Knife Review : Spyderco Military (Digital Camo)



poopRscoop14 says:

Psh everyone knows its better to cut your fingers than to ruin your knife 😉

3vcpmsteel says:

You don’t need a reverse grip. But you must put your thumb over back of the handle gripping it like a baseball bat. Try putting your thumb on the spine and push with one finger on the side of the blade. It’s coming out of your hand.

cutlerylover says:

by your comment I cna tell you its a folder not a balisong, but since you read the blade it simply said balisong…ATS34 was commonly used then say the early 90’s…whatever model you have their a guy who wants it somewhere, lol

Andre Gross says:

Nah. I don’t have a Pm2…want one though. I kinda take back what I said To a point. Not all liner locks are fragile. Some stronger than the TRI ad. And Thanks for the info on the PM2!
I really want a Pm2…I showed my dad. He said “That’s expensive” But for $120 its well worth the money!

vansurfing says:

i looked through your channel and dont see a single vid. of spyderco paramilitary 2? is it bc no one has sent you one?

Gewehr7 says:

That’s the answer I was looking for. Thank you and do you have a PM2? It does not technically have a liner lock. The compression lock works in a different way also I have done some research since I asked that question and Emerson claims to make a very strong liner lock. Their design is different from most that I see. I edc a Spyderco Tenacious and Ambitious and neither of them are made the same as the Emerson lock. Emerson also uses titanium.

Alexander Hahn says:


Info Warrior says:

great review!

Alex Theo says:

i fucking love spyderco knives. im still debating on which one to get! any suggestions?

GrinderMagee says:

Ever try Kershaw Needs work? Great but very thin grind on the point.

Andre Gross says:

In my opinion probably the Cold Steel TriAd lock. I know CL said the liner lock on the PM2 I have a bad experience with liner locks. I have a sarge stubby it has a liner lock. I was younger, I abused that little knife. And one day the lock didn’t go into the path of the blade to lock it. So it was basically a slip joint. A few days ago my dad found the little guy. Still had the polish I put on the blade. I fixed the lock. Now part of my edc. Just be careful with liner locks and don’t abuse them.

Austin Jacob says:

In a defensive situation you want to use a reverse grip for faster slashing stabbing can get your knife stuck

Gewehr7 says:

I know you were trying to be clever but I said locking mechanism not knife. Notice Cutlerylover answered in a constructive manner as well as some other people who knew the answer to my question so there was no need for your response that was clearly aimed at making me sound stupid. Thank you and have a nice day.

David Gomez says:

Such a nice knife do you like the Paramilitary 2 also?



boudewijn meijer says:

would you recommend this knife or the crkt nirk tighe?

Nogorn says:

Jeff you crack me up.

Jae Shin says:

I agree with you 200% about people trashing the EDC knife as Survival/Bushcraft knife. There are other knives to do the prying or digging the ground or going for trekking. Get ESEE RC-5 or Benchmade 162 or BK2. Spyderco folders, Benchmade folder, or even CR or ZT folders are not for crazy use other than EDC!

Thanks for the great review bro. Peace!

Gewehr7 says:

Yeah, it was a joke. I wasn’t looking for a laugh; I was looking for a serious answer.

magistic345 says:

turn on the captions ahahahah its hilarious

John Carpenter says:

I very much enjoy watching your reviews on products. They are not bias or opinionated. Have you done a review on any AL MAR knives? If so, I will look for them. If not, I would enjoy to getting your professional input on one, or some of these knives. Thanks

Andre Gross says:

If they weren’t so expensive I would get one…

Kurt Cotton-Kinch says:

What exactly does this do that a Resilience does not?

RealBushMonkey says:

Re: broken blade tips- my dad always told me,”your pocket knife is the most expensive and least effective prybar or screwdriver you’ll ever own”

michael kelley says:

hey i got a bench made bali song ATS 34 could you tell me something about it

EnfinityTech says:

What do you prefer, This or the adamas.

michael meredith says:

I too think it is a fantastic knife but, I do like my folders to be a little bit longer. Great review.

slimjim355 says:

i suck i suck i suck i suck why do i even bother talking

Alex Theo says:

are-a ya-a?

Austin Jacob says:

In defence you want to hold it in a reverse grip if you stab it could get stuck reverse grip increases slash speed

NetshadeX says:

I read a discussion about lock strength a while back and an interesting point was made. A linerlock might not be the no1 strongest lock out there, but it is one of the SAFEST. There’s really only 2 ways it can fail. It can disengage, which means trouble. But the the most common way for a liner lock to fail is for the liner to bend and ruin the lock up WHILE STILL preventing the blade from closing on your fingers! When a lockback, (while very strong) breaks, that blade will ALWAYS close on you

The Student Pilot Life says:

hey what do you think of profero knives?

Clay says:

Ofcourse he has. I didn’t even try and I found his review. It’s in the related videos for pete sakes.

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