America’s Greatest Knife !? Ka-Bar USMC

Today we test what is perhaps one of America’s most famous knives. The Ka-bar USMC! Designed in 1942 and still used in 2018 this knife can be called a veteran. Also one of the most requested knives. And today we test it to see if it is suitable for bushcraft and survival. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

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The Power says:

Just bought one

eduardo navarro says:

Didn’t know my Ka bar had the potential of deflecting bullets and breaking coconuts…?

sam lawless says:

Do the dog seal pup

joseph sheehan says:

The knife they are using in the video is a fighting knife not a bush craft knife

Jo reed says:

That knife saved the dutches ass

Raiden Hoxland says:

Maybe back then they were made much better and with premium grade materials but now they’re really made up to shit

basically hell says:

Dosent all ka bar knifes have rat tail tangs?

William Woofter says:

the originals were made out of much better steel. I have an old one laying around somewhere that was my grandpa’s. I watched him use it to break concrete, pry on other metals and basically treat it like it was his worst enemy. It had a stacked leather handle that rotted off years ago. Seeing this video makes me want to refurbish it. I’m thinking about putting an antler handle on it. It does have a narrow tang which is the same width end to end unlike a rat tail tang which tapers. I love your videos guys. I think you two would be a blast to sit back and down some beers with or to go lift with. Keep having fun.

Raiden Hoxland says:

In all honesty let’s just call a spade a spade if an American soldier was stranded in the middle of nowhere got separated from his
Platoon and this is the only knife that he had to survive he would be fucked

MW Global says:

I keep seeing this in my NRA monthly magazine for 20 bucks is it any good

EDC Adventures says:

Hahah awesome intro guys

Америка лучше России says:

I’m Russian I’ve have to give respect to the USMC Ka bar I’ve done pull ups with gloves on with the knife I’m not joking it did not break I’ve used it to pry out nails etc it’s very good tbh but you’re use to test 400€ knifes

Druide1974 12345 says:

there´re a lot of videos here on YT of broken Ka-Bars USMC . Broken by batoning It´s not for Bushcraft.

Haru Yamagucci says:

_It’s still a great knife after all these years!!_

Robert says:

Fighting Knife ≠ Survival Knife

Gregory Kendrick says:

You guys and your cheese knives would you care for some whine crackers

Ethan Stang says:

The knife can survive the tip test. It is made to stab. The idea behind the soft steel is that it just bends rather than breaking. A bent knife you can fix but a snapped blade? No one wants a snapped blade. Im not attacking you guys im saying the ka bar would win in the tip test. About the handle the deep grooves in the handle are made if you get blood on your hands and if you tale some sand paper and rub it around the handle it will make a big difference.

BALISTIC14 says:

You should test the Vietnam war era pilot survival knife

Andrew Bae says:


Apex B3ast says:

Wait mine has a aerated serated edge

Ronald Nagle says:

Awesome video as always. I just purchased the kraton handle model. I’m not sure why there is so much butt hurt out there. The knife was designed as a weapon that could be used for general purpose. Obviously a bushcraft knife or a survival knife is going to do better in testing because they were made to do that certain task. It’s a great knife, and holds up to abuse. You just have to be mindful of its limitations. This video was great, it showed the knife can be abused within reason and keep on going. Thanks for the great video fellas. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so I went out and bought one.

Peicho Kostadinov says:

Anyone know what jacket Marten is wearing ?

Oneshot Onekill says:

There was a older version that was better if I’m not mistaken. The online ones you usually find are full tang and different steel I think. Anyone else hear something like this?

J N says:

At 1/4 ($68) the price of the Falkniven, this thing is a much better value. For the same price, a bark river would crush the falkniven, hands down.

Elwha says:

Not the best but this knife will do everything you need to do in the woods. Remember, it was designed to kill people, not do skipping through the woods. But you guys know that. Lots of cool history in that blade. BTW – miki has a great bushcraft knife there.

livydman says:

The granddaddy of all modern knife design is the Puma White Hunter. Test one.

RAX says:

Ontario Knife 498. The Dutch have bush? Thought it was all dykes and such?

Glenn Schaub says:

Got one brought back from WW11

Miles Ackers says:

Guys the Ka Bar USMC is a Fighting Knife not a Bushcraft Knife. It fills the role of slicing and piercing flesh

Imp Lord says:

The knife is meant for stabbing and the bottom is made for smashing skulls

Jaxon Webb says:

These people are idiots

Liberty Prime says:

meant for sticking in someone’s chest not feather sticking

Ethan Stang says:

The ka bar is a utility and fighting knife not really good for batoning or working with wood. But let me ask this DBK of the two knives that are in this video, which one would you rather have in a dangerous situation.

Gregory Kendrick says:

Easy to sharpen lads

Captain Ghost says:

My great grandfathers had a dagger with a black handle and it went with his black uniform
He was in the German SS

Gregory Kendrick says:

Fether sticking is just a sharp knife

Gregory Kendrick says:

It’s the best boosh craft knife all ways has been if you want a armor persing tip just get the tanto tip that’s all it chops like a hatchet it only cost eighty bucks best knife in the world lads

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