Glock Survival Knife Review – Survival On A Shoestring

The Glock Survival Knife is a very strong,military style knife that just might be a good choice for a reasonably priced survival knife under $50. See which of my tests it totally fails and which it passes with flying colors and decide for yourself.

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Nick G says:

I guess I don’t understand why you would need to split wood. Lol find a different piece.

ManLand121 says:

Brother I just wanted to let you know that You Tube had me unsubbed from you…I resubbed of course…and I am beginning to think that they have somehow done this to cut back on the Monetized features they have to pay…I could be wrong on that but it sure is darn strange how a lot of people that I sub to are now unsubbed…I personally don’t monetize my channel…so I can’t say for any real determination…just now after a few years have a theory…but anyway…I liked this review because I think I may have now bought a rusted version of this on EBAY…lol. It’s still 6 days away on the auction…but the shipping??? well it was way more than I wanted to pay…lol. I better pay attention next time…lol. Still around 30 bucks if I don’t get outbidded and I kinda hope I do…lol. a new one is about the same price thus I have seen in the auctions…around about…

Fred Little Horse says:

The piece of an old hacksaw blade works very well for a nice shower of sparks even a rocks works. Like your vids very much, they are honest regards Fred

emmiway says:

it has an beer bottle opener included, what do you need more in an survival situation?!

Mason Thornburgh says:

More of a kabar guy myself

Herbert Ainsworth says:

i love it its neat i did not no glock make knifes love glock fire arms to

Maha Lingam says:

After watching pics of this knife and watching videos for some years i fianlly purchased on in green colour for € 19,00 in september 2017. I look forward to getting it and wonder what the manufactorer will be.

Ray Francis says:

For the record it’s spring steel

kell ed says:

Id like to just say that ive put this knife through an Xray machine at work and its not a full tang, the tang only goes approx 2 inches into the handle. From the looks of it i recon the handle would snap quite easily from the blade with any leverage being applied. This is not a well made blade in my opinion. Hence why i let the knife remain in the destruction locker.

Pooch1953 says:

One thing when batoning larger pieces of wood, no matter what knife you use, it is always easier to split closer to the edge than straight down the center. It puts less strain on the tip of the knife, it also gives you more tip to baton, and you will usually be processing the split pieces smaller anyway, so saves some work to make them smaller to start with. My son-in-law has a Glock knife and I was impressed with it, never got to test it, so appreciate you doing so.


I have a AES Solingen German field knife. It looks just like the Glock but is the German version. I have never seen another one!

Kraxn83 says:

just a tip; dont view this knife as special or “holy” as you would high price knifes. this is a tool knife, extremely sturdy. if you feel like throwing it toward a tree and see if it stick, just do it, feel like using the blade as a makeshift “step” when climbing a tree, you can do it. the blade is thick and the spring steel hard to break. if you slam it 1 or 1 1/2 inch into a tree you can step on it.
my dad got me one when i was still a kid and boyscout, like 15 years ago, a sawback version, it is banged up, the finish is compleatly gone, edge resharpened countless times, but the knife is still strong like on day one. and it cost the equivalent of 15 bucks. ~200 schilling back in the day here in austria.

to summ it up, get this is you want a rock solid, nothing fancy blade with great sheet for small money. if you happen to ruin it while splitting bricks or the like 😀 , you just buy a new one for cheap.

good day

Joe Blow says:

Buy a high carbon steel Mora knife for the general use and leave the Glock for batoning and anti personal piercing use.

Leroy Brown says:

I didn’t know Bruce Willis did reviews

Justinian says:

Isnt that the Field version? cause the Glock Survival has saw teeths ?

Flo Lerch says:

you can trow sparks with a flintstone or any sharp stone directly on the knife because its carbon steel…

Leroy Brown says:

Lol. I showed my wife to make sure I wasn’t crazier than usual. She agreed.

Brian Taylor says:

For the money, this may be the best hard use knife ever made. It’s not perfect but you can beat the crap out of it and it keeps on kickin. I seem to use this more than my ESEEs these days. My Gerber Strongarm gets the 2nd most use and I have a 4,5,6 and a Junglas.

