Tramontina 14″ Machete Review

My review of the Tramontina 14″ machete. Test this blade in the jungle on coconuts, rocks and more. Is this the best budget machete? Watch and find out.

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Elvin A Millan says:

Brother great video I have the same machete in my car. Remember a machete is multitool in jungle that’s why the tip is blunt is use like a small shovel to harvest root vegetables. I remember back in the 70’s as a kid waking with my 2nd uncle on father side in Puerto Rico in the mountain town of yabocoa with a empty sack and a machete in hand, and a thermos filled with coffee. My uncle harvesting root vegetables by shoveling it with the machete and cutting down fruits and vegetables from trees and vines. By mid morning my uncle would sit down and peel some fruits and a coconut for me to eat drink. He would use his machete to make me an eating area by cutting down big leaves and laid them around for me to sit on. I was amazed watching my uncle create stuff in his machete.

James Case says:

nice one bro love tramotina

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Gabe, Aloha. I started to pack up to my place I like to bush craft at But a drop in temperature plus all that warm weather ww had, Indicated a storm on it’s way. Traveling through deep snow by car is not my Fav. So I passed until atleast after the storm passes and I could identify what it’s going to do. But yeah, I thought of you. Yeah, I was going to pack my African made Cold Steel Double Bit Machete. It’s a good one and it’s discontinued for a while now, But mine is still going strong. Two edges, I can change the angles on each side to be mote task specific or sharpen both sides the same to double my edge retention. But the important swt is my new wet and snowy condition set. I teamed up my Fallkniven A-1 with my H-1. I think the H-1 will definetly be a keeper, It’s very close to my Skookum Bush Tool but a Laminated VG-10 blade instead of my 3V S .B.T. The nice thing is I can Draw Carry both of them side by side and they work great that way. So yeah, I can’t wait to give them a good test. The H-1 is a thick blade but it’s very sharp that slices great, As far as carving, I just know it will. Yeah , you potlicker, You made me aware of machete’s. I use them as long knives . I was going to take my Steel Heart Druid 340 and the Druid Combo, Plus I was going to take my Fox Bushcraft Parang and the Fox Pro Hunter that’s another awesome 4″ blade but in the N690Co. Stainless, It just increased my 4″ Blade Stable. But yeah, The H-1 is most impressive the way it almost look’s like my Skookum Bush Tool but much thicker because of it’s lamination. But for that you get a extremely strong knife. I guess my next machete will be a Tramontina Thanx to you.,,.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Gabe, Aloha, How’Bout doing the Mexican Hat Dance on Tham’Dar Fire Ants, heh heh heh Mohala.,,.

ken heinemann says:

Gabe come over and clear my lot at Hawaiian Paradise Park!!!

Live Free Or Die says:

Excellent video man! love watching machete vs banana and coconut!

JH 1095 says:

do you have any tick problems there??

Rick C says:

Without your sunglasses, at first I couldn’t tell who that was. Fortunately I recognized your voice. I had to look away during the rock test, I just couldn’t watch. Fun video, thank you for doing it, Gabe. BTW, what is the yearly avg rainfall at your homestead?

wjfmarketing says:

I love watching your video’s… man it makes me want to go to Hawaii! LOL
I’d really like to see how you sharpen the machete in the field, or even when you first get a new one.

william az says:

Good review, what is that insect flying around your camera? I thought most insects in Hawaii can’t fly, or that is what I remember.  It is snowing here today.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Gabe, Aloha. I had to put the final touches on my Modified Mad Hatter, I got it because it’s made out of the L6 steel. I had a Scandi put closer to the handle, But the sweet spot is a Convex Grind. I also had the spine rounded, but there is enough of a 90° grind to strike a ferro rod. The handle matches my Modified Attitude. A white G-10 with blue liners. I touched it put and now it’s just what I wanted. Not only is it my Summer Long Knife to clear through the brambles. But it also can be used as a large knife, which I teamed up with my matching modified Attitude. Yeah, Now it’s a lovely piece of kit. Mahalo.,,.p

Brenden Bell says:

Thats is some brutal abuse of a blade mate. It held up no problems Great video.

Lyle Tipple says:

A nice solid and yet small machete. A quick question, why isn’t the tip sharpen? Thanks!

Adriano kings says:

Facão Tramontina 14″ é o que sempre uso aqui no Brasil, fácil de transportar e cumpre bem o trabalho. Mahalo pelo vídeo!!!

05generic says:

Tramontina seems to be a good value brand. Their kitchen stuff is well regarded also.

shovelhead8 says:

I got an 11 or 12 inch Tramontina that I picked up at a yard sale up here in Canada, for 50 cents. Seems to be good quality. Thank you for the video, Gabe

CSharp says:

I just found your channel today while looking for machete videos. Enjoyed watching this one. I love my 14″ Tramontina. Apparently so did the contractors that stole my first one. That did not sit well with me; if they wanted their own I’d have happily told them where they could buy some. I got a new one and etched “Say Hello to My Little Friend” on the blade. LOL Got an 18″ Tram not too long ago and have an older Martindale panga, but the 14″ is my go-to around the yard.

Larry Koziol says:

Just a heads up I’m in Colorado and Lowes is carrying the 18″ Latin style machete with sheath for $15! You can cut down the 18 if you like I love a 12-14″ machete for more bushcraft things vs clearing land.

Don Veeser says:

I had the same Brazilian piece for several years that I had bought at an estate sale and used it to replace the cedar bough covering on my ground deer blinds every year. I really liked it but unfortunately it was stolen from behind my truck seat while I was having mechanical work done. Of course there was no accountability by them and I never saw it again.

Trenton Times says:

I have a 12 in talwan knife

Peña says:

I have a 12″ tramantina and it’s awesome for light stuff- vines, weeds, small branches. I’m planning on getting the Ontario 12″ or maybe the 18″ for thicker stuff

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