KNIFE REVIEW: EDC (Everyday Carry) Tactical Military Pocket Knife | MIL-SPIE 3.5 — TOPS Knives

Contracted by and for military spec-ops units, the rugged MIL-SPIE 3.5 from TOPS Knives might be the best EDC (Everyday Carry) tactical pocket knife on the market. Take a look!

Mil-Spie 3.5 Tactical / EDC Folding Knife ►

Knife Type: Tactical / Everyday Carry (EDC)
Overall Length: 8.00″
Blade Length: 3.50″
Cutting Edge: 3.50″
Closed Length: 4.5
Blade Thickness: 0.130″
Blade Shape: Hunters Point
Blade Steel: N690Co / Cobalt Vanadium
Blade Finish: Coyote Tan / Black Blade
Handle Material: Aluminum T60-61
Knife Weight: 4.5 oz
Designer: TOPS Team



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CinnamonGoat _ says:

Looks like a beast.

Dubglock23 says:

im digging it alot!!!

Sculpin says:

To anyone saying tops knives are too expensive, uh yeah you get what you pay for the best steel usually 1095 high carbon, top of the line edge always holds an edge no problem. Tops heat treatment is the best of the best blades ever rarely brake. Plus an unlimited warranty it’s expensive but not overpriced you get what you pay for literally.

brainache555 says:

Very nice looking knife! You are almost at 100K wow silver button?

Luis Rodriguez says:

Nice knife. The blade shape is great however it looks like the handles are really smooth causing the knife to slip easier out of hand as you mentioned. I love my PM 2 so much, it’s perfect to me considering price ! Nice job buddy.

Benjamin Pitts says:

hey, do you like the navy?

Sculpin says:

Love Tops there my favorite knife brand

Alyssa Miller says:

Got sent here from Gott Love! Love your channel

ting280 says:

people complaining about the price have no idea about blade steels. the price is low for that steel actually.

Jarhead6 says:

very nice!

chrluc says:

Even though I like the looks of the knife, Tops knives and Budget Bugout don’t really go together.

Yash Budhiraja says:

hey dude I see that you know your stuff so could you tell me how to sharpen a swiss army soldier knife 2015 model? It’s gone dull since I got. It also has serrations.

Js Dubon says:

Liner lock ! I rather lock back

Mohammed Svensson-Andersson says:

i hate your face. Cannot watc ur video. Greetings from Finland.

The King says:

that is a cool pocket knife

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

that’s awesome!

Giovanni Herrero says:

I live in Brasil(i am Brazilian)and i want to ask you if theres a way to receive battleboxes here.there os?

Imagine Poptarts says:

I was finally the 8 like! Yes! Achievements!

Giovanni Herrero says:


Edgar says:

$137 for this beauty, damn that’s steep

Lonestar1 says:

Cool knife,I edc the mil spy3,it’s a solid tank of a knife.Also,I think you should change the name Buget Bugout cause there isn’t much or many items on a regular Buget anymore.Still like your channel though.

Adam Master says:

can you make a school safe EDC thanks great vid today

Why It? says:

$136.50? I think you might need to change the name of your channel to just “bugout”.

Topcat 129 says:

Cool nice knife

lorgmier 93 says:

is the reason why you stutter so often because of the size of your teeth ?

Marshall Plays says:

So close to 100k good luck

imsuckingwind says:

like every knife Tops makes its over priced

Sculpin says:

blade steel should be 1095 high carbon steel.

My Life Outdoors says:

Back at lackland or shepherd for training??

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