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There are lots of great brands out there. This video is a focus on the design of the knife. We do not push one particular brand over another. Rather, we recommend getting the best tool to meet your individual requirements, situation, and desires.

This week on Tactical Rifleman, I’m going to talk about the fixed blade knife that I carry on my kit. There have been lots of questions about it, in past video comment sections. Guys talking about knives, is like guys talking about their trucks or sports cars; you’ll never get them to agree on anything.

So, let’s start the argument down in the comments section. I look forward to hearing our viewers’ thoughts and what brands they prefer (and why).

I personally, am rough on kit. So, I prefer gear that is good quality, but won’t break the bank. By that, I mean that I won’t hesitate to pry or bang with my knife (or rifle). However, I would gringe to think about prying with one of my $1000 custom knives. So, I don’t carry them.

Because you’ll ask, here’s a link to “Karl’s Knife:”

Blackhawk Night Edge I personally, would get the non-serrated version.

When it comes to sharpening knives, you need to master sharpening your knives on a good set of stones. I recommend amateurs start with a good set by Lansky. I used to deploy with a Lansky sharpener set all over the planet, and they work great. It’ll take you a while, but you can put an edge on anything from a machete to a scalpel blade. It’s a good way to pass the hours deployed.

Here’s a link to one of their kits: Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

I show two sharpeners in the video. The first is the one in my kitchen. Literally, every Monday, I touch up my blade on the electric sharpener. If you look close, you’ll see black paint marker written on the top. That’s because I used to deploy with this same sharpener. It has served me well for over a decade. The second is my compact Field sharpener, that I keep in my bag. Light-weight and great little system. If you learned the basics on a lansky set, you’ll really love this little pocket gem. Here’s links to both:

Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

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Hope you enjoy. Strength & Honor, TR.

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LRSD 3d RRD says:

A sharp knife is a HAPPY knife!

Stephen boldrey says:

I’ll take a knife that shoots a bullet

leslie maurice says:

good video, the Sykes-Fairbairn was for the British Commandos not S.A.S

T K says:

nous defions!

M C A says:

I never met a single Marine who actually checked out a Kabar from the armory.

Everyone has a personal. I have two knives. Both fixed blade. One short Strider, one middle sized machete (blends the hatchet and katana).

Leatherman knife doesn’t count


“gents, a knife is a knife, and I really don’t care”—- CLICK


What are your opinions in fixed blade karambit?

BrianM Grim says:

When I first heard the voice, I thought, ‘Wow, Christopher Walken knows combat tactics’.

Gerald Nash says:

U hit it on the head sharp is what that tool is for i use a usaf survival knife as well as a spideco and a us machete these tools round out my blades they are the best for me like you said you have to find the best for yourself thank you for your videos

GeneralPreparedness1 says:

Great mindset, interesting choices. not so sure I’d go with a chopper in my choices but in the field, I get it, two tools in one or multi uses for one item. I picked up a Gerber Prodigy years back and it’s pretty decent. The molded sheath it came with isn’t bad and the blade itself is pretty durable and holds an edge fairly well. I’m not much for most of the combat blades but have considered throwing a Benchmade SOC-P Dagger on my kit as the weight penalty is very low, but it wouldn’t be good outside of defensive use.

sean white says:

I always had a tough time trying to choose a good knife to cover all needs . Whether it’s survival , utility, or tactical. Should you get 1095 or SS . I couldn’t decide so I bought one of each . I only own 2 Fixed blade knives that can be used for these purposes.
Esee 4 ” 1095 High Carbon..
Chris Reeve Green Beret 5.5″ ( Plain Edge) S35VN. .

scott says:

Ek M 5 Bowie , Richmond , Va. in my pack but my EDC straight blade is a Mora , the thinner model with the unfinished spine…scary sharp.

Abigail Sockeye says:

you don’t need a knife when you have a judo chop

Soplet says:

If you were my salesman on a shop, I would’ve hand over my credit card jizz…

joes04redrx8 says:

PJ’s have earned the right to rock whatever the want

Pranay says:

You were a Gurkha in a past life.

