1967 Vietnam US Leg Holster Pilot Survival Kit Review Vintage Military Gadget Testing

This Vietnam era helicopter pilot survival kit came packed in a drop leg holster that included a hand radio, strobe light, hunting knife, and a main container with another 50+ survival items. Only 100 were ever issued and were used by non-ejection seat pilots in Vietnam in 1967. It was never fully adopted due to giving pilots a limp and being cumbersome. Thus being replaced by the SRU-21/p vest. We briefly show that vest in this video and it is the next to be reviewed.

Table of contents for anyone who would like to skip around a little bit.

Intro, Radio, Strobe Light, & Camillus Knife: 0:00 – 5:09

Main Kit Pt. 1: 5:10 – 21:06

Fishing Kit & Mosquito Headnet & Mittens: 21:07 – 24:27

Main Kit Pt. 2: 24:28 – 35:50

Signal Kit: 35:51 – 37:01

Conclusion & Credits: 37:02 – 39:05

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randy scott says:

They had lithium batteries in 1967?

Harsh Gadley says:

Dextro-amphetamine = speed?

flashdamingo says:

Camillus closed shop at least 10 years back….

orion khan says:

*Rocket Jet Engineering Company* is _such_ a cool name…

imwithstupid086 says:

That is a lot of stuff in a small package.

Sliverbane says:

That thing is like a pinata of survival. LOL!

Brent El Rey says:

I’s love to see that light beacon operate.

Brandon roberts says:

The lanyard on that beacon is so you can swing it around

Buff Studly says:

How much for the knife?

johneygd says:

Very interesting good old stuff wich can be even usefull today.
It’s amezing in how good condition it is after 51 years,just wow!!

Elvin A Millan says:

Very interesting kit… The kit has everything you need to survive…

Bonnie says:

Steve,you’re the greatest…see ya!

TJO says:

Nothing like taking amphetamines while you’re in a panic…lol

Kurtis Roach says:

Man i love these videos. Thanks steve

Gold Winger says:

Sadly, Camillus is gone. The name still exists but the original company disappeared around 2007 or 08 in bankruptcy. A strike over a wage dispute killed the company.

Mike Btrfld says:

What you need to kill 3 million rice farmers.

SteveVi0lence says:

Tinder, amphetamine, condoms, and antibiotics. Survival kit, or party kit?

Jack Walsh says:

You’re the man Steve!

FishSticks says:

I got excited when I saw those amphetamine tablets.

franco godoy says:

Exelent as always. What an aquipment . Cool

patriotaRBC says:

What a piece of history there. Nice job.

Fatal Ritte2 says:

Makes you wonder how charley survive in the jungle all them years without that stuff. I like all the Vietnam era stuff more than the modern rations and kits.

st33n says:

could you get new batterys for them or are they too old?

Brent El Rey says:

Everything back then smelled like ‘old cheese’

scdzcrx says:


If your going to activate/test any of your emergency beacons, make sure you do it during the first five minutes on the hour and for no longer than three audio sweeps of the beacon. ATC monitors both VHF and UHF Guard frequencies and and starts looking for downed aircraft of an ELT is heard outside of of the testing parameters.

đức Louis says:

any vietnamese here

ttgk says:

Only 100 were made and he somehow gets a full intact one…

Thomas Nesmith says:

lol “Stay Awake Tablets”

rick peryy says:

lol what did you do with the meth?

Weedus says:

Its amazing how easy you get nice Amphetamine from these Kits 😉
How much you have stockpiled by now ?

John Egan says:

You put it back all the same awesome thank you!!!!!!

Alex Ptt says:

Thats no radio its an nam era vape pen

martywildcat135 says:

Camillus cutlery closed sadly a quite a few years back. its my home town.

Rex Renart says:

2:37 It’s legal to have rescue radio at home ?

Brent El Rey says:

That is sooo cool!

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