Woodman’s Pal 481 Survival Machete – Viewer Submitted Unboxing, Review, & Test

A great viewer of the channel sent me something to test. HUGE thanks to Brandon for his generosity and trust! Check out the Pro Tool Woodman’s Pal model 481!!!!!


William Williams says:

hey well im getting the steel soon and i got the drawing done for the survival knife im going be working on i let you know when its all done if you want to see what tbe knife looks like just let me know okay

that guy says:

how much will one of these run us

Phantom Orbit says:

How would I be able to send something

MoocowPrime says:

love u

frost bite says:

Love your vids and that person who tryed to be the winner of your giveaway is just wow like why

Malvina Carabas says:

” If you can read it , thank a teacher . If it`s in English, thank a veteran … If it`s in Arabic , thank Democrats . “

Randall Kelley says:

So why isn’t it sharp all the way to the front ? I remember a buddy when I was like 10 years old, his father brought one home from WW2, it was blued as I recall. We played w/ that WPal for years…

who boo7 says:

It’s needs an edge but I like it

JJJP says:

I swear Doc is such a good guy.

Acidicturtle 7 says:

looks like a cleaver

DV_laeffy says:

Doc if you didnt get my PM response we might need 1.21 giggawatts.

William Williams says:

hey how are you doing today

Rudy Ruiz says:

Do a video on the Goliath Cleaver

Crabiest_ Cream says:

ayo wagwan piff ting what’s your BBM pin

VQMAN says:

you and Brandon are very generous gentlemen…the machete is something I can use here in my part of Florida!!!! take care doc

DV_laeffy says:

I dont know about you but idd like my axe razor sharp.

good meal says:

you should review a kukri

xgt grizzly bear says:


helpful Video I might get this.

Jesse Williams says:

Thank you for talking about the firebird ganzo knives, it works great for the price!

Melody Hoing says:

Hey Doc, have you ever thought about doing a video on what to put in a survival pack

Don3373 says:

Nice i cant wait to see wahts next

Daniel W says:

oh man, wait till you buy one and find out what the hand jimp just under the bell hook is for….thing is a beast

Christopher Macias says:

nice vid

change maker says:



Damn you stole my idea I was going do to the same thing with the knife I was telling you about the Varusteleka Jaakaripuukko 140 Varusteleka Jaakaripuukko

fruitbat 73 says:

can you buy the cheapest knives you can find and test them against your favourite

Lifted Souls says:

You deserve more subs then what you have, I love your content, keep up the good work.

Spider Man says:

*This will teach those orphans not to fuck with me*

santos santos says:

looks like a great tool.. nice review

Crusher 313 says:

Q.. what site has it for 49.99?

Gaming With Jacob says:

1000th view

Skyler VanNorman says:

great video always, but my outdated YouTube wont let me message you, I’d like to send you a trauma kit off Amazon I just cant make sense of, so if youd like message me. Seems like you could really make sense of it

Alex Strouse says:

I’m not to big of a fan on the shape but, very unique machete.

ReZ says:


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