Gerber StrongArm – Gauntlet Knife Review #4

Gerber StrongArm – Gauntlet Knife Review #4
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Gerber has been making survival knives for the US Military since 1968. The StrongArm Fixed Blade carries on our legacy of tough-as-hell fixed blade knives for combat and survival applications. With a sheath that can be mounted in a variety of ways, this knife offers reliable use whether on-duty or off.
SOLID GRIP FOR CONFIDENT APPLICATIONFeaturing a fine edge, full tang 420HC blade with black ceramic coating, the StrongArm was designed around the fundamentals of military survival training. Obtain a solid grip on the knife in all conditions with its diamond-texture rubberized handle. The striking pommel positioned at the base of the handle functions to break through hard surfaces for effective rescue operations, and ceramic coating on the blade offers subtle use through low visual profile, as well as preventing corrosion for long life of the blade.
SMART MULTI-USE MODULAR SHEATH SYSTEMThe StrongArm’s modular sheath system is as important as the knife itself. With the sheath’s snap-together components, the operator can mount the knife vertically on MOLLE, horizontally on a standard 1.75” tactical belt, or in a traditional drop-leg belt mount fashion. The StrongArm Fixed Blade is designed and built in Portland, Oregon.

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Chuck Daniel says:

You can actually just punch through that door. And a lot quicker than the knife.

Matheu Nazareno says:

Awesome video! Just picked one up! Do you happen to know the intro song at the beginning

Robert Salmon says:

I think what is most hilarious is that you are totally dead serious during your jokes. I mean that just makes them all the more funny. Also, when I think about testing a knife, I’ve seen and done all the feathering I want to do. I want to know if I can drive this thing in the skull of a big ol’ bear. Or maybe a MZC (Mad Zombie Cow) head. Or maybe a port-a-john wall after it’s been tipped over. There you go – next set of challenges!

Andrew Burgess says:

seems good for caveman tasks like murdering a hollow-core door. Sure is a cool lookin knife! prob good for egress too

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah John, Lemme Wish you a Happy 4th of July.,,.

God Bless America.,,. p

mister vraicon says:

I’m a lion

Brent Gosch says:

Why not use a solid core door?

Matt Ashe says:

Should be noted this is an indoor door. Bare feet will do more damage.

Jakub 1910 aka Krasty01 says:

1:42 song name?

Shane Prior says:

Should have paid a junkyard $20-30 to break a car window

Mad Max says:

lmao Spamally

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

Nice review!

Michael Haering says:

……”….we really worked the heck outa this blade..” — sheeesh! try skinning a wild pig — that takes about an hour to do — then tell me how you “…worked the heck outa this blade…”

Mark Mamic says:

Mate love the badge ‘in God we trust’ God bless you.

God :-O says:

LOL He said 360 spin that’s a full spin.

Jacob Sebastien says:

how does the rubber grip hold up overtime? I recently got a black plain edge strongarm.

bobby bulan says:

Interior dor? It s make like paper

Sam Kaufman says:

first off you could punch through that door with your fist. second that tile doesn’t even come close to laminated auto glass. Don’t get me wrong this knife is awsome and I’ve used it on swat to pry a window open but this guy needs to do more research.

Indy R says:

Great review thanks I’m buying this now.

UsernameUnknown 2143 says:

That knife opens cans better than my can opener

Kevin Breese says:

Stabbing those interiors doors with a knife is silly. They can be breached pretty much instantly with basic unarmed human force. And I am not talking strongmen here. Your average woman can do it. Even if you have the door deadbolted, the hinges will rip right off the frame on the other side. Interior doors like that are not for security they are for privacy

Eddie King says:

Would have been nice to cracked a coconut with the glass breaker to simulate a skull check. Nice review though.

Noah Koenig says:

some people are saying the steel is sh*t and some are saying its as good as 1095. what do you think?

Marcin Sladowski says:

Very good knife.I like it and I think I will get one for bushcraft. I’ve bought Premium Gator folding S30V for EDC. Made in U.S.A. too. In Poland Strongarm price is 400PLN (about 100 bucks).

Michele Trekkning says:

Hello, I would like to buy a knife compact, stainless, robust and not impossible to regrind the daportare field in my travels around the world in nature. This knife is reliable based on your experience? the trust with life? Let me know what you think, thanks to Michae

Ethan fentell says:


Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah John, I have a guys joke, What’s the difference between Fish and Meat?,,, Well if you beat your fish it will die, heh heh heh, I Wish you a happy Fathers Day too.,..p


1st thank you sir for your effort to make and upload this vid.
2nd i am living in the uk the doors in my house are real old englis style oak doors from around 1920 ish those things are called doors . What u have sorry m8 that is paper, nothing else, rubbish. U dont need a knife to get trough just kick it in easier .

The Next Chapter says:

when did Ben Stiller start doing knife reviews

imagemakerpro says:

used this knife today to breach a door, i tried the knife first to be careful and quiet . i poped the door open very easly and then came to a window i felt like smashing out, the back point was meh, i ended up just kicking the window out instead . its a ok knife i give it a 3 out of 5.

Kujo Smith says:

Not much of a spam eater but ya had me at tabasco

Kis Csávó says:

Is it rostfree?

Mark M says:

Thanks for the review, I like the tactical side as well as the bushcraft for all around survival both if marooned or urban.

Sergio Salazar says:

bzadass im buyyinit

Edwin Vasquez says:

So I can do the “HERE’S JOHNNY” with the Gerber Strong arm. Sweet!!!

Xtreme Official says:

Whats the name of the song

Tommy Hunter says:

Finally! The perfect tool for opening my spicy spam cans!

Urban Survival says:

The most useless tests for the knife ever)) but I like your video 😉


But will it open a MRE???

Matt Ashe says:

We don’t have jalapeño spam in Australia. Must move to United States. Seriously tho good video. You weren’t showing off or pretending to be a SEAL. Good demonstrations.

bacara18 says:

I tried the glass breaker on my shitty windows tab, didnt even mark it. Meaning the glass breaker is shit since it couldnt break the glass off the tablet

Whitaker's World says:

I like your style, good video.

Mark Foo says:

Door made in America !

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