Blade City Elite Tactical Mystery Box Unboxing & Full Review

Blade City Elite Tactical Mystery Box:
Blade CIty Custom Deadpool OTF:

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it's a bit frosty says:

The 3rd one the flick knife was shit hot, wat you on about it was well better than the 2nd one an most the others

Lyac TV says:

The first knife, is that not illegal, due to how unneccesary brutallity it does?

Richard Phillips says:

That Italian stiletto is the best thing in the box


Why does it take you 4:08 secs to open a box?

Gavin Theobald says:

Fuckin Americans!

lance allison says:

Amazing how everything is called “Tactical “ I’ve even seen a pack of “Tactical “ socks and Tactical Bacon in a tin, I wonder if there is a “Tactical “ Toilet Roll too it wouldn’t surprise me because it would be “Tactical “.

DRP smurfy says:

5:45 stab yourself with that Ricky Bobby

454pakr says:

An Italian auto stiletto in a mystery box? I love that stiletto.

GrizzG13 says:

I know this video is two years old, but I have to say for anyone that doesnt know.
you want your flashlight to shine light, and your stun gun to zap people, and you absolutely do not want to mix the two. it seems convenient but there’s obvious issues. if you’re sharing a battery you’ll be using the flashlight and tempted to arc the stun gun to show off for people. then your light is weak and dim. or vice versa. second, you WILL end up in that situation where you need both hands for what you’re doing and you hold the flashlight; under your arm, between your legs, pinched between your head and shoulder. wherever. it’s really not a pleasant surprise when you nudge the wrong button. but the worst thing of all is when you are subduing an attacker and during the scuffle your hand slides on the handle and you bump a switch. now, instead of zapping them you are shining a flashlight on them. and they’re even more pissed that you just zapped them. sufficed to say, that is how and why I got a knife buried in my shoulder.
stun guns and flashlights don’t mix.

Shrek-the-ogre-lord says:

The first knife is sooooo illegal lmao it is only used foe stabbing and making sure the wound doesn’t heal sooo yeah don’t carry that lol

koala bear says:

You still never did that hard use test

jimmydet115 says:

Box of Chinese garbage

Alex Keister says:

Hi Aiden!

Cooper Wuthrich says:

I have a dragonfire trench knife

Mr.GreatWhite says:

16:30 get hit in the head with that, instant KO.

spencer says:

Stay golden ponyboy

Chicky Nugget! says:

Weight: *nothing*

Notorious Ene says:

You like the fake Damascus turd but not a stiletto lol

justin tracy says:

I would love to have the stiletto knife or the chopper I love them both

Franz stigler says:

Docp91b, At 9:35 you said you found that stiletto for $25 were did you find it for that price?

rob18 says:

i love that steletto BUT you are right. its all about likes a dislikes. stilettos usually suck for cutting. nice vid keep it up!

Anthony Dean says:

Garbage products. Literally nothing in the box amounts to the price that’s being asked. Low quality steels with the edge retention of a common butter knife. Save your money and buy a quality blade. And if you need any of the other “awesome stuff” go to a local flea market and buy a taser baton for $10

ZaC kWinz says:

Great video, just put a flashing light seizure warning in the begining.

The Damascus triblade is beautiful work of art.

Gun Kid says:

It takes all most 5 min before he Opens the box

TannerWolf643 says:

I saw that same balisong in the website

1,000 Subs No Videos??? ? says:

Yo that kid is awesome!

Captain Acorn 2 .76 says:

8:05 ” I go doggo mode

Juan SumChninezeFue says:

Bunch of shit from….

Griffin Wells says:

@docp19b sorry dude don’t mean to hate liked the vid

Matthew Jorstad says:

This fucker tlaks for 4 minutes befor the unboxing

countrykidproductions 17 says:

Thanks for blinding me asshole I just stumbled across this video thought you might be a good knife guy channel but you talk way too much

Nick Campbell says:

I have the white galaxy butterfly knife but it’s sharp

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