gerber Gator Machete:

2 – Schrade SCMACH2:

3 – Gerber Broad Cut:

4 – United Cutlery UC3011 USMC Kukri:

5 – SOG SOGfari Kukri:

6 – Gerber Compact Clearpath:

7 – Schrade SCHKM1:

8 – CRKT Onion Halfachance Parang:

9 – KA-BAR Kukri Machete:

10 – SOG SOGfari Bolo:

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Michael Fleming says:

I stopped watching as soon as you opened with the Gerber Gator machete. It was so bad I had to throw it out due to edge chipping and rolling. I got rid of it because I considered it too dangerous to the user, I was convinced it would just snap in half on me.

I can only assume the rest of the video is equally garbage recommendations.

Bass Ackwards says:

Most of these are Chinese garbage.

Centaur Gaming says:

What I like about this knife is that it’s just like the other 200000 cheap ass machetes that use a saw to cheaply make it look better

Besh Kodiak says:

Why aren’t we seeing these in some serious bush?

Doug Maul says:

These are all junk and will not last under real world use.

g4do says:

The Gerber broadcut has blade damage . Right on the cutting edge . I used to buy Gerber knives , but their knives don’t hold an edge too well . So you sharpen it so often that the blade is noticeably smaller within the first year

Rainbow Rackham says:

All these fancy words and bells and whistles are meant to trick you into paying 3 times as much for something to replace what works just fine the way it is. These fancy machetes are meant to trick you into spending more than you actually need to.
Sufficient is sufficient. Only an amateur wastes money on fancy shit when a 15 dollar machete at Walmart will do just fine.

Big Country says:

Berger gator is garbage

Karem Mohamed says:

I Want One

James Wewerka says:

I make my own machetes…from leaf springs…cuts through steel…easy…no roll

Smol Doggo says:


iim bhp says:

where can i get those…

tarnshadowhawk says:

Comment 2. I will add that if you must buy a cheap import knife then Kabar, if it is indeed made from 1085 steel looks like the best bet if it has a proper hardening and tempering.. Of all of these companies it is the only one that my customers have not yet complained about poor quality. They are all good for my custom blade business though DUE to that poor quality.

skinnycorprus says:

Fuck you and your crappy click bait 🙂

Peter Kinberger says:

As far as machetes go, I prefer American and British Military machetes. As far as Khukris go I prefer genuine gurkhas, the Becker-Reinhardt, Ka-bar and top end Cold Steel. Most of the items here are low budget but are good entry level items. Look for product fails on You-tube for the products shown here. Find out from the manufacturers how and if any problems have been addressed. Most product failures involve tempering of steels. There are many stainless steel types some can be very well tempered to compete with carbon steels. Unless you know metallurgy it is better not to poo poo on stainless unless you couple it with the manufacturers name, if you have had trouble with it. I have seen very expensive knives fail from batch tempering in the attempt to speed up production. So while the knives are reputable a small batch may have shown up to be failures. Warranties are very important to cover this. Furthermore, certain woods can wreak havoc on blades. Machetes were not generally designed for chopping down trees, but meant for clearing paths and underbrush. Large knives, bodies, etc do much heavier chopping work. There are machetes and there are choppers, two different things. Know your blades purpose before buying and be certain it will do the job!

Nameless St Gabriel says:

I might be called an idiot for spending a lot for a ColdSteel Kukri… But its thick, durable, heavy and holds an edge longer than other machetes I used to own. The process of San Mai in the ColdSteel is the best I’ve used. Having a machete too sharp out of the box can fold the edge of the blade like the Gerber models I’ve used in the past. I use my kukri on Mesquite and can go through it easier than I saw the advertised machetes trying to go through pine.

John Casey says:

All these products are crap.

tarnshadowhawk says:

I have made thousands of blades of all kinds in my 35 years of bladesmithing. Though some of these blades have a good design none are hardened and tempered to the degree needed to take a keep an edge to my satisfaction. As for stainless as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a good stainless knife unless it is put through several days of heat and cryogenics thermal events, something no commercial company will do. I am so shocked to see Bud K advertising anything they have. All imports, all bottom of the barrel.

Jøhñŷ Töûçåñ says:

Why wasnt the knife in the thumbnail in the video

Lee Matthews says:

No cold steel ?

Carl Tilley says:

I use a Tramontina macbette from the early 1980s. Used regularly and still going strong.

jon c says:

No tanto style, I prefer the tanto for a variety of reasons.

Big F 1982 says:


emenim voice ⁦✔️⁩

Huge Shalaw says:

You need power to use those weapons or you die kid

Santesiri Sunny says:

brush knife

williampc993 says:

None of these are the best

Merrill Hawkins says:

I’m sorry, but that was NOT a cutlass!

Tank Manson says:

Need 1

rwplm says:

6:02 I’m sorry, but in my opinion that’s a knife, not a machete.

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