Israeli Knife review – Dustar (Du**star) Arad

Du**star web site –

D2 Steel
7 inc blade


Isak Suchoy says:

my name is ISAK LOL

wardog says:

i like it good review but please cut out the uuhhs because if i made a drinking game of it id be dead

Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

@Nebulax123 OFC I wont. I keep it safe from harm (mostly my 18 month baby girl)

Travisb71 says:

Cool knife! Thanks for the review! It looks similar to the Cold Steel Trailmaster bowie especially the blade shape and the brass guard.

Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

@M3iscool Yee. It will be on my next giveaway

Keep Afloat says:

Wow. Nice. I want one of those. It seems just as strong as my Fällkniven A2.

AussieMark909 says:

Great looking knife and good to see they put some thought into the sheath too. Good review Guy.

motorbikesrule125 says:

Wow very nice knife great review to

evcrawfish says:

wow, guy, that thing is a beast. very cool

Wo Ra says:

“it’s almost like Bowie knife..”
It’s almost like Randall 14 knife. In fact it’s copy of it.

McCullen Knives says:

Thanks for the review. I have seen Dustar advertised in blade magazine but this is the first review.

BillGoudy says:

Thanks Guy! Great Review!

draco00 says:

Can’t wait for mine to get in

Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

@TechRaptor93 I think you can order direct from them at there web site

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Its similar to my Randall Made Model #14. But mine is O1 and I had a Griffin Handle made for it, A Griffin Handle is a One Finger Groove, But I was also told by Bob at Randall its almost invincible. Yeah, it appears to be a very strong knife. I also have a sharpened swedge, So yeah, It would be a consideration to go on a mission.,,.

Steve Hubbart says:

Great day I just remembers to thank god for the air in my longs today

Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

@TheDeputydawg24 Hehe… I will soon… I hope you win this dude 🙂

Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

@MrMycoo I didn’t know that, it’s cool

Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

@AussieMark909 Thanks bro

Steve Hubbart says:

This is s great knives man kits the whole pkg

frankgon4 says:

This company is  new to me.  Sent them an email  Thanks for bringing them t my attention.

PepeRoss says:

very very cool, now to find how to get one over here in England

Steve Hubbart says:

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