KA-BAR Fighting/Utility USMC Knife Review: Too Old?

The KA-BAR Fighting/Utility USMC Knife has been around since WWII, and the big question is can it still hold its own in this new era for specialty blades or it is too old? This knife is not the best at any one thing, but it is a Jack of all trades.

Pro- price, quality, options in blade & handle styles.

Cons- no lanyard whole, large but thin guard.


James Heilman says:

I’d probably just cut off the top guard

Big Willie says:

I came, I saw, I cummed

mbdulka says:

K-Bars are 100 bucks new, not 50 bucks … but thanks for the review otherwise.

Jim F says:

Recently I bought a Camillus Marine Corps Fighting Knife model #5685B that looks very similar to the KA-BAR. Mine is the straight edge version. If anyone has any information on this knife please post or send me an email. I have looked on the net, there is not much info on this knife. On the bottom of the blade it is stamped U.S.M.C. and on the other side it is stamped Camillus, NY. It also came with a stacked leather sheath with the Marine Corps emblem and USMC stamped on it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

rotorheadv8 says:

“Jack of all trades, master of none”…
I must respectfully disagree.
It excels at staking an enemy to the ground.

Blue Fox says:

Is this Jax Tellers knife??

jace142 says:

My only complaint with this knife is the fact that the “full tang” is a “rat tail” version. So it doesn’t maintain the full thickness of the blade all the way through the handle. But overall a good jack of all trades knife for those of us on a budget. If you lose it or damage it… it isn’t the end of the world.

Ernő Kiss says:

I would ask you, why does this blade stands a bit forward (and not in the middle of the crossguard)? In case of other type ka-bar knifes, the blade stands normal in the middle of the crossguard.

YoursTrulyHannah says:

I found one of these on the side of the road searched forever for its owner and nothing so I have myself a new knife!

Ryan Austin says:

It was actually made in 1898. Name came from a fur trader when the knife saved him from a bear attack. He wrote the company and with little education, simply write k a bar (instead of killed a bear. Ka-Bar was adopted.

Gabe Adorno says:

That’s the ARMY one not the USMC one…

Luke Smith says:

there was no us army kabar there wad only usmc r. tard

American says:

I love mine, mine is the plain edge. I definitely recommend it

Kanga Guru says:

The “if you had just one knife?” debate will go on and on but Ka-Bars will always be the knife others will be measured by. It’s here to stay.

RTKBA2A says:

GREAT REVIEW!  Added to my wish list

Impractical gamer says:

Jax Teller from “Sons of Anarchy” has that same knife stunning knife, got on myself.

R34P3RS R34CH says:

Anyone know if the kbar knife is legal to carry in Ohio ?

clusterguard says:

that’s all we’re ever going to need. all of the remaining knives are either noise or silence. best from greenland.


Does it sharpen easy also is this legal to carry in virginia

Goattacular says:

I find it funny when people poo-poo the sheath before touching it because it’s “Made In Mexico.” Why’s that funny? Mexican and Italian leather craftsmen are regarded as the best of the best in the world, and you notice the second you feel that sheath. Good call on KA-BAR’s part to go for the good stuff. Oh, and a tip for batoning if you absolutely must: hold the KA-BAR’s grip LIGHTLY, like with your finger TIPS lightly. Hard steel is weak against vibration, and while the grip dampens some of that shock a little, it’s still a full rat-tail tang, which makes it delicate when you start whacking it on hard stuff. It’s primary function is to puncture cloth and human flesh with the objective being to end your enemy’s life, not to build a thousand camp fires worth of split wood. KA-BAR won’t even cover damage from being thrown in the warranty, because they no dumbasses are chucking it at hard, wood targets instead of soft, supple bad guy flesh (or cardboard, Styrofoam, ballistic gel, etc.) like it was designed for. Also, when pounding tent stakes with the pommel, you’re supposed to put a block of wood between them to dampen the vibrations. A lot of camping newbies, and even some bush craft vets, don’t do this AT ALL WITH ANY KNIFE. Be smart, and it’ll last longer than your lifetime.

kirk vazquez says:

Where did you purchase the knife?

Marc Johnson says:

We used it for one thing and one thing only and it wasn’t cutting wood
USMC Class of 68

Isaak says:

The marines were using these bad boys from ww2 all the way up until 2012.

Airik1111 says:

Have you ever used their kbar Extreme D2 steel? I like that it has no top guard, they also have their new Dogs head utility knife with no top guard either. The Dogs Head has a larger grind, it goes a bit higher, its cool but hardly any review vids.

DHC DeepBlue says:

Fuck I spent £100 on airsoft I should have brought one of these. Oh well guess who’s mowing lawns this whole summer :/

MrEdis88 says:

I pulled the KA-BAR at the gay bar.

Daniel Z says:

Very good video! Really explained everything about it nicely, without rambling on like some others would. Great review!

Anime Junkie says:

What’s the major differences in the Kraton handle vs the leather?

Jeffery Payne says:

not that I don’t like the K Bar but I carry a case USMC knife

MontanaMountainMen says:

I own a Ka Bar had it for 25 years, never beat the shit out of it “batoning” they invented a thing for that it’s called a hatchet, or axe.

Rich M. says:

I have the KA-BAR and the Case USMC Straight edge knives. I haven’t torture tested either one but what’s your opinion on the Case version?

Blue collar guns and gear says:

I love my Kabar. Thanks for the great review!

Killer Rated M says:

did marines in ww2 have serrated edges or not?

Gandalf96 says:

I have the us army but there is no real differents right?

Raid says:

“Original fighting knife” ehhhh I think Jim Bowie might disagree were he alive

Steve's knives & hikes! says:

my blade bent a hair to the right side from prying… wasn’t even prying metal or wood, I was prying through semi frozen dirt… bullshit, I spent 95 bucks and it bent. still works but bend kinda bugs me.

Jack Fisher says:

The marine Ka bar is the greatest knife ever made….

J N says:

I hate it when my humvee flips over and I have to cut my way out with my kabar.

applejacks971 says:

Excellent review, on point, practical testing, awesome presentation!

Landry Williams says:

I bought the USMC version with serrated edge as well and I’m loving this knife so far I’m not very good at sharpening my knives I don’t have the proper equipment to get my knives super sharp so to be able to shave my arm with a blade is very impressive given that I would usually have to sharpen a blade after purchasing it to get it to that level of sharpness

Bob Jones says:

This looks just like a Buck knife. Can someone tell me the difference between the two?

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