Black Scout Reviews Spyderco Military Knife

In this episode, we show you the ins and outs of the Spyderco Military knife. We also compare it to the Paramilitary 2 and hopefully this will help you on making a decision between the two.
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J. Fi. says:

What glove do you put on? Camelbak?

Jaesung Kim says:

Another ACU

Gavyn Keck says:

I am the second to comment

Appalachian Foothills Outdoors says:

Both are on my wish list!

leonard smith says:

Does the military have a titanium liner lock?

opichocal says:

I bought the same one 4 months ago off craigslist and love it. Best $50 I’ve ever spent and yes it’s the real deal. Great review!

g mc says:

Wish they would do a coyote brown or desert tan model. If you going to add the word ” Crucible” to your steel, they could at least get the camo right. Still a great knife.

Affinity says:

Nice scarf you fa..shionable outdoorsman. Is there a Spyderco with digital cam G10 handles with a blade length 3″ or under? 

Living Survival says:

The only downside for me on the PM2 is the compression lock, especially with gloves. Good review, always wanted to see a decent side-by-side on the military. The non ambi pocket clip kills it for me (lefty). Good review and video, thanks for sharing .

Survive101 says:

Man I now really want that knife

MuddyTigerOutdoors says:

Love this knife, drooling all over right now. Lol


Eli Reyes says:

More videos pleaseee 😀

Jarhead6 says:

Bro, they need to make it in a different pattern!

Rendall Hostetler says:

I don’t know anything about Spyderco knives. Does this or any of their knives have assisted opening? I think I’m spoiled on the Blur, although I really like deep carry clips which the Blur does not have. Any ideas on deep carry spyderco’s? Everyone I hear that has a spyderco seems to swear by them.

Survival On Purpose says:

Good review of a good knife.

Survival of the Fittest says:

I know the answer to the question I’m about to ask might be a little broad, but which of the 2 in your opinion is..sturdier? Let me put it another way. If you had to pick one that you had to rely on not to brake or fail which would it be pm2 or military? I know they are both outstanding knives and both have very good differences in features so that’s prolly a tough question.

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