Top 10 Ultimate Machetes For Survival & Outdoor Adventure

Top 10 Ultimate Machetes For Survival & Outdoor Adventure

Best Survival Gear List:

Best Machete List:
1. KA BAR 1249 Kukri Machete 00:17
Amazon link:

2. Schrade SCMACH2 Survival Machete 00:55
Amazon link:

3. Gerber Gear Gator Machete 02:38
Amazon link:

4. SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete 03:19
Amazon link:

5. M48 Ops Combat Machete 04:28
Amazon link:

6. Gerber Broadcut Machete 05:22
Amazon link:

7. CRKT Halfachance Parang 06:25
Amazon link:

8. Jungle Master JM-031B Machete 08:20
Amazon link:

9. Cold Steel Jungle Machete 10:57
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10. Gil Hibben IV Machete 12:01
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ivan scherette says:

Cold steel makes good shit.

robin thomas says:

shallow variety down vacation graduate character clock impose great.

The4cp says:

Schrade and United are terrible. Gerber is sketchy. The Ka Bar is a beast.

Seth Griffin says:

what’s the middle one on the cover

Future Cryo says:

Loved how you simplified the video and put the time and where to find. New sub here

so chin says:

택티걸 제주나대가짱이다 korea jeju nadae top

Morten Trolle says:

Ka-Bar=yes. CRKT=yes. Cold Steel=ok, the rest is pure junk.

Bobby Hempel says:

That gerber is a piece of shit

Julian Rodriguez says:

I have the gerber gator machete

Chonchon Christian says:

i wish Jason Voorhees watch this video.

Boban Tesla says:

1. SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete
2. Cold Steel Jungle Machete
3. KA BAR 1249 Kukri Machete

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hey great page ☺ Keep it up!

Tsoi William says:

thanks for the video but i do not agree with you

curlywolfone says:

I like Kukris, I don’t like sawbacks on Kukris, Machetes or Knives; I use it for heavy duty stone block cutting to wear it down. I do like the M48, though I find the Titanium Electro Plating dubious. The Broad Cut, Half a Chance are okay; I don’t like rubber handles, they get gooy after awhile. I do really like the JM013B Machete, that’s the kind teeth I’d have on mine. 16” makes for a real Machete; I prefer my knives no less than 12”, a Machete should never be less than 16” so you can get a solid swing. That’s a sharp blade. I have an old beater like #9. Makes for an all around, all purpose knife and Machete. The Hibben IV is a good chopper, but I won’t pay what they want for a signature on it.

bladeuser101 says:

i think number 9 was the chance in hell machete but they forgot to mention that , ive got one and theyre great. im disapointed that none of the machetes have kydex sheaths with the ability to add on or be able to piggyback a knife ,fire steel, sharpener mini torch etc, im sure that the first company to design such a product will be on a winner,also to design a machete for defence and survival is a must . i couldnt buy what i wanted so i had to make my own which is very practical and multifunctional. come on knife and machete

Joseph Mac says:

Made in China and a cold steel is made in South Africa.
Get it Condor Stainless Steel machete it’s 420 high carbon and comes to the really nice leather sheath not no corduroy junk

นาย บุญเรือง แก้วหนองแสง says:


William Getzstoned says:

Why was the jungle master machete so high on the list? that thing is junk compared to the machetes that came before it

Scott Yi says:

was that ken onion on the crkt one?

Michael G. Gartman says:

Oh please! I’m going to tactically turn this video off, and fix a drink and smooth it.


He said flair butt

Miguel Viteri says:

Danny Trejo approves

Mike D says:

Schrade just good for a first-timer/newbie bushcraft fixed blade throwaway knife. You fuck it up, learn some skills and if u lose it, you dont give a shit. Otherwise, most blade for buck, I’m all about Cold Steel. A Ka-Bar is almost a given as an essential, although I also like the SOG SOGfari machete w/ sawback, in the 13 inch. ALL solid AF.

Majestic says:

Why would you make this video unable to fast forward? Maybe everyone doesn’t have the full time to view every nano second…thumbs down and I didn’t even finish the video – don’t have the patience to be forced to watch every nuck & cranny.

Pedie Natura says:

Ist dieses Video für den Deutschen Wald oder Amerikanischen ev.noch den Afrikanischen Busch gemacht? Für deutsche Bushcrafter finde ich Machete schon heftig!!Da langen doch Äxte völlig aus.
Ich stelle mir vor,wie hier junge Leute keine Ahnung davon was sie da in der Hand halten rum laufen und dann den großen Kerl machen wollen und den Wald zerhacken. Was ja nicht Grad mit Bushcraft zu tun hat.Ansonten interessante und schöne Äxte dabei.

flippy4002 says:

great video I love these survival vids keep them up

Rosetta Stoned 8 says:

10:10 LoOkAtDaT

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