M95 ARMY RANGER Knife Review

A very simple and rugged military knife from Finland. No bullshit Rambo/”survival” stuff here – this is meant for real use.
designed by J.P. Peltonen the J.P. Peltonen Sissipuukko
The knife is made of HRC58 carbon steel with a teflon coating, with a very sturdy, hard rubber handle.

So Steve : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGULrhBnY4m8qw9AxIStJ4g

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PabloRusto says:

Very good knife!
I had m07 — best for me!

Howard green says:

I thought this was the JP Pendleton. Thank for the great reviews and interesting gear.

The Chris Lapakko - The King of Earned Media says:

I like that name!

mister smith says:

Well, seeing this knife has a full flat grind and a bicycle handle on it, I’ll give you $10.00 for it. Bwuaahaahaa!!!!

Ironically Vague says:

Where could i order one of these?

david john Huxtable says:

this knife is a real users knife!! they feel great in the hand and can do most tasks in any weather or conds the handle is grippy
and i like its utilitarian design
the sheath is good also
it has several tensions that can be applied at the poppers for extra security or when on the move! the sheath is well made? they do varying blade sizes also now? longer etc
id quite like to get my hands on one?
who are the best price wise agents to buy from? i live in s west france
this is a great utility type of knife
i tried getting my brit army pig knife

Mr. Shlock says:

Sarcasm becomes you. My M95 is in the mail.


Hi Gr8 Video . I am from MOPM group

spundj mc says:

That knife really appeals to me
how much is it

Wiltzu499 says:

I prefer M95 over M07 due to length (easier to cut logs). Also Finnish Defence Forces (Finnish military) doesn’t actually have a standard knife. It doesn’t even issue one to soldiers. Everyone already has a knife by the time they join military =D

Igor RS says:

I have both the old and the new versions. There are a few differences: the old one had thicker blade, different grind, less pointy edge, and was a little bit shorter. I love both. This is a GREAT knife.

so steve says:

GREAT shout out my friend,i made a playlist and i put your video in right now
many thanks buddy i appreciate it a lot

Charles Collier says:

Seems like an excellent blade 🙂

Squanto 99 says:

where to buy? I’m not gonna enlist…cheers

Lars Eriksson says:

the new version has a scandi and looks better i think

Jope says:

Everyone says sissipuukko wrong. it cant be that hard

Turtle Bushcraft says:

looks like a pretty good all around knife thanks for sharing atb John

david john Huxtable says:

sharpened mod survival knife but the french afutiers wont go near it to give it a skandi flat grind?
what are newer models like?
any good id imagine them to be
the fallkniven g1 gets issued
i believe
most skandis grow up with knives
so i imagine
that standard issue
is optional they are pretty relaxed in skandi military about what type of knife you use
not rigid like brit military
its one of those personal items they allow you to choose
as its you only who is usually using it?
if it dont work well you will soon finds out?
these knifes are an excellent massed produced knife
i like them
because theyre not expensive or fancy
yet get the job done?
finnish utilitarian type of designs like this excel over many other more pricier knives?
an good skandi agent to buy one from would be appreciated if you know of one?
i had a outlet once
i forgot their name
as the other lesser known models theyre not always in gen stock?are harder to get?

Steven Szabo says:

IMHO it’s the best purpose built outdoors knife available at any cost.

Wild Tuscany Bushcraft says:

Nice review! I have that bad boy too the shorter version and I like it a lot!
Thanks for sharing

Marcus Virta says:

Nice vid. Subbed. I bought the M07 but I am not sure if I should have bought M95. Greetings from Finland!

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