Wartech K1020-60-BL 27″ 18″ 440 Stainless Steel Full Tang Blue Ninja Hunting Machete Knife Sword Set

Get it here… http://amzn.to/2rhl9rJ

Wartech K1020-60-BL 440 Stainless Steel Full Tang Blue Ninja Hunting Machete Swords Set with Sheath, 27″/18″, Blade

27 inches overall full tang long sword handle
18 inches overall full tang small sword handle
440 stainless steel 3mm thickness blade plated Blue color edge
handle wrapped black cord, includes black nylon sheath

This full tang color plated blade machete with 440 stainless steel 3 mm thickness blade, also including the carry strap and black nylon sheath.


C Kaharabata says:

arw ypu sure he recommended a sword for a camping trip

motlay says:

Kinko, ancient time…God is with the Warriors.

Alejandro Garcia says:

Él ninja machete no está afilando, necesita filo, Y la prueba es fallida, ésa Katana es un arma peligrosa,

Ryker Reese says:

You call that a machete

Pietro Di Giacomo says:

I could feel your anger slashing those plants

kuroi akuma says:

hey what store did you buy it from?

Uchiha Bros says:

dont but this piece of shit not that i have it i never want to this is really a waste of time a katana can split this thing in half and not have a scratch

The Bounty Hunters says:

if you scream “ryu jin wo keyo kurae!!” it will be sharp as heck and it’ll turn green

Rotaru Razvan says:

where i can ghet that to ship more than in america i mean it is avalavibal to other countryes.

FallenTitan_ M says:

thanks for vid. and thank you for testing.

Julian Vogler says:

metal gets the blue color when you heat it up to 300°C and cool it down fasty and it gets the rainbow color with less then 300°C. so its not a coating

Swagtachi Uchiha says:


Arthur Wu says:

that looks like it handles pretty well

Travis In Canada says:

The blade is anodized Pete, its an electrochemical thing they do to dye metal, wood and plastic.

Dave says:

Cheap crap!

Alan Kao says:

“The power of humanity is found in the panda.”
When I heard that I thought “Wait, what? That’s not what is says.”
“Nah just kidding! I can’t read that XD”

Oh wow ok.

Raven Bluefeather says:

Hot and cold blueing or coloring is don with compounds that color the metal
Hot blueing is better and more permanent the cold blueing

looks like your blade was manufactured with a very cheep cold blueing process…
still works though and looks nice….

Liang Sam says:

By the look of the tip and the words on the blade, I don’t think this is a Japanese sword. It seem to me a Tang Dao, which is a Chinese blade.

Nathine Goldenthal says:

colored blades are anodized.

Hezkia Rompas says:

This looks like a weapon from shadow fight 2 xD

CloverGaming says:

im going to buy one of these soon

ZXAdventZX says:

im confident i can split that machete in half with my katana

Brandon says:

Anyways I’m a kid and I use mecheties so I might get this for Christmas thanks for showcasing I’ll subscribe

MrJumbolegz says:

Carbon steel can be shiny too. All you need to get a spark is a sharp spine and a firesteel. The stainless vs carbon doesn’t matter there. You can hit carbon steel with a rock to get a spark, whereas you can’t with stainless, but who wants to do that? The blue on that sword is sweet though.

Kayden Plays says:

U might need it for clowns too

Rambadibul Babul says:

why you tested sword like test for an axe

xXPabuStarXx says:

I’d only buy them for the looks cuz they look cool along with my flip knife and my karma-bit which are cheap and only for looks

Pineapple Gaming says:

one thing you should know is that after a while and maybe sharpening it with a whetstone the beautiful blue paint of the blade will start to come off sadly

The Last Idiot says:

i have a whole collection of knives and weapons and this would be an awesome piece for my project so I’ll buy it oh and i subscribed

arandomguest008 says:

I believe those swords may be anodized.
Stainless steel’s not much of a good sword metal though. Carbon steel would take the cake

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