CRKT Hisshou Fixed Blade Tanto Combat Knife Review

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Hisshou Fixed Blade:
Raptor Tanto:
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Raptor Zukuri Katana:
Blade Length: 12.5 inches
Steel: YK-30 High Carbon (57-59 HRC)
Grind: Partial Flat
Handle: Cord-wrapped Ray Skin
Sheath: Kydex
Weight: 16.4 ounces
Notes: Designed by James Williams
Price: $174

Very nice fit and finish, incredible edge and grind, a strong competitor to some of Cold Steel’s pricier tantos.


brianminkc says:

I just saw a real similar blade at AG Russell but its 9.5 inches. CRKT Shinbu.

Alexander King says:

Where did you find this blade for $174? CRKT has it listed at $375 and I’m seeing it in the $230 range elsewhere. Also, are there any newer, similar designs that you would recommend over this blade? I would greatly appreciate any info you could give me, thanks!

Justin Prather says:

I wanna see one of these with a 15 inch blade and 10 inch handle. Also a black blade coating in a taco style kydex sheath. This would be perfection.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

glad you like it!

Mr. Ouija says:

I love this blade, but it needs some kind of small guard. If you were to run your hand up on the blade you’d probably lose some fingers.

Jognaut says:

Where did you find this for 180 dollars??

Porkchop's Papi says:

And it cuts right through soft plastic milk jugs

Gerald Dori says:

I want one. Need too look around to see it in person

Jdmsword14 says:

So glad I just recieved mine today. I’ve probably watched this review about 10 times in the past week ty

SpartacusColo says:

It is a gorgeous blade, but watch some videos from the designer, James Williams. This blade is a modern incarnation from the ancient art and meant for actual, modern battle. Kydex doesn’t retain water, is lightweight, durable, and it retains the blade without need of a strap.

fred b says:

Go to “Aoi Art” and look at the Tantos…. very similar design to hundred year old Japanese knifes

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The stiffened wrap provides a pretty good grip.

Cody says:

that kind of knife doesn’t deserve to be put in a kydex sheath…it should have a high quality wood sheath

Dyumang95 says:

You think u can make a video of you hacking up some pig limbs or pigs feet?

jonny rock says:

Made in China. Lame.

Tools & Food says:

I just got mine yesterday. AWESOME, but not razor sharp but can cut paper very well.

Dancing Hawk says:

could compliment my trench hawk!

ken wolf says:

how much is this?

mike65 says:

174 $$$????I bought it  for 239.95 at knifecenter!

ChrisC30 says:

My first tanto I actually bought from Bugei Trading. This week I ordered the Otanashi noh Ken, and it arrived yesterday. All of James Williams’ blades just beg to cut something. The tip effortlessly pierces, too. They aren’t for bushcraft, or butchering game. They are for killing people efficiently, or enjoying in a display case. It breaks my heart, really, when I see people talk about a blade like the Hisshou as a survival knife. I’m glad you’re a fan of Williams’ work as I am. In all honesty, if I were going to arm myself with a fighting knife, I’d probably go with the Shinbu. Slightly quicker, while still being just as deadly. Either would do well, but I like my speed.

Great review.

BullsEye says:

I received mine Today!

How does it compare to the Cold Steel Magnum Tanto XII & Cold Steel Natchez Bowie? Maybe Cold Steel Knives Gim Sword?
I am interested in home defense/protection: big knives.

Cedric Li says:

Would it be a viable option to use this knife in a reverse grip? Or would a smaller one such as the shinbu would be better? I feel like slicing with a shinbu would be less practical in a combat situation due to its smaller size.

Asmodius says:

I just ordered one of these and I can’t wait. I really admire your bladework featured in the videos, most people take a whole minute to plan a slash through a bottle whereas you preform multiple consecutive slashes which I rearly see in other peoples videos.

Jeremiah Brock says:

🙁                ) HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boris Z says:

I used to always look pass CRKT, but now I love their Japanese style knives, might have to get one of these!

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

It was $174

Xundus says:

Amazon has this for 180ish

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Thanks! Yeah, in a lot of cutting vids I’ve seen on youtube, people look scared of their own blade or of the target.

MAYH3M0NE says:

I would be afraid to thrust with this knife…imagine your hand sliding up onto that razor sharp blade.

Darrin Jones says:

I bought one of these and it rusted in under 2 weeks without EVER using it. I removed it from the plastic, wiped off the excess “shipping” oil. I asked the reseller to remedy this since it was only placed on a shelf for display. No cutting gallons of water, no cutting anything, just displayed in a shelf. Still awaiting re-seller’s decision on “what to do?”

Dave Biddle says:

this is a sweet knife. you could probably defeat a samurai with it. maybe even a sentient android or evil alien overlord too!

jhanks2012 says:

Nice knife, for professionals by a professional. No training wheels (handgaurd) I love it

Cletus Kasady says:


michael meredith says:

Beautiful knife, great review. I just ordered one about five minutes ago from knife depot. Unfortunately I live in the UK so p&p was $75. but, I don’t care….I WANT OINE!

Unconfirmed User says:

i heard you say it is traditional Japanese tanto. but i think it is not. neither is tanto.

DrinkTheCoffee says:

The sakimori is my new everyday knife for stuff around my property but I’m eyeing this for display

quadheart says:

OMG that blade is simply put beautiful. I never knew CRKT made anything that awesome

Mitchell Caberto says:

According to James Williams, the knife designer, your hand shouldn’t slip if you’re gripping it properly.

rainmechanic says:

I know this is going to sound crazy… But my Grandfather was professional butcher from the mid 20’s until his death in ’69 ..   I have an old carpenters toolbox full of his knives.. The brands are Foster Bros, F. Dick, and Dexter Russell.. They are all have large 10-12″ carbon steel blades and all have a Scimitar profile.. Overall lengths are between 15-18 inches…  The blades are not as thick as this Hisshou, however i cant get over how similar the profiles match up with this CRKT Williams Hisshou Knife……
 I have a feeling that its no mistake that such an effective combat knife would resemble the shape of  knives that were designed to break down a side of beef in fairly short order…  Its a reminder that many specific blade shapes were so effective at a given task that they appear in many different cultures under many different names.. 

james pisano says:

Master Williams designs some purposeful tools.

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