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I get a lot of questions asking about various knives that appear in videos here on the Military Arms Channel. I figured it was about time I posted a video that gives you the details on the knives you’ve seen over the years here on MAC.


Please watch: “BCM Mk12 with AEM5 Silencer and some cool winter rigging!”


Gavin Reddig says:

if u see this put some loc tight on ur emerson

Inspektor Gadżet says:

Please do the Torture Test for WIST-94 pistol.

Hasan Michael says:

Tim, If you have not, you should check out the Columbia River (CRKT) knifes. I have the Ikoma Fossil 5471K.  I got this one because of the size, it is longer than a typical pocket knife but not to long.  It also turned out to be extremely comfortable to hold, the contours are like no other knife I have held.  The CRKT knife look nice, feel nice, stay sharp longer and are great tools. Some of their less expensive ones are good value ($20-$40 range) and their higher end knifes are fantastic ($50-$200+).  Not a sponsor, just like the brand. I’m not really a knife guy either but I do prefer a nice knife that keeps working and stays sharp as apposed to some $10 el-cheapo that comes dull and need re-sharpening every time you use it.

Bryan Horsey says:

You should really check out CRKT if your looking for a good knife for travel.

AliasSLH says:

very rare to see a jeep guy not a biker guy.

1AbominAble1 says:

In your next Microtech get the Stonewashed blade or satin if there’s no stonewashed available, bead blast is the most likely to rust.
Their black coating, like most companies will wear unless its the DLC- that wears like iron.
Try a Combat Troodon or regular sized Triodon, then a Scarab. The Tanto blade is very utilitarian and pokes nixes holes in stuff if need be.
Try a higher end Spyderco, they make nice knives.
If you want one of the ultimate OTF’s try a G&G Hawk Deadlock- no blade play at all, user serviceable, and awesome! But it’ll cost you gun money.
For a side opening auto you MUST GET a Microtech LUDT, the blade will still lock both open and closed even if the spring were to somehow break.

Zach Tonndorf says:

If you aren’t worried about price and you want the best otf you can have, get a microtech halo v

Les James says:

3.99 Wal-Mart works great opening my box’s and I could cut you w it!!! 3.99 priceless


I wish I could carry my automatic knife, but our dumbass governor terry McAuliffe (just typing his name pisses me off) vetoed the law that would have made them legal in Va. Thanks Va voters, you retards.

Norman Mallory says:

I just looked at BenchMade Infidel knives, oh my they have increased since i looked at one up to $420.00 , the blade shape isn’t a design that i could use compared to a drop point or clip point , but for my uses a drop point design i use every day ..

Joel Ohms says:

If your looking for a beefy drop point auto try the Gerber 06.They run about $175.00.


G&G Hawk’s new OTF is great. No blade play. You would love it!

Norman Mallory says:

I like you are , i like knives and always have liked good quality knives.. I did get a hands on at my BenchMade dealer on two auto opening knives and spring assisted opening .. Not really a blade shape on most i handled that would work for me.. I have never been trained in knife fighting or defence using a knife.. Well i never wanted to be… To this day thumb stud opening is fine with me , i have not as of yet had anything take place where i had to get blade open in mil seconds , i could see drawbacks to auto opening knives..
Now if i lived in Detroit mainly after dark i had to be out , i might consider a knife like that.. Of course it would be taken away from me and used on me is always in my mind too..

Brian Ray says:

Why didn’t just leave it zoomed in? I think you like touching that remote. Also if you aren’t a knife guy, why do you have all the top knife maker’s and their best selling models.On top of that you know more lingo than I do as a “knife” guy. This video is a self service tribute. Nice blades though.

Jake Lee says:

hey i live in indiana too! near bedford

Thomas Osteen says:

thank you Sir for the video

Laurie Campbell says:

The microtech OTF drop point is a cool knife, got one, The ZT is ok. Go for the Benchmade 940 if you want EDC HEAVEN

Angel Cortez says:

The hole purpose of an OTF double edge knife is for self defense. If you don’t use it for that what’s the purpose of having one, specially at that price?????????????

