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Johnny Appleseed says:

Thx Chris love your channel. Awesome idea but imagine if it came apart while swinging that thing… Ouch.
Seems people could buy a small hatchet and e tool for the same price.. Just my 2 cents. Thx for the review.

Christian Gray says:

Good video!! But DUDE….. manicure.

Cristiano Nogueira says:

Sounds like a nice car shovel, and by far sturdier than all the other camp-survival-apocalypse shovels I’ve seen on YouTube.
Definitely on my to-buy list!

Daniel Adam says:

quick fix suggestion; ‘O’ RING BETWEEN TH THREADS……….

Rick C says:

Yep, as others said, rubber washers to tighten against. I suspect the “spyderco” serrations are for cutting roots when digging. However, I also suspect that’d be a pain in the butt to actually do.

G.R, Dray says:

I like this. It looked like it had clean cuts when chopping. Thanks Chris.

Mike C. says:

Well to me the threads tell me to screw the thing and find something else good review on it though

Great lakes prepper says:

purple(low strength)loctite or plumbing thread tape should do the trick.

Michigan Explorer says:

Teflon tape to take up slop in threads

Richard Solomon says:

Great review Chris, I normally apply a slight twisting action with my threaded tools but I’m not sure how that works out with opposite threads 🙂 I do like Daniels comment about the o ring, could be good at the sections with a face , unsure about the internal ones tho. Thanks again for sharing your review

Some dude says:

aye chris!

Rich Schwartz says:

Thank you for reviewing this.

Tinalala's World says:

I think my Boy Scout Venturing crew needs one of those!

Randy Yeager says:

is the shaft steel or aluminium? What’s in the little survival kit…ferro rod? And i think a small amount of cheap duct tape would hold the pipe from turning….and I say cheap duct tape because it’s not as sticky so it’d be easier to remove but still do it’s job.

Kurt Stuffy says:

I think it would make a great truck tool!!

∵§ain†♣∀₦₲ξℜ∴ says:

It needs more of a scoop groove

Rich Smout says:

Very interesting

Quinn Warman says:


TheIndyabn says:

this will not last any normal use. the AL handle will eat itself up with use. no amount of thread locker or Teflon tape or O rings will change that. those threads are fine threads and after a few tightening and using, and tightening again its will fail.

Kirk Veesaert says:

Splendid ! At 1st I thought it was “drugstore cowboy” gear, not at all ; so you tighten it up once in awhile. It’s okay with me.

Ron Hicks says:

It’s not a Benchmade!

Bryan Baker says:

The knife looks like it would be good to carve a pumpkin.

Shawn Howe says:

Potential with issues

Wade Page says:

Don’t send that death trap to the boy-ish scouts!

Malcolm Moore says:

Teflon tape should work

Scott Hill says:

Thanks for responding to our requests for a longer review.  The only fix I can think of is Teflon tape on the threads.  Or you could try a little rubber cement.  Those should tighten the threads some.

boggledegop says:

It seems like maybe some sort of locking mechanism for each piece, like the sort of thing some collapsible poles have, holes and push pins. If you look up “push lock poles” on Google Images you can see what I mean. Hard to say if it would actually work or not. And they’d have to be made well, not like the cheap ones.

Half the problem just seems to be that most of the designers of these things are trying to make a cheap camp tool, so that’s what you get. If it were made with aircraft aluminum, carbon fibre or that cold steel polypropylene, better steels/design for the knife (maybe 1095), saw (whatever bahco, silky, etc use) and shovel bits (1075), and then shown the same high level craftsmanship and quality control of say Leatherman or Bark River, I think you could make a great camp multi-tool, but still keep the cost reasonable.

This one does seem a little closer to being useable than most of the other ones around, but still looks like no one made a proto-type and beat the hell out of it to see how it performed and held up during real world use.

I don’t believe the weight for that tool is prohibitive either. If you think of it as a replacement for a hatchet, shovel, small saw and a knife, I think those 4 tools will weigh more than 2.5 pounds, unless you have a crazy ultralight setup.

Which brings me to my other concern with the tool, with the shovel blade being flat and kind of curved or angled, can it actually split wood? Nothing crazy but say a hand span sized log. The thinness and shape of the blade makes me think it would just bind up really bad.

I’d also put the pick attachment somewhere else, maybe inside the handle of the knife, and make it longer. When you were hitting that rocky soil I was thinking how a longer pick would help significantly with excavation, pick to loosen the soil, shovel to remove it.

Such an interesting concept if it could be made to function better.

m butts says:

Tape the threads

ross vanderpoel says:

Glock shovel….and done.

Thomas Nugent says:

Very good. Thank you very much

tWeeb the Lerker says:

I bought one of these for like $12 new on the Bay. I put PVC thread tape on the threads and it doesn’t back off as easy. But, definitely interested in what others recommend. I love the damn tool. I keep it at my hunting camp. We use it for all sorts of shit. Keeps from having to have a bunch of other tools there.

Jeff Cooper says:

I like it


To many bells and whistles for me lol. Good review Chris.

Bruce Kage says:

Quick question: Can you screw off the shovel end and screw on the knife so that becomes kinda like a spear?

Lucy Lu says:

I was thinking of O rings, too. I can only see this as an emergency tool for the trunk of a car where space is at a premium. I appreciate your thorough analysis of this item. I like this “Amazon returns” type of video. It’s fun watching you discover new and interesting items out of the grab-bag. Thanks for a truly helpful review, Chris.

OUSOONER Tomas says:

Teflon tape? Threads

EvilLabrador1 says:

Coldsteel spetnaz shovel is simple, tough and cheap as chips. You can over-engineer gear.

Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter says:

Hello Chris – I’d agree… looks like this tool has multipurpose potential. I wonder if a modification using a thru-pin (like a quick-pin) or a knurled set-screw would prevent the threads from backing out. Possibly you could increase the torque tension and friction coefficient on the threads. Another trial and error may be to reduce vibration. What I’m relating is mitigating the high probability of inconsistent tension on the mating surfaces of the threads. Just for the heck of it; get the treads wet… then stick it in the freezer… then go out and chop. See what happens.

justicar5 says:

PTFE tape and/or o-rings on the threads/

William Sheehe says:

Can the handle knife produce fine feather sticks?

alf3553 says:

Reminds me of your Rambo knife video. It slices It dices, put in a door or window. I have two small shovels that can turn 90* and they are handy to have in a vehicle during the winter. I have used them to rake the snow out from under a vehicle when it was hung up and stuck. To me this shovel thing would be good for throwing in the truck, just in case. To many bells and whistles.

Jason Fisher says:

You REALLY don’t want to push down with your foot with sharp edges on both sides. One slip and you’re going to be walking out of the woods on one foot.

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