MOD UK military Issue Survival knife

MOD UK military Issue Survival knife


atavismdream says:

pretty sure Penirth Survival is the cheapest place I’ve found in the UK, wouldn’t know for USA/International.

BushcraftBritannia says:

Thats im glad i live in Britain, we may not get AK’s and Glocks but we get these for about 40 dollars

Renocasa says:

that chick needs a nose job

Survival101Gamer says:

It’s actually an older version of the current British army MOD knife

chazmanchalk says:

What a lad

californyaeh says:

Bought this knife three years ago without ever once used it, i keep it sharp and new in its sheath, until times of need, but i knew when i saw it, that it was what i was looking for in a knife, …it was Love at first sight,
It is like a small machete, yet not too big, looks and feels strong, resistant and durable, the geeza’ has his passed twenty years, sure it works in jungles or forests, doesn’t feel extreme cold nor heat and laugh at liquids …!
Well done Brits ..!!

Jay Gonzalez says:

I have one of those that I picked up in Afghanistan in the early 2000’s from a British soldier that never used it. I am American and was in the US Armed Forces.

Lee Handley says:

Jcb who you calling fool you I just give my opinion on mod survival knife it is to bulky dont like it ( my opinion ) and i got some idoit picking fault with my grammar get a life you sad little man

David Grech says:


Lee Handley says:

Jcb And as for knowing knives i make um for a living you ( goon ) so know a bit more than you (weekend warrior) bought a ray mears knife and suddley there a knife expert ( TWAT )
Yes i can spell that ( TWAT. )

05Rudey says:

Looks a tank of a knife.

RealMash says:

That might be so, or not. If she feels like it, she’ll get it. But her personality seems to be brilliant. And there is no surgeon in the world that could improve that. So I think, all in all, she’s in the plus.

phil swan says:

J adams makes them now £45-£50 hennie haynes need to sharpen them spend some time doing it till its how you like it

mdssdp says:

Get back to licking the boots of your inbred parasitic dragon queen, and please feel free to go fuck yourself !

ozoffroader says:

I have an MOD and love it,,, its a little heavy but id rather a bit of weight than a broken knife…

Bwhshadows999 says:

what regiment did you serve in?

Wayne Miller says:

I love mine its a tank very good for chopping

Mad Dog Survival says:

Agree with all of the stated in this vid

mdssdp says:

MAN UP means just that, grow some fucking balls! No one would chose it as a fighting knife? i am a Kali instructer and i train with this great knife all the time. What I was talking about is the way that the English Man is so pathetic and emaculated! I do not give a fuck what you think so go to hell!

bern bren says:

wheres selica

Edward Corran says:

I guess everyone must seem pathetic next to a Kali instructor who trains knife fighting all the time,do you put your laptop on your big balls while your giving forth to the emasculated masses? .

SoA Niles says:

Brkt bravo 1.5 thanx 4 the Vid. Peace

Finger Blaster says:

Very sexy! The knife I mean.

loveSc7 says:

Hey guys, when you bought this Sheffield MOD knife, did you sharpen it or did you leave it as it is? This guy on the video chops the branch very easily, but with my MOD it’s not as easy. It’s not razor blade sharp (it probably shouldn’t), but still, it’s not miracle sharp. How is it with your MODs? Thank you very much

Dwight E Howell says:

You hit flint rock/quartz etc. and the honing on the blade will go away. Heavy and robust I agree. If you like a BK2 you should love this. For those who want indestructablity over utility. It’s the answer to the one tool option which woodsman of the past refered to as making a mistake. 

MrMark2007 says:

Still have mine, bought it from ‘survival aids’ back in 91 !

Big Pat says:

What is the carbon rating.

7319dexter says:

Didn’t seem to baton very well

jon doe says:

looks like some hard wood

Edward Corran says:

Whats defeatist about it?,it is a tool no one would choose it as fighting knife even over the less than perfect options open to the average squaddie a Bayonet would stab better a Golok would out chop/slash it .
If i ‘MAN UP!’ and tell you that contrary to its appearance and common sense that the MOD Survival is in fact a deathdealingfuckpig of a weapon will you find us less pathetic as your opinion means so much to us? .

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