GERBER StrongArm – Review – Best Tactical / Combat Survival Knife?

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Sahas Joel says:

Wow.. great to watch another video from you David. I have had the Strongarm for about 8+ months now and it is indeed an exceptional knife though I too through experience wish it was made of a better steel. But +ve is that the 420 HC is extremely easy to sharpen to a wicked edge. I had been wondering all this while why I had not seen a video from you on this piece. I got the BG Ultimate pro after watching your video recommendation 🙂

Tom Henderson says:

is there anyway you could do a review on the ka bar d2 extreme fighting knife and the ka bar next generation

pineda rodas says:

Good review david, i own the prodigy but filed the serrations off and make it fine edge for bushcraft ! btw what vest is Ben using?? condor mcr5 and u think the prodigy will fit the strongarm molle sheath?? thanks.

0BAAC0 says:

Ugh… Now I have to buy another knife.

Mark Raven says:

bought this knife a year ago, beat the living tar out of it and it’s still rock solid. wish it was made of better steel, but for the price you won’t get anything better

iSnortEspestos says:

You should do some reviews on muela knives there really good. Mine is about 11 years old

Musashi Nobunaga says:

32 watching now

Frank Castle says:

420 Steel that’s one step above Chinese pop metal

Ballistic Chicken says:

If it had a leg strap like the lmf II then it would be perfect

0017Bulldog says:

No one does a better knife review than you! Great job again.

LeRoy Engle says:

Welcome back hope you were concentrating on your new knife and not ill

P Fox says:

It’s a “pommel”, not “pummel”.

John Athan says:

excellent review. I have the fine edge black version of the Strongarm and use it for both military and survival/bushcraft applications. Has never failed me and is in my top 3 knives

Sinisalo Racing says:

desert camos look nice in knives, and i live in finland. 😀

Dylbie Sparkes says:

I picked up the all black fine edge for $120 (Aud), worth every cent.

Jan Meissner says:

Do you have to oilimpregnate the knife like other knives made of carbonsteal?

LeonRFpoa says:

You know I don’t know why, mainly sharpening, but I never did like those half serrated blades for some reason. I mean in a sticky situation extra cutting power yeah that can be great but all my real favorite knives are solid blades. I concede though that both my longest running edc (smith and wesson swat) and probably my best gift knife are like that. I can’t bring myself to use the remington it’s too nice to use

ToddB987 says:

Looks like a rock solid knife. I put i the wish basket on Amazon.

eclipseks says:

By the way, love the vids, great work!

Zach Deany says:

you should chang your intro become you a making a huge comeback it gust send right to chang it up

kysfgt says:

Wow that was a great video never come across a video so useful and informational this was truly well structured and executed and as a plus that no one does is you have detailed description of the knife and fast to not board the people but to also answer the questions some people wanted answered so thank you sir I haven’t thanked you for everything but I’ll cut it short here


the lmg 2 was junk wasn’t full tang broke way to easy

MrRamraider says:

What does tactical infer, and why would a tactical knife be of benefit to a survivalist.

Roger Jones says:

Great video

Brandon Fredenburg says:

great video both product description and editing are top notch

Michael Halliwell says:

i the mk1 going to be sold in the uk?

Road Journal says:

420 stainless  very soft…. good design though

tokr72 says:

These bush crafters and their constant complaining about serrations gets tiresome. Gerber’s serrations are absolutely wicked. Cut through anything.

Adrian Mendoza says:

I saw this coming the 5:45 msk-1 made a grand apperiance, the blade is looking very sexy though

DaveDotExe says:

Even better than the MSK-1?

James Hinrichsen says:

I hate gerber and your channel is getting boring…

tim kitzmann says:

my answer is no, they didnt get it right as of yet

116 Survival says:

Awesome video bro…I would love to get my hands on one of those msk-1’s…it looks like one badass functional knife. If you get a free minute stop by my channel and throw me a sub. Thanks in advance.

FuwaForestFilms says:

Nice looking fixblade! 🙂

Sticky Tape says:

This or the SOG Seal Pup Elite for an outdoor/survival knife?

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