Blackhawk Tatang Military Fixed Blade Knife Review

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Blade Length: 8.6 inches
Primary Edge Length: 7 inches
Steel: 1085 High Carbon (some places list it as 1095)
Handle Scales: Thermoplastic rubber
Sheath: Cordura
Made In: Taiwan
Notes: Double edged. Designed by Michael Janich as a mini-barong.
Price: $70 (Knifesupply)

Designed for Blackhawk by well known edged weapons instructor Michael Janich.


kerberosWXIV says:

I think it is in the finger choil. If you hold the blade by the handle, it is blade heavy i.e. for maximum chopping power. Choking up on the choil will made it a handle heavy blade for rapid maneuvre such as back cutting, slashing and thrusting (the choil will aid in withdrawal after penetration)… hope it help

chaoss610 says:

Just bought one off cheaperthandirt. By far the best price I have seen at $68.

kerberosWXIV says:

Handle slabs came loose on mine too, though never used it for anything other than some “air-slashing”…

DShiflet01 says:

I was looking at this on Amazon tonight and thinking I might pick it up when I get paid next week…it’s pretty tempting.

sethsmells13 says:

thanks for the quick response, nice to know that people care 🙂

lolgameplaylol says:

cod modern warfare 1,2

ninjaman381 says:

the screws came out on mine how do i fix?

Thelema9331 says:

Great review, this was my first knife when I started actually “collecting” knives, it got me into Blackhawk, now thousands of dollars later… I’m sure you know better than me! Something I can’t seem to find is a descent barong, I’ve seen some reviews you’ve done on some and they look great, but unavailable, do you know of any other companies making descent barongs?

mikelagaffe says:

totally looks like cod mw2 knife

A Christian Jew says:

Which one, the Cold Steel Warcraft tanto 13TL or the Tatang?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Haven’t seen that one, I’ll check it out.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I would say screw them back in but apply Loc-tite so that they don’t work loose again.

DjDynastyEDM says:

Oh ok thanks man

gabe johnson says:

How much r they

abot19 says:

I am thinking of getting this knife for chopping and splitting out in the bush. from the width and grind it looks like it would be a great chopper. How thick towards the tip is it? Is it thick enough that I can baton on the tip so I can split wood?

BullsEye says:

I love your videos!

I have a question pls, I tried to look for this knife on the website knife-depot but all three tatang there seems different, they have a serrated edge and one of them is 1095 carbon steel.

My question is which one to buy! 🙂 I would have preferred to buy the exact model you are reviewing.


Daedric Lord of Darkness says:

awesome knife.

eziosblade3 says:

could you try out the ACB-90 ( its not only in Battlefield 3 )


love this, that shit is NASTY

sethsmells13 says:

whats your view on the TOPS B.O.B blade? is it worth the money or should i look for another survival type fixed blade?

Donnie Brasco says:

Thats not good for batoning wood.

SpartacusColo says:

I give the review four stars.  Had there been Tagalog swear words?  Five stars!

Halt Hammerzeit says:

where is the balance point

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Can exterminate their foot!

Macho Deth says:

Hey bro just got my tatang in the mail. Just to update people it now comes with an injection molded nylon sheath resembling one of the higher end kydex sheaths you see everywhere. Locks in tight, no rattle, seems solid but be warned the clips and hardware they send you don’t even give you enough room to get a standard leather belt or even paracord unless you feed it right through the loops. I’m getting a large size tech lok for it after researching the sizes. just a heads up. The knife itself is pure awesome.

nerv 102 says:

I’ve owned this blade for years and its been my edc the entire time. And its just amazing everything I ask it to do it does and has never failed. Some may say its too big for edc but where I live in Canada there is no knife laws in length or anything only balisongs and switch blades are illegal. And I’ve used this knife for every task imaginable except violence which I hope never happens and it has excelled. So I would recommend it to anyone looking for a medium to large blade.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

That’s probably true, I remember Pac Man and Centipede from when I was a kid, but the younger people might believe this knife is only from a game.

Tyreese Wilkins says:

call of duty’s not just a computer game

BushcraftBritannia says:

Would you recommend this as a substitute for the Ka-Bar? Different profile but same military utility function.

sexvamp666 says:

one of the few reasons i like living in south dakota is that the only illegal knife is a ballistic knife, and the only knife length restrictions is 5 1/2 inches for concealed knives. and a concealed weapon permit takes care of that 🙂

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

It is definitely light for it’s size, but not sure the exact ounces.

ohmcanada says:

this is the knife used in call of duty modern warfare 2

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I’ve seen a video where someone used it as an outdoors knife and it performed pretty well. Yes it can baton.

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