Knife Review : Gerber “StrongArm” Military Fixed Blade


GiganticCheese 2 says:

The knife is high. 420

Justin m says:

Hey Jeff idk when they changed it but in Illinois and Indiana it is now completely legal to carry balisongs in public! I didnt think id see the day lol

idahomountainelk says:

Ramsey outdoor! I loved going to the one up on rt 10 with my uncle!

saltyshellback says:

Unfortunately, most mass produced products are machine made (especially in the US) to maximize yield. So if someone did physically look at the knife, they either were looking for gross defects or were only looking at a sample of parts. Like 1 out of 100 parts.

jugernautmitch says:

OMG that is hilarious. I’m literally typing out a comment asking ‘why does the sharp edge end so short?’ and then you cut back in saying ‘hey, why does the sharp edge end so short?’

Michele Trekkning says:

Hello, I would like to buy a knife compact, stainless, robust and not impossible to regrind the daportare field in my travels around the world in nature. This knife is reliable based on your experience? the trust with life? Let me know what you think, thanks to Michae

Knife Lover says:

they made it a law that no one under 18 can buy a knife, at least in my state, i was buying a buck neck knife and they asked for ID my heart just sank, so I had to go get my mum xD

Ben_Long1018 says:

I thought these were pretty cool since they first came out, I don’t really have much use for one though.

I bought an Outdoor Edge Le Duck the other day. I’m looking forward to your review on it.

Jimmy Kimber says:

This thing does not break or chip. ive punctured ammo cans 30 plus times and tip is still pristine. Pretty awesome

Aedri Qwert says:

hey jeff i only got a pen earaser to erase rust is it okay

Julius Gonzo says:

Well, frankly, you would pick a side blow vs. direct on forehead….

aerosaaber says:

I have been looking at buying one of these for a little while. I just keep finding other knives I want first 😀

Josef W says:

The sharpened edge ended there is purposeful Jeff. If you bring the edge back more than that it runs into the plunge grind rendering the edge about as useful as an unsharpened edge because of how thick the steel gets into the back of the plunge. Just an FYI

Alex piv says:

love that handle!

tokr72 says:

American 420HC is good steel. Has an HRC of 58, plenty hard. Anyone who owns and uses a knife should learn how to sharpen anyway, regardless of the steel. Once one does, one realizes the benefits of a steels ease of sharpening. 420HC has good edge retention, while being easy to put an edge back on, which makes it a fine working stainless steel, IMHO. Affordability doesn’t always equal lesser quality.
I have the prodigy models in 420, and they are awesome knives. So I’m sure this one is just as good. Buck changed the game with their 420HC and Gerber followed suit, and now we have access to awesome American made knives with American steel… Bonus

Steve Sanders says:

Gerber was great once, but quality issues and the bear grylls line have them a bad reputation. Crkt wasn’t started until the mid nineties, I had never heard of them until recently and i don’t include them in the old school American knife list that includes gerber, kershaw, buck, case, and schrade.

rob roberts says:

its Chris Elliot and the scene when he is serving dinner is one of the funniest scenes ever.


I have a German Army field knife with a 420 stainless blade. I’ve never had any problems with it.

Edward Low says:

the properties of steel depend largely on the heat treatment…this one is softer that the other…these kind of descriptions aint gonna gut it 😉

Stephen Dowd says:

saw this knife at my local walmart, had a combo edge. the combo edge went all the way to the base of the blade, unfortunately they didnt have a plain edge version.

ThisinsideThat says:

I have a Gerber DMF auto, the USA made version with S30V steel. It does me very well, it’s actually my favorite knife, so it’s good to see them doing well again.

Peach Jackson says:

Lemme use my strong hand!!! Hahahahaha

3174 jordan says:

ive got a gerber paracord love it but does not hold an edge cheers bro

68Stan says:

Jeff, see my comment to your previous First Edge video. With a gradual plunge like you have here the edge will not come all the way to the ricasso, it’s just plain physics (or geometry). There should be a sharpening notch, a big finger choil or a narrowing of the ricasso to facilitate a proper edge bevel foot. Or you have to stop early like here. Use your sharpening kit and try to extend that edge bevel yourself into the plunge and see what happens and how more horribly it looks with every added milimeter.

power tymer says:

420 is nice for self defence ez to re sharpen

ArmyGrunt1986 says:

With 420hc its all about the heat treat. It can be a great steel comparable to d2. Also a good 420hc blade will have a hrc around 60 which is about the same as d2, s30v, vg-10 and 154cm. Just look at Buck they mastered 420hc. The blade on my Buck 119 that outperformed my Benchmade auto Presidio which is 154cm, I was stupid and tried batoning a peice of wood that I didn’t know had a finish nail in it. Well, the Buck went right through the nail and didn’t leave a mark on the edge, so when I seen that I was so impressed I tried it on my Benchmade and it ended up with a beautiful chip in the blade.

