Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Knife Review: Hall Of Champions

The Ka-bar Becker BK9 is one of the greatest large blades I have ever got my hands on. The knife has amazing ergos for chopping and can process wood like a champion. The price is right at around $80 and the overall design and quality puts it at the head of the pack when we are talking about large blades.


Sahil Dogra says:

If you isolate the actual chopping part of the audio, that tree chopping bit sounds like a porno :/

jman says:

i feel like buying this knife i just have one question wouild this be better then the ka bar d2 extreme fighting knife? it looks like ti should

JediTim says:

I like your philosophy of knives, seems right to me.

Christian McNally says:

Wait… What knife is this?? I don’t think you mentioned in the video…

Rawhead Rex says:

I was actually kinda disappointed in the bk9. Its to big to be a good whittling knife and too light to be a good chopper. My cheap kabar kukri can chop down small trees with ease. The bk9 certainly looks cool but i like my bk10 better.

Johnny A says:

Great information on the BK9, but where did you get your chest rig.

Eddie Inzauto says:

Do you actually use the wood when you kill a tree for these videos?

Janah says:

Is the bk9 better then the ESEE Junglas ? what knife chops wood best and what knife is less weight ?

FourAces22 says:

Ontario Sp8 vs BK9 for general wood chopping purposes?

Graham D says:

+gideonstactical have you ordered the becker bk20 bowie? They just came out with them last night and are producing a total of 450. Go check it out on bladeforums! When you order it it also comes with a discontinued bk 4 and bk 5… I imagine that they are almost out so if you want one of these sets id advise you act fast.. Ive ordered mine and id love to see a gideons tactical review of the bk20 bowie

Marcus Amyotte says:

I want that chest pack you’ve got. Is that from Hill People?

JoJean Murphy says:

“Oh yeah oh yeah on yeah!”

Ken M says:

Is this practical in a camp setting? If not, what would you recommend?

RDLaw88 says:

Great review, thanks Man. love all my Beckers. I have the Bk 3, 7, 9, 15, 16, 17, and a few more. The BK 9 & 7 are my favorites along with the BK17. Like my clip points the best.

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

Great video review thank you

Highlander says:

sheath on mine says made in mexico i dunno if they changed it since this video was made?

doctorbea says:

Fabulous review! I just ordered my BK9, brother!

MusketeerinFlorida says:

I never understood why all these young guys chop on trees with knives. I suppose if the knife can handle that, it can handle the cutting chores I would require of it. I will never use it for such chopping, that’s what I use my folding saw or hand axe for. MiF

stale meme says:

i just realised that this and the kabar heavy bowie are extremely similar

Morel Hunter says:

The micarta scales you can buy for the bk 9 really add to it. The bk 9 is a great knife, but I given the choice I would take a well made parang instead. Still, for the money it’s an amazing knife.

Paul'ie 4X says:

I really have a hard time between taking my Stromeng Leuku KS-9 and my Ka-Bar BK-9 both are awesome knives, Lars Munson when he crossed Canada on a solo Trakk, the Stromeng KS-9 Leuku was his knife of choice , but for what I do in the bush, I favore the BK-9 because on the small stuff I baton with my knife more than Lars did his, he used his axe more. and the Leuku is a stick tang, but alot of guy’s told me from tgeir experience that a properly tempered stick tang was very strong, but like Dave Canterbury said he doesn’t trust them because he wouldn’t want one to break just when he needed it the most. who knows right, I still think my BK-9 is much stronger, and I agree with you Aaron, I have my Bk-9 paired off with my BK-10, or the BK-16 and or with my BK-14 that with slabs adds another demension to the BK-14.

Lucifer Deathgod says:

Can you share where is the link to purchase the sheath?

Paul'ie 4X says:

I really enjoy watching your videos, the BK-9 is one of my fav’s I enjoy large knives although I have other nice knives in all sizes, but my choppers I really enjoy because their hard working maybe that’s why, I don’t have alot of them but here are my fav’s the BK-9, SP-51, SP-53, Fox Hitam Golok, Bark River Golok, H.I. M-43 Khukuris in two sizes, Cold Steel Kukuri Plus in O-1, C.S. Trailmaster San Mai late 80’s vintage, Woodsman Pal Leather Handle, Busse Anneversary Straight Handle Battle Mistress LE, Busse Nuclear Meltdown Fussion Steel Heart, Stromeng KS-9, Rodent 9, Ka-Bar Swabbie, Ka-Bar Zomstro all these choppers I pair off with smaller knives, so far in familiar area’s my go to Survival Knife would be my Rodent 9 all all around weight, application, versatility it’s a light weight that punches like a heavy weight, but now in the summer a long knife is the best IMO so my Rodent Rucki shines and my 1knife carry go to is my Mod. Rodent 6 which I pair off with my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet or my Voyager Tomahawk and my Wicked Tough Saw, my multi tool I like the Leatherman Charge TTi, too heavy, and it gets too hot to carry a load, but stuff still happens so like Mors Kochanski suggests a strong knife in his book, but don’t get me wrong I still like taking my BK-9 out its a good one.

Quickplaya says:

Why the fuck is he stabbing a perfectly healthy tree? This guy is honestly trash that doesn’t care about the beautiful world he is around. Carry a gun if you think you need protection. Honestly dude… you have a lot to learn about life. Don’t destroy trees along hiking trails and ruin what us hikers love to enjoy… THE SCENERY. This guys rambo shit really needs to be turned down a little. Screaming “Oh yeah yeah oh yeah” while stabbing is very childish. Grow up dude.

certioremfacere says:

i watched a review on the BK7 (which i just purchased yesterday and am very excited about) and the guy was doing some prying into wood like you were doing at 10:35, he broke his tip clean off. just a warning. great video, thanks.

BlankStare says:

What’s your thoughts on the SCHF43?

NNNNabeshin says:

Just curious, why is the grind a bit wider at about 65% of the blade towards the tip?
Or it is just the coating getting worn?

Bas Dammen says:

How good is the steel in the bk-9 and which steel do you like the most for large knives

Paul'ie 4X says:

Now, here is a fight of the lifetime, a lightweight goes up against a heavyweight, and in this corner at 3/16th’s” thick against in this corner at a 1/4″ thick WoW what a battle, Oh Yeah, the BK-9 vs. the SP-51. How awesome would that be, a first Aaron, yup a first. By Paul’ie Fight Premotions. heh heh heh

Carter D says:

I’m officially saving up for the clear coat bk9! With the brown handle scales, it’s one of the best looking knives too.

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