The Rooster says:

I carry a homemade knife made from a file. It not good to use for screws since its briddle file metal, but the edge it holds will cut through anything you need it to. I got bout $10 in it. Was cutting rope about 2 fingers thick the other day.

Jmedi5 5 says:

I carry a benchmade minigriptillian semiserrated. Love it.

josh hopkins says:

Manix 2

Scott Yi says:

the first knife i bought at the shoppette when i was in AIT was a CRKT M16-14T. Still usin it til today

Albert Kieffer says:

do you cary a knive when you conseal carry

Marvin Floyd says:

Take a look at the Piranha knife brand OTF

Tony Taylor says:

microtech combat troodon

James DiBella says:

You can get hardware for your commander from EKI and it will get rid of the blade play

Hasan Michael says:

OMG, those Rat Worx knife go up in the $500+ range.  I would rather spend that on a new revolver or bulk ammo.

MA supaskunk says:

Benchmade phaeton is legit

Paul X says:

There is a lightning which is a otf for 40 and it really does awesome nothing fancy does a review on it I’ve got one and love it.

I don’t mind using it because it’s a 40 dollar knife vs these and the nice high dollar knifes I own I’ll not blink an eye using the $40 lightning (it’s been awhile since I bought it so might be off on price) but daily carry it and it’s held up very well and doesn’t get babyied.

If I owned these high end ones that he has, I personally would be very protective of them and not use them. Nothing against anyone that wouldn’t be overly protective but for me my lightning is the first to work over my more expensive knifes.

BenjiMan says:

very different video for this channel. Interesting 🙂

The Man Channel says:

Granted, you said you’re not a knife guy…but when you said “drive the occasional screw…”, you made every “knife guy” that watches your channel cringe, mate. To knife guys, that’s the equivalent of saying “I use my VP9 to hammer the occasional nail…” to gun guys. I’m both, and I know you said you see them as tools, but they’re still tools meant for a specific purpose. They’re your knives, but those are some awful good specimens to be ruining the blades on. Just sayin’.

John Doe says:

You aren’t a “gun guy” if you aren’t a “knife guy”. I’ve seen and heard a lot of assholes at gun shows and gun shops make snarky remarks about Benchmade, Microtech, Busse Combat, Cold Steel, Randall, Zero Tolerance, Strider, Piranha, Pro-Tech, Esee, Chris Reeve, Spyderco, Kershaw etc… for being there. “I thought this was a gun show!” “I don’t know why anyone would bring a knife to a gunfight!” etc.. Then they proceed to go look at or buy some old fart fudd rifle or shotgun. Nobody gives a shit about your old rusty shotgun or .22LR rifle dude. Some of these dumbasses even go buy a cheapass pistol like a Taurus afterwards…..

Um, the knives you just walked passed were ten times the quality and workmanship than your piece of shit guns you are looking at/buying! Too bad you are too dumb to know a knife makes a great backup weapon and in some cases is better suited to the task than a firearm. Like say someone is right on top of you in a vehicle or there are a lot of innocent civilians around. What are you going to do in the middle of Chick-Fil-A on a Saturday afternoon when it’s assholes to elbows in there? Start firing and hitting friendlies? Hell no, pull out your Benchmade 9051 AFO II or Zero Tolerance ZT0301 and cut them up!!

andrew truong says:

to be honest, stick with folder or spring assisted for EDC unless you want to go back with straight blade, side note those Benchmade are really good

Zach Martinez says:

I love my zt I’ve had it for 3 years

Asator666 says:

Well this “spearstyle” is mostly called dagger style ^^

Brett Ott says:

Spyderco paramilitary 2, best knife ever

seth little says:

I’ve owned the infidel, and an microtech ultratech, but I have to say my favorites at the moment are my benchmade Adamas 2750 and the spyderco endura 4 (which also has the Emerson hook) and I recommend you check them out.

Cpl Seth Little 2/9 echo company weapons plt. Semper Fi

Brian Geiger says:

I know you like auto knives but you should try the benchmade 940.

Hunter Mitchum says:

The SOG fielder is a good knife they have one with a assisted opening and it’s not too expensive

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