A&M Goodman Combat Knife – Vehicle Search – Feat. Lou Goodman

In this video, U.S. Army Special Operations Command Operator (Retired) and Master Knife Maker Lou Goodman, draws from his military experience to demonstrate the multiple ways that his signature combat knife can be used to perform a vehicle search. It’s more than a knife, it’s a high-endurance tool.

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cobratzi1 says:

I like the Knife and the video! ” Designed for military and law enforcement” but priced outside of what most of your target audience would pay. I realize the costs associated with high in steel and quality knives but I would not pay the price for this knife, and I own some high end knives.

Grappolidipalma says:

I just need to say that: for a “395 dollars price tag knife” (sheath not included); i perceive the “G10 handle scales” as a very poor choice to say the least (like “wood tires on a Ferrari”; almost “an insult to the customers”…)

Hope to see a “linenMicarta option” in the future on the site (at least canvas… But linen would be better).

I wrote an esaustive post about “the reasons of my statement” (based on my experience “in my rainy place and beyond”, that sound “harsh and annoying”) so i decided to keep it on a side, for now…

I don’t want to offend anybody, it is just that i am “a bit too direct as a person” (IRL i am even worse); and my limited knowledge of the english language do the rest…


I own three AR-15; all three are equipped with an “SSA” trigger… Just saying…

m1nhtyfresh says:

Looks good.

Addison Esslinger says:

Im sure its a great knife but grossy over priced for real users. Reminds me of Mad Dog knives. Is this video about the knife or how to take a car apart? A sharpened piece of crappy steel and a box cutter will do everything he just did.

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