I was going to try it on my Microtech Socom elite auto but my wife would’ve killed me since she got it for my bday while in Iraq (she also got me a Benelli SuperNova Tactical and a Glock g20 as coming home presents) Anyway, people need to stop believing everything these idiotic steel snobs say on forums, if what they say is true then my 1095 and d2 blades will be a pile of rust just by looking at the wrong way. Oh and don’t get me started on how insanely stupid the “spine whack test” is, anybody who does that is a fucking moron.

Anonymous says:

I’m on my second paragraph, first one snapped when I was prying in a tree. Second ones still going strong

john smith says:

Put this knife next to the BG knives please. I’m not 100% certain but from what I’ve found so far I think this is nothing but the BG knife wo the logo at its proper price point for quality. And I don’t know why everyone keeps referring to $70 price? It sells for $50 all day everywhere. The BG is $10 more at 60 and I swear this is the exact same thing.

jesse martinez says:


jefferson1232757 says:

I hear you talk about walmart in almost every video, I’m not american so i have no idea, but is going to walmart like a daily thing in America? i have never been to a walmart to be honest so i don’t know what it offers lol

Matt Tripp says:

I used a round diamond file to give it a proper sharpening choil, and it makes it 10x better.

Ilija Bonevski says:

420 steel in my time using that steel i dislike it i feel like 440 c440 a are just better .they keep an edge longer and arent that harder to sharpen.Also something intresting is that swiss army knives hace a better steel than 420 i think its 440c


I’ve always wondered how people from Jersey (if they move out of that state) generally end up in Pennsylvania

mumbo223 says:

I’d compare 420 HC to a lower end AUS 8, BUT bucks 420 HC with their Paul Bos heat treat not just a regular run of the mill 420 HC.

Matti S says:

Hi Jeff! Is your Gerber Applegate blade off-center? I have two of these and both knives have blades slightly pointing upwards when opened and locked. Look down the handle towards the point of the blade. That is a bit strange, seems like a design flaw.

john smith says:

It’s all documented lol.. The guy is the chief scout for crying out loud lol.. You don’t achieve that position based on a bunch of made up garbage. Youngest ever to hold the title and one of only 10 in history. You think discovery channel wrote him a contract based on things he claimed? The guy is a major contributor to the SAS survival. Holds ranks in both SAS and Royal Marines.. It’s not some major conspiracy by the word. This has gotten way off the topic of the damn knife review. But bad mouthing someone based on untruths is malice at best. I feel as many that he’s a POS for what he has done with his name but would never discredit the things he did to earn that name.. Just pretty piss poor Imop.

TheHillbillyHybrid says:

me and you have to be the only people on earth, that loves scary movie 2

Jacob Hanson says:

The blade issue with the sharpening is all preference. This design wanted a more seamless flow. Otherwise the blade would drop to the edge more. Also I noted its likely a safety thing. The sheath has grooved ends to push off with. And with the jump it makes as it pops out. Your thumb always slips a hair. If your blade is unknowingly upside down, your thumb drops right over what would otherwise be sharpened if they didn’t let it ease into the edge.

Atro785 says:

Ramsey Outdoor is still there. They moved further north on 17, but I go there any time I want anything for the outdoors that I want to see in person first. Great little store.

Travonous says:

the edge of a flat pommel can still cause bleeding from pinch cutting. unless pommel is completely rounded off. point also good for pressure points. great vid keep up the excellent videos.

Le Grand Fromage says:

The alkali metals are soft.

kydd666 says:

you should gt your hands on the Schrade Jessica-X

John Doe says:

I got the knife for 40 bucks on amazon. Don’t pay 60 for this knife.

Preproto says:

I liked Wranglerstars video about Gerber but I just think of their terrible Walmart Bear Grylls stuff

Knife Lover says:

every time I see a sword figbt in movies I just cringe thinking of burrs, *shivers*

Jeff Windle says:

always get 2 of the same knifes. why? one to use and one to keep. just in case they discontinue that model.

Gaming_6Shooter says:

Anyone know of a knife that has the same design but better blade material?

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