Jun Bu says:

Fixed blade are tops always have been

JC Knives says:

Been making knives for over 40 years. Sold some to brothers… learned some tough lessons. I appreciate your no nonsense comments. Good to see that you speak plain and honest. The old “It’s not what you do but how good you look doing it.” Seems to have moved on to NAVSPECWAR… thank goodness. DOL

jeremy beverly says:


Sidney Mathious says:

I have many knives which I purchased over the years and the best one is a Buck in my opinion which I purchased over thirty five years ago while in the Air Force. It has a long blade and a leather sheath and I wore it most of the time while living in Southern California not consealed. The knife I carry on my person when away in the forest now is a Schrade long blade full tang survival knife, and have a folding knife in my backpack which was issued to me at one air base and was used to rig parachutes. That is one of my favorites still and look just like it did when it was issued to me new. My collection is vast and I love each of the knives I have and treat them with care.

Kevin Kelly says:

It’s funny that we share the same views. Myself it’s my leatherman wingman,Kershaw folder,and my pathfinder mountain lion fixed blade. I also carry(backpack) a Randalls rtak knife for bigger wood clearing in camp or deer blind. I also carry(not all the time) my army issued Buck bayonet with the wire cutter.

mens facial wax says:

Where do you rank tanto blades

The SmorgMan says:

I have an awesome benchmade fixed blade utility knife. I use it all the time while out in the backcountry. Did I need something that expensive? Not necessarily, but because of how often I use it, i was willing to spend a little extra.

Cary Schroeder says:

This is the guy you call to deal with Rambo when Rambo loses his shit and starts shooting up the place!

Caleb [EXPUNGED] says:

“If you see me out in the field” no one sees Karl from tactical rifleman. No one. Period.

Lil' Sarge says:

I have a uzi knife that was given to me by a brother, he was in the military and had taught me some on hand to hand. Since then he has passed away, what is your input on the uzi would it be worth carrier status

Big Al Sparks says:

Kinda hard to argue with a guy who has THAT many knives, I’ll just assume he knows his shit, and follow along.

Fallon1286 says:

I guess I am one of the few Marines here that doesnt prefer a kbar

christopher martin says:

in my opinion the best is the bark river bravo 1.25 or the bark river bravo 2 in cpm 3v super steel….stainless is brittle….. clip points tip break too easy…..cpm 3v is outrageously tough but also has great edge retention and is somewhat stainless…..cant be beat!!!….i have to disagree with a “knife is a knife” there are huge differences…. i would never trust my life to some s30v benchmade crap but i do like their folders!!! i also have many thousands of dollars in knives and they not all created equal….just my opinion!!!

Edge says:

Sykes-Fairbairn not Fairbain…. come on you have the knife on your shirt!

Forbidden Truth says:

My edc fixed is a benchmade sibert

Bill Strack says:

Nice video and great information. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your service.

shramj says:

Awesome video, love the channel. Zip ties are an awesome suggestion for attached stuff to other gear.

Tony McKennon says:

I agree with you. A fixed blade, a folder and a multi-tool. Having said that. I also own too many blades.

Pranay says:

Grohmann DH Russell #3 Army, a Leatherman, and a Craftsman wood inlay utility knife.

Victor Ribeiro Roda says:

M9 bayonet Review please

Jacob Lynn says:

What kind of knife is it you carry in your war belt?

Bush Craft says:

Nice Speech.

JC Knives says:

Also, you might buy a Tek-Lock clip. Screws into the holes on your Kydex. Can be used horizontally and vertically. If the holes aren’t perfect you can drill a hole where you want it and screw through the Kydex or you can buy the small hand punched hole rivets and add them to the holes you drill. Not expensive or difficult. Definitely use wire ties too… Enjoy

Ritch says:

FFS. It’s not Sykes Fairbairn! It’s Fairbairn Sykes. Get it right.

Daniel Morgen says:

I carry a 15th century longsword.

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