Ka-Bar 7″ Military/Utility/Fighting Knife USA – Honest Review from Average Joe

Reviewing the 7 Inch military knife from KA-Bar made in the USA.


Bean says:

That steel pin is authentic, it’s been on all their drop point blades…

Eric Anders says:

Not to be a stickler, but u said Olean wrong. It is pronounced (oh-lee-ann). Every video i see they do it. But nice video other wise!

Zack Bear Hart says:

Also.. the ‘u finished grinding’ you mentioned is a pin that holds another pin in the butt cap..which holds the butt cap on.. hope this helps brother

IllinoisOutdoors says:

Are you from Ukraine? Do you reside in Ukraine? Obviously, I am going by your username. Awesome review. Bought the exact knife a week ago and it is a tank.

Grinchie518 says:

That grinding spot is actually a hardend steel pin to keep the pommel on the tang

TheMotorhead312 says:

I remember the day I got my ka bar I pulled it out of the box and was checking it out, when I looked down I was bleeding all over the place. the damn thing bit me and I didn’t  even know it. that’s quality

Negronin says:

Oh my god fuck camping its for fighting you dork

Ripped Biscuit says:

Stop rubbing the fucking blade if you want to keep your finger.

Deathstroke Airsoft says:

Also,if you don’t want to end up with the tip of you finger sliced in two,you might want to have the edge facing the other way, unless its going to be on your right side,then its fine

Ryan says:

good video. Fuck Ukraine

Zack Bear Hart says:

Its not a holder.. its a sheath… n its not a wedge.. its a blood channel… allows blood to run out of the enemy and air to go in… increasing the speed they bleed out as well as allowing you to retrieve your knife ALOT easier as there is no where near as much suction pulling the knife back in….

Deathstroke Airsoft says:

The serrations are never painted so your knife is fine,but the fine edge is a better looking knife,I’m hoping to get one for Christmas 🙂

coleman7281 says:

That unfinished piece of metal in the upper portion of the handle is the pin that holds the top cap on.

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