Duarte Monteiro says:

8:36 weren’t you the person that made the video what kind of idiot would baton a knife?

Tunika Turner says:

Glock Federstahl is the material. I have a friend who works there.

WalkingOnWater86 says:

All these people that need a sharp knife back for a ferro rod pffff -___- ! Newsflash it comes with a striker and if that doesnt do it for ya a ferro rod wil spark from a sharp Rock. It’s not flint and steel!

Jairus Kent says:

Have to say you have my favorite intro. You should bring back the longer version of it in my opinion. Simple, but warm, inviting, and adventurous.

ThroatNotchingTrout ZZZ says:

Ok, I have not read all the comments, but the reason, that this knife looks a little funny, with the hole in the back of the handle and the bend upper finger guard is, that it is a bayonet knife for the army of Austria. It is ment to put on to a riffle and fight, and that is what the mentioned things are for to attach it to the riffle.

Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter says:

WOW!!! in the comments section a ton of misinformation… the Glock knives such as reviewed are made of non-stainless structural-class of carbon spring steel. This is the stuff that provides elasticity properties and strengths in things like automobile leaf and coil spring suspensions. Low alloy, med./high carbon hardness is soft at about max 50-55 specification-wise irrespective to steel composition ‘name’ and the trade off is not much edge retention but a ton of bend before break characteristics. There are also two versions (military + civilian) of the two styles. These are very basic dull from factory entrenching blades with a bayonet-like point profile. The idea here is resistance to snapping with a dampening effect so as not to chip or shatter. Think impact here folks (THROWING – yes)!!! The phosphate coating is nearly mandatory because this thing without the coating will rust and pit like the corroded leaf springs on an old tuck!!! One of the things most will not due is remove the plastic cap, add adapter, then slip it on as a bayonet for an AUG… but we might open a bottle from time to time using the guard.

Supervivencia Camino al Sur 4x4 says:

El Glock es un excelente cuchillo, considerando además la relación calidad y costo. Muy buen video amigo.

dangerriff says:

Its not a survival knife! Cant baton, cause saw (is only for roots). Cant chop. And its not full tang. But its great tactical/surv knife. In this matter douing great! And its one of the best balanced knive for throwing! But overall, great knive with great carbon spring steel.

Jimy Hendrix says:

can anyone tell me anything about MFH version of this knife ?

Mason Thornburgh says:

This is an old model, glock has upgraded it considerably.

Ask Joe Taylor says:

here’s how to ban comment spammers first you go to their channel and go to about (flag icon) click block user then go to google+ and type in the channel name and look for the downward pointing arrow and click report/block and check the block box,and hit submit,before you do that go and hide them from the channel then block them on google+

BlackgoldTwinduck says:

im looking for a solid outdoor knife that doesnt cost more than 80, i guess a military type knife would be best right, i mean behind a knife design is a story right?

Dan 101 says:

Made me dig out my Glock 81, I have had for years. It has the sawback and sooo , I gave the firesteel a try and through sparks like crazy.

Riaan JvR says:

It actually has a very small tang, but is reinforced at the butt end for the purpose of hammering it. Not the best knife for the price, but will last you a lifetime non the less. I would like to get my hands on one and add it to my collection.

Arno Van Giel says:

The knife has a hollow handle so you might be able to put a little striker in there if you really want to.
Regards, Arno.

BTW love ur vids keep it up!

Tony Dowd says:

great review. definitely don’t want a glock knife for survival. is that a watch on your wrist or a sun dial? LoL

joe Recto says:

No Full Tang.Pop the plug on the pommel…..Hollow Handle! No need to modify your knife for sparks, find an appropriately sized piece of steel bar stock drill a hole in one end. and 550 cord it to your firesteel. Old recipro (Sawzall) blades work well too.Use the top side. Do you like gadgets? Try a Blastmatch. One handed operation, & plenty of sparks! I rarely use my Ferro-Rods anyway.. I always carry a Bic Butane Lighter. 5 Packs are cheap at the supermarket. Stash some in your various gear pouches. Don’t merely survive…Thrive! I hope I didn’t waste anyone’s time commenting on a 2 year old Vid.

weapon freak says:

This is probably the best low-cost knife with good price/quality

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