Fallkniven F1 Swedish Military Knife Review

My new favorite outdoor/survival knife in the mid size category.

Total length: 210 mm (8.3″)
Blade length: 97 mm (3.8″)
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm (0.18″), tapered
Tang: Broad, protruding tang
Weight (knife): 150 g (6oz)
Steel: Lam. VG10
Blade hardness: 59 HRC
Handle: Thermorun


Paul'ie 4X says:

This is the kind of video I like, some of your pimped out knives are one of a kind and hard to get, this type of video is better for me because its informative on a product I can buy. Please continue with these kind of videos.

mathiaserikson says:

Size matters not, for my allay is the force…
no but seriusly you don’t really have that much use for bigger knife unless you intend to fight with it. this one is far more convienient.

Spetznaz666 says:

Howdy, I loved the video of the knife but I have a question. How does it take to batoning, and I mean like heavy batoning. I know it’s a small knife but it’s not that much smaller than my Becker BK2 and that thing batons like a champ. Also, can you recommend me some bigger knives to look at in that $110-$100 price range, I’m new to the expensive big boy knives lol, but I’m thinking about purchasing one. The F1 seems great, just a little small maybe.

Thank you!

hotsteamypudding says:

you gonna make a custom handle for it?

Gavko Knives says:

3g is limited special run, not the “real” model as you refer to it. the real regular f1 is 125$ laminated vg10. and btw, if you buy wholesale, F1 is actually $98, S1 is $118, H1 is $118 and A1 is $144
i bought mine F1 used for like 70 bucks if i remember right. i still dont understand whats your point. first off, they arent as expensive as you say they are(here in states) and second, i have never seen or even heard of fake falkniven so i doubt there are any…

JSMcustoms says:

I have an issue with the sheath as well being left handed. Right hand carry just doesn’t work for me because of that.

s13jberry says:

Virtuovice does AMAZING sharpening…. how can I convince him to send me one of his knives?

Dreoilín ÓCoigligh says:

You give great reviews!

Dreem Walker says:

How mature are you .. pathetic.

VolundoftheSky says:

How would this knife function for EDC?

Gavko Knives says:

it has very bad retention and only one mounting option…

Dreem Walker says:

One thing that we agree on.

muddieddesire says:

that sheath is amazing! love the rod holder too, nice practical touch and the glow in the dark takes it to a whole other level. great review and sheath.


Nice knife-Love that sheath!

Dreem Walker says:

The small one yes, not the “real” model that we call the F1 over here .. bladehq.com/item–Fallkniven-Knives-F1-Knife-3G-Blade–8627

Evolancer276 says:

@gavkoo haha yea i know… ,yea when i get it, if im not happy with the cheap zytle sheath ill send you a pm, you do awesome work

mike65 says:

I have some Fallkniven and are reeeeally excellent knives, really excellent. They worth the extra price you pay, until you want a knife you can bet the life on!!!Frankly I never regret the money I spent on knives if I had what I paid for and don’t know why some people buy lot of crap metal shaped as a knives because is ” cheap” and act like a great outdoorsman while they clearly never go out their apartment. Very very nice sheat Gav!!!

Jonathan Eldridge says:

@gavkoo Nope only this one

Dreem Walker says:

If you buy that knife for less than 165-175USD .. you buy a cheap copy.

Gavko Knives says:

@sharkfin2009 lol and i would also love to know how did you come to that conclusion? Judging by a year and a half old video? 😀

Gavko Knives says:

@sharkfin2009 then go watch him, not me lol.

Gavko Knives says:

hes not as good as many people think… i’ve handled couple of his knives… hes good but not sharpening god like many think…

Garrett W says:

Thanks for the info, Mike. Unfortunately, there are Chinese copies of the F1, and they’re actually labeled “Fallkniven.” Sad…

Thanks for a great video and insightful comments, as usual. Glad you made it home safely, btw.

Gavko Knives says:

@dreem1walker It funny how little you know about knife world, but you will talk down to me like im the little kid who has just got his first knife. So im guessing with your logic, all the european cars here in america have to be fakes too because they are half the price of what you pay for them in europe…

Gavko Knives says:

@sarangay1 Lol, why would i be jealous? I never envy other people.

wolfbrother2501 says:

i like it but too pricy for me

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